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New Comics Thread - May 24th, 2017


It’s that magic day of the week when new comics come out. This is the place to discuss them.

Please use the spoiler function to blur text instead of revealing major plot points to those who may not have read them yet.

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Looks like Action Comics #980 for me today. Though I’ll probably scan through what is available to see if anything looks interesting. I could just catch up on my backlog too. :wink:


I’ve grabbed Batman/The Shadow #2 and couldn’t resist the James Bond special written by Kieron Gillen.


Nothing for me this week but I’ve got plenty to work through from the Image Comixology sale.


I just went through the ComiXology list for the week. Did they use this week as the 5th week for the month instead of next week? Things seem a bit light.

Edit: Just looked at Midtown’s list for next week. Marvel and Image look more substantial (which might be boosted by variants) but DC still look a little light. Maybe the split the weeks.


I hate Image is great. The art is steller.

And speaking of stellar art, I’m twenty or so pages in to Blacksad: Amarillo and the art appreciation center of my brain is… exploding with delight.


This is how I am picturing the inside of Anders’ head just now.


So the first Moonshiners trade came out today, for an enticing $10.

Anyone reading it? I’m on the fence. The premise sounds completely stupid to me (not in a good way), but 100 Bullets is probably a top-3 all time comic for me, so I’m torn.


Moonshine is good. It’s not an all-time favourite, and the first arc doesn’t end as strongly as it begins, but it’s an enjoyable book and worth US$10 to check out.


Like you, I haven’t read the book, but loved 100 Bullets as well. I was able to get Moonshiners online with a fairly significant discount (€6.50 or thereabouts), so I figured that it was worth a try at that price. There are deals out there if you fancy giving it a try.


Amazon US has it for US$6.11.

Difficult to argue at a dollar an issue.


Huh looks like I ordered it months ago for even cheaper. I ordered the Jupiter’s Legacy sequel at the same time.


Action Comics #980 - I really like the story that is building in this issue and the way they’re using the A, B and C level plots to build future stories. The heavy lifting of cluing everyone in on what is the same and what is different eats up page count that could be used for story but they handle it as well as can be expected. I’m curious to see how this fight will go down in the end especially knowing the one that is getting ready to happen in its sister book.


I have a copy in the post, not yet arrived.

EDIT: Got home, yes it has arrived.