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New Comics Thread - May the 4th be with you


It’s new comics day again, happens every week it seems.

Here are some new comics that can be bought in a shop or on the internet:

Discuss those (if Scarlet isn’t an illusion) and others in this thread. Chat away but be aware of others that may not have read the issues yet and keep any major plot points behind spoiler text.

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Cinema Purgatorio is my most anticipated release of the week:

I’ll also be picking up new issues of Scarlet (finally!) and Klaus.


Slightly miffed that my physical copy of this hasn’t arrived from the Kickstarter yet…

Pay a whack of money and then you can get it quicker from the LCS. I know I have some sort of digital download option, but I can’t be bothered arsing about with PDFs, I’d rather they just gave me a Comixology code.

Anyway, now I’ve finished moaning about it, I’m so glad it’s out already.


what is that??


It’s Alan Moore’s new anthology from Avatar.


I had no idea such a thing existed. I’ll check it out.


He’s got the lead story with Kevin O’Neill on art, the rest are pretty good writers:

Kieron Gillen and Ignacio Calero on Modded - a dystopian future where enhanced monsters and daemons are pitted against each other, with a goal of catching them all!
Garth Ennis and Raulo Caceres continue Code Pru - the two issue series leads directly into the ongoing tale of the night shift FDNY paramedic Pru as she learns about the beastly NY City underworld… and how to offer them medical assistance!
Christos Gage and Gabriel Andrade bring a new kind of giant monster story to life with The Vast! A war that humanity is losing seems never ending. Until one woman discovers a monster that will fight to protect her!
Max Brooks (World War Z) and Michael DiPascale bring Max’s heavily-researched and period-authentic story of the Civil War to life in A More Perfect Union. But this time, the South has been invaded by Giant Insects! Written as only Max Brooks can, taking no detail for granted and treating everything realistically


I got an email about that last week. I haven’t had a chance to download it just yet. Thanks for the reminder.


I am gonna a sly fox and shameless promote my book for once.

Elephantmen #74 is out today. It has a gorgeous Dave Johnson cover, story by Richard Starking, pencils and inks by yours truly and colors by Axel Machain.

Here are some preview pages.
I have a thread on the creative part where you guys can see more of my art if you haven’t already.
If you guys want to check a colored preview of this issue here’s the place to go:


I should have Empress #2 waiting in my box.

I’m on the fence about picking up Black Widow #3. The first issue was all action pretty great but the bigger plot layout in issue #2 didn’t grab me.

I also hope to at least thumb through 3 Floyds Alpha King #1. A comic based on a beer will most likely be disastrous but with the talent involved this one really could be great.


I didn’t forget you Carlos, that’s why Elephantmen was in my cover collage. :smile:


Carlos, I’ve never read Elephantmen before. Is it something that I can pick up with no prior knowledge?

Should I just try to get over it and enjoy it for the art (which is stunning by the way)? :smile:


That’s a great question. It’s one of those series I’ve always wanted to try but I’ve never really understood if it’s one big stories, or structured more like Astro City. It always looks great, but doesn’t get talked about too much.


I’m a big fan of Elephantmen - it’s a great, wonderfully ambitious SF epic that remains under the radar but is popular enough to keep going.

There is an ongoing arc plot, roughly built around how far creatures like the Elephantmen can, post-war, become members of human society and the legacies of that war. At the same time there’s no shortage of standalone stories told within that framework.

I’ve enjoyed all of it. There was an initial run of trades, Volumes 0-6, with the order going 1-5, 0, 6 then they rebranded as Elephantmen 2260, of which there are 3 trades so far, a 4th is due later this month.

And yeah, the art is frequently stunning.


I forgot, the new Kaare Andrews book is out this week too:

Definitely checking that out.



It’s New Comics day.
Since switching to digital, Wednesday’s have become a lot less painful as that hump in the middle of the week.

I’m a wee bit behind as we are in readjustment mode with the new addition to the household, but I’m getting there. Saw 4001 on Comixolgy today and it made me wish I was up to date on the Valiant stuff.
Once to look forward to in collected form in future maybe.

Digital purchases this week:

Amazing Spider-Man # 12

Batman/Superman # 32 (final days of superman pt5)

Bloodlines # 2

Captain America # 9

The Discipline # 3

Empress # 2

Hip Hop Family Tree # 9

Moon Knight # 2

Predator: Life & Death # 1

The Punisher # 1

Renato Jones # 1

Sheriff of Babylon # 6

Survivor’s Club # 8

Unfollow # 7

The Violent # 4

Weavers # 1


Be interested in what you make of it Dave.


No maybe about it, there’s bound to be an OHC edition in a few months.


I’ll be interested in your take too. I can’t say the preview is grabbing me.