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New Death Sentence - now an ongoing comic from June!


For some reason people were misguided enough to buy Death Sentence in sufficient numbers that it’s now an ongoing title from Titan. I mean seriously, what were they thinking? I’ve got pies to make and Octonauts to watch! I haven’t got time to be writing and painting the covers to an award nominated critically acclaimed sold out comic about a bunch of assholes in silly hats. But you can order it now, should you so desire, and see what’s up. It’s called Death Sentence London, and various sites have the details.

Bascially Volume 1 was an aperitif, a mere taster, for the main course arriving this year. You don’t have to have read Volume 1 but if you do I’ll be richer, so its obviously essential that you and your friends buy five or six copies each to get the full impact.Though if you prefer not to bombard your mind with sequential thoughtbombs of this intensity you could just read the new series without any confusion whatsoever, to be honest, and work up a tolerance issue by issue while wearing eclipse spectacles. Plus there’s a free streak and guiness pie for every reader*. Really! There is.

All the Best
Emeritus Professor of Pies and Puddings, Magdalen College, Oxford
*made from 100% imaginarium the low calorie low fat alternative to actual meat.


That’s awesome! Congratulartions on all the success, Monty, it’s well-deserved. Volume 1 was great, I’ll be happy to see what happens next.


I was chatting with artist Martin Simmonds recently and he is pumped for this. Looking at his work everyone else should be too. He is a star in the making.


Congratulations Monty.


Too kind!

A fine new video trailer has just dropped, encapsulating the complex philosophical underpinnings of the work most eloquently. Do check it out.


Hot off the presses.

This is my favourite cover from issue 1. There are four covers, and any comic shop can get them all, but you’ll have to order this one specifically should you want it. So if you’re going past a comic shop this week, now is the time.




This is the second cover I painted, more of an action movie montage vibe. I like it a lot, but prefer the mood of Verity up in those clouds. This is the one you’ll find in the shops, unless you order the one above.


Here’s a handy guide to all four covers


A - Montage by Montynero
B - Verity by Martin Simmonds
C - Verity Clouds by Montynero
D - Weasel by Mike Dowling

You can only order these from a comic shop in April. Comics are weird like that. After that, it’ll be a 2nd printing with a different cover. Some of the variants were changing hands for $50 last time. Why? Because there genuinely aren’t many of them. It’s not Batman, or Jupiter’s Circle. The chances of you happening upon one of these by chance are slim.

Also - I talk Death Sentence with Slack Jaw Punks, but not as well as Mark talks about MPH. Though I do spell their name correctly :slight_smile: see here


Almost every review has spoilers in so I posted some spoiler Free Reviews Here: Reviews

“Death Sentence: London is quite possibly the most important work of 2015.” is possibly the best/most mental* one so far. (That was from Popmatters.)



*delete as appropriate :slight_smile: