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New Comics Thread - 9th December


That means we have new comics like these:

This is the thread to discuss the new released, what you digged and what would be best buried. Don’t spoil plot points, not everyone reads their comics at the same time so if you need to discuss them use the spoiler text explained below:

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I should have Dark Knight III: Collector’s Edition #1 waiting in my box for me today.


Can’t wait to see what that looks like today!


I don’t know about you guys but I can’t wait to Batman/Ninja Turtles.
As much as I’d prefer them to do a crossover with Spider-Man (or Daredevil :wink: ) this could still be a lot of fun.


Dark Knight III: Collector’s Edition #1 - This was a nice package. It has a slightly matte hardcover with Jim Lee’s pencil variant and is similar in size to the DC Deluxe Editions. My only complaint is that the binding is glued so the pages don’t lay flat but this is rarely an issue. The story is intriguing. I wish I hadn’t caught wind of the big reveal before the issue came out. That would have been a huge punch and complete changes the trajectory of this world. The art is pretty cool. Andy Kubert isn’t aping Frank Miller but he’s using a bit of a hybrid of his on and Miller’s style of layouts. It was nice to see some new Miller art but it didn’t feel as raw as it has in the past. While it’s still great, it seems like either the inks or the colors have subdued it a bit. All-in-all I like the direction this is going and can’t wait for the next issue.


I think “raw” is a really good word for the style we’ve seen from him in the past! While Miller’s art may not exhibit as much of that quality now, it sounds like we all share an interest in seeing where his art style has gone/is going. It’s always cool to see the changes in an artist’s work over time and wonder why the style has progressed in certain ways. Cool stuff!


That’s what she said.


Typing “nice package” is quickly becoming the way to summon Bruce to a thread. :slight_smile:


Secret Wars #8 was a lot of fun! It was pretty much an issue composed entirely of cool moments.


Batman/TMNT was a good bit of fun. Nothing to set the world alight but I read a fair bit of Bruce’s dialogue in Kevin Conroy’s voice (which is always a good sign).
I wasn’t a fan of the art where Batman (or other human characters) was concerned, but it captured the numerous anthromorphs pretty well.
The plot isn’t particularly gripping but there are some fun moments and all of the characters sound right. I think I’ll stick with this miniseries.

P.S. I have a similar subliminal quality control for Superman comics. As I’m readingone a Superman theme will play Iin my head. If it’s a great story then I hear THE Superman theme (by Williams). Merely good ones normally get the Fleischer theme. Below that is Man of Steel. Further down is the theme from Lois and Clark. Another option is the animated series theme.


How bad does it have to get for your brain to play this?


That is so funny that you say that, because I have basically the same litmus test for Batman’s dialogue in the comics. If I instinctively hear Kevin Conroy’s voice when I’m reading it, it passes the test. If I have to struggle or can’t imagine K.C. delivering those lines then it just doesn’t feel like Batman to me.


East of West #22: I had fallen very behind on reading this series and in the last two months gotten caught up. Now with 22 (the latest issue), I am up to date.

I am also done with this series.

The first 15 or so issues of the series felt like nothing but setup to me. Introductions, establishing settings and relationships, etc. The last few issues actually felt like the plot was just beginning to move forward. I know Hickman writes the long game but I just don’t have the patience anymore for this book. Issue 22 was an almost “silent” issue about one attack. Honestly, this could have been done in 3 or so pages in another issue.

I am dropping the book.


Yeah, I only read the first volume and while I liked what I understood of the plot I didn’t get a good grasp of the characters or what the story is about.
The art was hands-down the best thing.


Yeah, I agree with the talk of East and West. While I usually enjoy the grand scale often seen in Hickman comics, it just didn’t grab me enough with this. One of my favorite Hickman stories is The Red Wing from Hickman and Pitarra (who also do Manhattan Projects) because it’s only four issues, which is a pretty refreshing change of pace for me from Hickman.


Just finished Batman #47! The Superheavy arc has been really interesting! While I’m sure (and I’m glad) things will probably go more-or-less back to normal after the arc is over, it’s been a really cool change of pace. What do you guys think about it?


For me, East of West is the best thing Hickman has written, or perhaps just behind his Fantastic Four run.


I’ve been enjoying it. I’d love to see more of Gordon as Batman but yeah, I’m sure the status quo will return to the norm sooner rather than later.

I also bought the first issue of Sherrif of Babylon. Enjoyed it well enough in the set up but it was the intertwining of the three main characters at the end that’ll draw me back next month.


See, I only read the first 6 or so issues…y’think I should continue with it?