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New Comics Thread - May 10th 2017

Yes it is new comics Wednesday again, so here we have…

Marvel didn’t add any previews this week yet so will add them later.

Come here to discuss any new books out this week but sans spoilers please, if you need to natter about plot points please use the spoiler blur function.

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Renato Jones: Season Two #1 is due out today I think. I enjoyed the first series so I’ll be picking it up.

Excited for Bug!,
Forager is an underappreciated Fourth World character, hope this goes well.

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Action Comics #979, Bug! #1 and A.D. After Death Book Three for me today.

Interested to hear what you guys make of Bug

The Young Animal imprint has died on its arse a bit for me, my interest fizzled out until i see good enough word of mouth in the trades thread.

So that’s kinda put me off picking this up, despite the fact that it is Allred.

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Bug was majorly disappointing.
The art is great, but it’s way too wacky and off the wall for its own good. It’s hard to get engaged because it never leaves any room to care.

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Is Flash #22 out today? The end of the Watchmen crossover story with Batman?

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That got pushed a week.


Ah, ok. I assume that’s Doctor Manhattan meddling again.


Well, it’s one a Secret Empire week.

I figure DC is counting on The Button coming out on top again as with #1.

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I think I know what you are meaning by this, and it’s what I feared. I feel like a lot of these books are doing appropriations of what they read when they were younger - I’ll give it a miss. Cheers Tom.


Every comic released today pales in comparison to Transformers: Lost Light.

Rung gets the best line this issue; “All hail the useless ones”.

Megatron remains my favorite though. What. A. Hunk.


Action Comics #979 - So this issue seems to introduce the mechanism that will be used for the Continuity Punch that will be used to revert any lingering continuity items. As you all know, I’m not a fan of stories about continuity but they used this one to give us back Hank Henshaw as Cyborg Superman who is a very cool character. I do wonder where this leaves the other version of Cyborg Superman. I can’t wait to see how this latest iteration of the Superman Revenge Squad plays out especially with the cover reveal I saw of who the big bad in the sister book, Superman, is.

Bug! Adventures of Forager #1 - The art was pretty great on this book and I enjoyed how it tied directly into Cosmic Odyssey, one of my favorite books. However, it just gets a little too wacky for me after that. If you’re a fan of Allred’s Madman, this book would probably be right up your alley.

A.D. After Death Book Three - This issue is very prose heavy likely even more than the previous two issues. I read part of it last night but was tired and decided to hold off on the rest until I could concentrate on it more. I will say due to the large amount of text, this book would probably read better in a physical edition as reading it digitally requires either using Guided View or zooming in and out frequently.


A.D. After Death Book Three - I forgot to return and finish my review for this book. Sadly, my outlook didn’t change much. What in the first two issues seemed like a very The Fountain type story as a rumination on life and death was actually more like Memento and more about memory and regret. That in itself isn’t a horrible premise. It just felt like a bit of a bait and switch to me and was ultimately less satisfying.

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