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New Comics Thread - 8th June


These ain’t your old comics, they be new comics, brand spanking new ones like these:

Talk about them here, what you’ve read and what you thought about them. Don’t spoil things for others though, if you want to discuss any plot points then hide them behind spoiler tags.

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Counting the minutes here till 3pm when Comixology should have everything up. there’s a few issues that Gareth has put up the covers for them I’m really excited about.

Glad I’m working from home today!!


Todays haul was Flash Rebirth,Detective Rebirth, Aquaman Rebirth, Wonder Woman Rebirth, Empress and Grizzly Shark vs Seabear #3… I have never bought so many dc comics in my life…


This week’s digital books -

Action Comics # 957 (it feels great to see a 3 digit number again!!)

All New X-Men # 10

Aquaman Rebirth

Dark and Bloody # 5

Detective Comics # 934

Empress # 3

Flash Rebirth

House of Penance # 3

Midnight of the Soul # 1

Prometheus Life and Death # 1

Sheriff of Babylon # 7

Timely Comics Daredevil # 1

Vision # 8

Wacky Raceland # 1

Weavers # 2

Wonder Woman Rebirth


Everyone moans or jokes about the reboots and then these threads are full of comments like “this is the most DC books I’ve bought in ages!”

I say this without cynicism. It seems like a thoughtful relaunch and I hope the success isn’t fleeting.


Agreed and I’m glad to read that.


I should have Empress #3 in my pull box and will be picking up Action Comics #957 and Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 digitally.


Gar never posts the Spongebob covers even though they’re some of the best out there. (The comic is good too)


Next time I will just for you Robert, as long the publisher puts them up on CBR.


I was just kidding, I like the surprise when I see it in the shop.


My budget is in trouble this week!


Wacky Raceland #1 -

The least great of the Hanna-Barbera Rebirth line.
But still really enjoyable.

The biggest problem is that for a comic about racing…the artist is un-equipped for the job.
The race comes off as darkly lit and incoherent.
Still, the worldbuilding is fun and the characters have a lot of room for growth.


Flash Rebirth

Carmine Di Giandomenico’s art grows on you.
At first glance it seems very loose. It looks like inks straight to page, no pencils, although he’s maybe inked over pencilled layouts. At first it felt too loose, but as the pages wore on I settled into it, then began to really enjoy it in some places, but in others it feels like it’s been laid down really quickly, with very little detail or anything in the way of backgrounds. Instead there’s some effects added in digitally.

The bigger problem here is that I like a Flash book to be much more colourful. There’s an awful dull wash over the colours on the book and I think it’s a poor choice. The red of his costume is almost burgundy; there is so much shadowing in it. The yellows are almost cream. A Flash book is not the time for a colourist to be showing off their knowledge and use of realistic lighting.

I’m not sure what the art team is for the book when it kicks off proper, but I’m hoping it’s a different colourist, I hate to say it.

The story itself is a blend of set up perfect for new readers or fans of the show who have never picked up a Flash comic before…and then

We have a recap about Barry, some flashes of Wally, then it picks right up from Rebirth. VERY closely tied to Rebirth. Obviously Wally is back. But there’s some other stuff that I never thought would be tied in here, namely who is is behind what has happened with Wally and everyone else. A letter from Batman. And a certain smiley badge. Because I enjoyed Rebirth so much this is all great news for me, but the mileage may very depending on your feelings towards the events of that book.

Ironically given the nature of the book, it all happens a bit too fast. There’s quite a lot of big stuff going on here and it needed more room to breathe. It could have been double the amount of pages to be honest. It’s a lot to take in, not in terms of quantity of info, but in terms of room to breathe and for me, contain my excitement of what is being picked up from Rebirth.

Overall this was a pretty eventful issue, but quite choppy.
Thankfully I know Williamson well from his work on Nailbiter and Birthright and I’m confident that now the exposition and introduction is out the way he will get down to the good stories, told well in his effortless manner that flows so effectively in his creator owned work.
He’s a writer with a lot of good ideas and fingers crossed we’ll see some of that here. DC are clearly trusting him to deal with some big moments that were hinted at in Rebirth.


This single issue of Flash was better than any of the previous run since about the Grodd story. Really enjoyed it.


I read that comic last night and looked at it again today. You’re absolutely right about the colouring. It didn’t bother me so much. It is quite a dark story though, so maybe it fits for that. Maybe the regular book will be different. I was expecting it to tie in so directly to the DC Universe Rebirth/Oh my God, Dr. Manhattan broke the DC Universe special, or for that to be picked up so quickly…but there it is. . I hope Josh Williamson can put that to one side for a bit and just tell a great Flash story. I enjoyed this. Particularly liked the art. The scratchiness gives it a nice kinetic quality, which the Flash really should have.

I bought Action Comics, The Flash Rebirth and Wonder Woman Rebirth yesterday. I’ve read all three and enjoyed them all. Both the Flash and Wonder Woman are mostly about set up for the new status quo. Wonder Woman does it quite intriguingly by asking a lot of questions, but making us wait for the answers. I’m definitely on board for that book. Liam Sharp’s art is great.

Action Comics…I liked it. There are some good ideas. It will be interesting to see where it goes though.

I am probably going to go back to buying DC stuff on the digital drop though. I really only bought the Rebirth specials to get a taste of what’s happening.


If DC’s effort to keep books priced at $2.99 holds, I’ll likely go back to buying the week of, dropping most of the Marvel that I’m buying, and getting an MCU subscription.


Well, I might weaken…that’s a definite possibility. I hadn’t intended to buy these three books and I have notoriously poor impulse control. I’m considering trying the Aquaman book. It’s getting good reviews.


So far I’ve bought Superman, Flash, Batman, and Green Arrow. The first three I will definitely follow. The last was nice, but not enough to make me run out and follow, although I’ve never been a HUGE GA fan. They’re definitely giving me that ol’ DC buzz, and I was pretty cynical about all these developments after all but giving up on the whole line during Nu52. Between the quality and the price, they’re making it hard to stay cynical.


I enjoyed Wonder Woman and it was well made but I won’t read it further. I’m not a big WW fan to begin with but stories about characters looking into secrets in their past doesn’t do much for me.

The Vision was great, setting the endgame for the story into play and introducing an old BKV Runaways character in a cool way.