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New Comics Thread - August 26th


Today’s the day for:

Here’s a selection of some on sale this very morn (or afternoon or whatever depending where you live):

Talk about all the new comics you want here but please don’t spoil any major plot points, if you want to mention them use the instructions below to hide the spoilage:

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Just the new JLA for me I think (hopefully @bryanhitch will start a dedicated thread again).

Other than that, I’ve picked up those Millar issues of Superman Adventures in the Comixology sale that should keep me busy for a while.


Is that JLA cover the same as one of the variant covers for issue 1?


I should have some sweet Hitchy goodness in the form of Justice League of America #3 waiting in my box today.


Oooh I’ll check that out. There’s a few of those I don’t have and can’t find in print.


They’re all on there at 69p/99c a pop. I bought the lot yesterday.


They’re well worth it. It’s some great Superman stuff.


Agreed. It’s perhaps my favorite Millar stuff, in fact.


I’ve not read those before and heard a lot of good things about Millar’s Superman Adventures. I think I’ll go back on and grab these.

Today, in addition to my pre-orders, I’ve grabbed the following digitally:
Crossed; Dead or Alive
Cyborg 2
The Disciples 1
Godkiller 1
One Night in the City
Prez 3
Space Riders 1
Stringers 1
We Can Never Go Home 1
The October Faction Volume 1 from and IDW sale.

God knows when I’m going to read them right enough.


Ha! :slight_smile: I have the same problem with stuff I get in sales or on a whim. My recent holiday was a good opportunity to clear the backlog a bit. I’ve got another few days off over bank holiday weekend so I’ll try and get a bit more reading done.


Hitch today - and that’s about it.


Justice League of America #3 - Wow. Another amazing outing by @bryanhitch. The art is amazing and the story is incredibly engaging. The end left me wanting to read the next issue right now.