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New Comics Thread - May 18th

Today the world gets to see new comics like these (radiator optional):

Which ones did you get? What did you think of them? What’s love got to do with it? This is the place to discuss.

Don’t spoil any major story points for people who haven’t read them yet though, if you want to discuss those then use the spoiler feature explained below:

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The thought of new Scarlet (again) scared me when I saw it peeking from the new comics. We live in a crazy world, huh?


I should have Dark Knight III #4 Collector’s Edition waiting for me. Looks like my shop might be having a special anniversary sale too.

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My digital reads this week, got Future Quest which looks great, plus some other fantastic books this week, and Civil War II kicks off.

Black Road # 2

Civil War II # 0

Clean Room # 8

Future Quest # 1

Mae # 1

Micronaughts # 2 (clicked on this by accident to be honest)

Old Man Logan # 2 (last issue was great, Jeff Lemire is a on a great roll just now)

Superman American Alien # 7

Superman/Wonder Woman (final days of superman part 7)

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I’m curious what you think of this. I backed it on Kickstarter. Supposedly, the book I have covers issues #1 & #2. I met Ha at C2E2 and he seems very excited about the book.

I had a peak using the ‘look inside’ option on Comixology, but Waid’s recommendation on the pretty cover sealed it. Will let you know what I think - have you read the first couple of issues?

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Yes. I quite like the story. The hardcover I have from the Kickstarter is a bit like a French bande dessinee album in format and length. So it leaves off right when things are getting ready to really kick off. I’m curious to pick up issue #3 and see where it goes.


Cool, looking fwd to it.

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I just looked at the preview on ComiXology. I need to check my book at home but I don’t remember that sequence being in what I have.

It looks like the first issue of @mattgarvey1981’s The Adventures of Cordelia Swift is live on ComiXology today too!

Love the logo, Matt.


Congratulations Matt! :slight_smile:


Me too. This and Scarlet #9.


Hey fella,

Thanks for the compliments and for letting me know!
Comixology didn’t even let me know?! :laughing:


I bought it. Hope I wasn’t the first or last purchase.

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You are a real gent, thank you!

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I like your work and want to see more of it. I felt like this is the best way to support it due to the exorbitant cost of shipping across the pond.

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The support is appreciated, buddy.
Sorry about the shipping costs :tired_face:

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Civil War II # 0

I really enjoyed this. I’ve avoided reading any of the press on it, as I like to be surprised and not know what’s coming - and I’m not quite sure what everyone is going to fall out about this time round.

It seems Bendis has laid down a few different threads that could lead to the big fallout, or maybe all of them.

It’s well written, and unmistakably Bendis like. Focus on a few likeable characters we don’t get to see an awful lot of which was also a positive. Bendis is great at getting under the skin of his cast and making them more 3 dimensional and that’s certainly the case here.

I’m keen to read more.

Rhodey for President!!

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Scarlet #9 was a little disappointing, with not a huge amount really happening despite this being the penultimate issue. It feels like the fire has gone out of this series a little bit in the long gap between issues #7 and #8. I had been hoping for something special from this book after the first few issues impressed me so much, but - aside from Maleev’s lovely art - there’s not a lot that’s memorable or interesting about this issue. (Unless you like Bendis’ trademark interrogation sequences, complete with the usual double-page-spread layout for no apparent reason, other than to annoy digital readers.)