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New Comics Thread - 9th March


You guessed it…

Here are a few of the items available for purchase from your stockist of choice:

Talk about them and any other books you picked up here, don’t spoil stories though, use the instructions below to avoid it.

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This week's comic review thread??
This week's comic review thread??
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Great covers for Strange and Ms Marvel. I need to pick those up when the trades come out.

For me it’s just the new issue of Hitch’s JLA this week.


Can’t wait for Vision, Dr Strange and Ms Marvel.


Have you already picked it up? I don’t think it actually shipped.


I should have Dark Knight III #3 Collector’s Edition, Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #4 and Mighty Thor #5 waiting in my box today.


No, Comixology said it was due this week but they’re not always reliable, so maybe next week for that one.

If the third DK3 hardcover is out this week then I should get that in the post soon.


Midtown is generally the most reliable source. I’ve tried others including Diamond’s own list and found them wanting. ComiXology likely uses the publishers’ dates which are the least reliable of the bunch.


This week’s digital issues…few items dropped, including New Romancer, which I found really disappointing as it went on.

Agents of Shield 3 (pleasant hill tie in)

Batman & Robin Eternal 23

Dark & Bloody 2

Dr Strange 6

Haunted Mansion 1 (Joshau Williamson is in form just now, so I’ll give this a try)

The Troop 4

Uncanny Avengers 7 (pleasant hill tie in)

Vision 5


John Layman has a new Mars Attacks comic out this week. Enjoyed his previous outings on the title though I note it’s not John McCrea on art so I’ll put it on the “maybe” list pending me checking out the artwork.


After the brilliant Welcome to Pleasant Hill # 1 and equally great Assualt on Pleasant Hill Alpha # 1, against my better judgement I picked up Agents of Shield # 3 & Uncanny Avengers # Whatever.

Schoolboy error.

AoS was about as enjoyable as the show, and both felt completely different in tone to the two issues mentioned above. I’m not clear whether they required reading or not, pretty pissed about the whole thing because they don’t make it clear any more what continues a story and what is a thinly linked tie in - these seem closer to the latter.

So where do I go to keep reading the story I started?
Sam Wilson: Captain America 7 & 8 are on the checklist, assuming they further the story given they are written by Nick Spencer?
Fuck knows. Why do they make it so hard to read their books man?


Just finished Dr Strange.

Get it. Just go get it. Go. Go now. Run. Don’t walk. Run. Don’t look back. Just go. GO! This book is every damned flavour of awesome. Tell them I sent you.

ALSO: Abracadabra, you son of a bitch… . Wow.


Got it yesterday (plus Spider-man and Spider-Man 2099). Haven’t read it yet, but have really been enjoying this run so far.


Dude. It’s just epic on all levels.


Dark Knight III #3 - The beats that happened in this issue are actually the story I somewhat envisioned when I first heard the subtitle of this series though I wasn’t sure how we would get here or where we would go afterward. I am loving it. Azzarello and Miller are doing a stellar job of getting my attention. I love Andy Kubert’s work. It continues to be a mix of his own and Miller’s style. The two larger Superman panels are especially good. John Romita Jr.'s backup art is pretty great too. I evokes the style Miller used in Dark Knight Strikes Again. I can’t wait to see what happens next issue especially Clark vs Lara and hopefully the resolution of their differences.

Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #4 - Wow. The Gene Hackman Lex Luthor analog is brilliant and fits perfectly in this timeline. I like that Skyfox is back onside but wonder what Walter has planned that will drive him away. It seems that Walter has some serious problems with him that may bring his past actions into question and may plant the seeds of a lot what has happened and will happen in Jupiter’s Legacy. The art team was pretty fantastic too. I love the breakdown/finish model when it works. As always, looking forward to the next issue.

Mighty Thor #5 - Some interesting twists happened this issue along with some major action. It doesn’t get much better than Jane Thor vs. Odin. I wonder what Loki’s real plan is. I don’t think we’ve seen the last twist in it yet. It was also nice to see the reappearance of Thor even if it was only a tease. Dauterman continues to be one of my favorite artists who has yet to work with Millar. :wink: This issue also kind of wrapped up the first arc and pointed toward the continuing story. I wonder if Marvel is purposely making their opening arcs an issue shorter for a cheaper first trade to compete with the Image model. It worked as a story for me. I’ll be in for the next arc.


Not that Doctor Strange isn’t great, but the story is very very similar to the God Butcher story that Aaron wrote for Thor isn’t it?