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New comics thread for 9 November!!


Nothing else big going on in the world so we may as well talk comics!

Spoiler text for spoilers, please!


Great cover choices.
That Jock one would make a great poster.


Only one book on my list today, from Titan Comics’ “Hard Case Crime” line:


Hard Case Crime are moving into comics? I have a bunch of their Donald Westlake paperbacks. I need to check this one out.


I got to reading Matt Garvey’s Transfer # 1 today and I thought it was excellent.

Chunks and Cordelia Swift were not for me, so I declined to comment on them because it was more a matter of personal taste rather than the craft.

Transfer is off to a great start though. It’s a very good idea, the humour I feel is a bit tighter (or maybe just more my preference) and the dialogue is very good.
The pace was perfect and I wanted to keep reading to see what would happen next, and I will continue to read on after a very good cliffhanger.

Well done Matt, great job.


Looks like Action Comis #967 and Doom Patrol #3 for me today.


Yes, the second issue of TRIGGERMAN (written by director Walter Hill) came out this week, and the first issue of Christa Faust’s PEEPLAND came out in late October. Max Allan Collins’ QUARRY will be the third release, due soon.


So far so good on the Doom Patrol… thing. (I honestly don’t know what to call it. It’s not a reboot or whatnot, but “meta-synthesis of all previous insane ideas” doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue.) Way has definitely found his version of the weird, fatalistic Doom Patrol vibe.


Action Comics #967 - This issue had a return to action which was nice. I think my favorite thing about this series is the relationship between Lex Luthor and Superman. It’s a great new play on an old rivalry. Godslayer seems like an interesting character. I’ll be curious to see where that goes. It will also be interesting to see what was housed on the same level as Doomsday in the transported building. I wonder if it was Clark Kent.

Doom Patrol #3 - I still don’t completely understand everything happening in this series yet but am really loving what Way is doing. This issue started to explain things including the new characters and really moved the whole thing forward at the same time. Nick Derington is doing a stellar job and I think he will be one of the next names to watch. Keep the good stuff coming.


A trio of Bat-books -

Detective Comics #944 needs more Tim Drake! :wink: Darker than the last few issues; there’s not much in the way of “hell yeah” moments to celebrate. Great writing, and beautiful art as always.

All Star Batman #4 - I’m lost. I don’t know what the heck is going on. Romita & White’s art is as amazing as ever tho’. I think I need a re-read of the whole arc over Christmas, after the next issue’s out. Snyder tweeted that the issue’s ending was super depressing in light of this week’s events in real life. He’s not wrong!

Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #1 is nowhere near as strong as last year’s mini, but was a nice palate cleanser after the darkness of the other two books. I do look forward to sharing this with my kids.


Amazing Spider-man: Renew Your Vows #1 - okay, this is another “voting with my dollars” Marvel book. I loved the Pete/ MJ marriage, hated the whole concept of OMD, and rather liked the previous Secret Wars mini. A little hesitant to buy this given my lack of familiarity with Conway’s work, but am happy to say it was ace. Real fun read, and Stegman’s artwork was as good as Kubert’s on the earlier series. Not sure how long this will go on for, if it’s a mini or an ongoing, how it will fit in with the rest of the Marvel Universe … But I don’t really care, either. I like it.


Good to hear. I really enjoyed the Secret Wars spin-off series.