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New Comics Thread - 8th March

Arrrr, it be new comics day once more. Here on the good ship Millarworld we may be reading some of these:

For these and any others chat about them here, review and critique. Doing so please don’t spoil any major plot points, you can hide them using the spoiler blurred text feature:

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D4VEocracy #2 and Jessica Jones #6 for me this week.

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Action was good. I was not super-surprised about the reveal, but it was good enough. Curious to see where this is going, but I’m not betting the farm that it’ll deliver.


Action Comics #975 for me today. I’m curious to see where it all goes. I’m more optimistic that I was but still hoping they don’t screw up the good thing they’ve got going for the sake of some continuity fix.


Did you read it already?

I won’t read it until tonight (US Eastern Standard Time). So about 12 more hours.

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Alright, I’ll keep from spoilering you then. :slight_smile:

I also got Wonder Woman this week, which was… wel…

It was really great. Creepy little bastards, Phobos and Deimos. Creepy little kid without a face, too. And the transformation of Barbara was unsettling. All in all, a good issue. Wonder Woman really is wonderful, both the character (the way she expresses her concern and love for friends in particular) and the current title.


My wife and I met Greg Rucka at WWC once when he was working on Wonder Woman before. She got an issue signed and he wrote, “Listen to her.” Super nice guy.


I’m uncertain as to whether to get the trades or wait for a maybe OHC.

The trades look to be combining just one story into a block, instead of alternating, how interwoven are the two?

Not very, there are thematic bits and the odd nod they share but they’d work perfectly well in blocks. In truth they’d probably be better that way, I think the thing driving the alternating issues is really the bi-weekly schedule more than anything.

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Thanks, Volume 1 is out now and it’s very tempting.

EDIT: SH were offering it for £9.88, there’s no defence against that price so have bagged it.

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Question popped into my head re: Doctor Aphra when I saw the cover. Is the character an actual doctor?

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Think SW Indy Jones, but far more amoral.


My considered opinion on IvX 6.


All I got this week was Spongebob Squarepants. They just started a new 5-issue arc drawn by Jerry Ordway, “Lost Booty”. It’s good.


Yes although not the medical type.

Action Comics #975 - That was about the best direction that the reveal could have gone. I love the introduction of the character into New 52/Rebirth. I still can’t help but feel it is less about telling a fun story with the character and more as using them as a mechanism for a continuity fix. The issue wasn’t too bad though.