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New Comics Thread - 8th July


Here are some of them:

This is the place to post you view and reviews of this week’s new releases. Please hide any major plot points if you need to mention them.

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I should have Justice League of America #2 in my pull box, I’ll pick up Saga #30 digitally and have a look at Bloodstrike #1.


A pretty decent week for me: lots of number twos (so to speak):

JLA #2
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #2
Providence #2
Saga #30

I’ve also picked up a few of the cheapo collections that are on sale at Comixology at the moment: the Death of Wolverine (for the McNiven art, mostly), the first Slott Silver Surfer collection, and the Slott Amazing Spider-Man collection from the relaunch that immediately followed Superior Spider-Man. So I have plenty to be getting on with!


I’ve been circling rereading Final Crisis for a while. I picked it up for $5 on the ComiXology DC sale the other day.


Do it. It’s the best big two event book ever written.


For the first time in a long time I didn’t do any work on the house yesterday evening, and instead sat back with a glass or two of wine to enjoy a nice (virtual) stack of new comics.

JLA #2:

This was fun, and better than the first issue, I think. I always enjoy these kinds of stories - involving powerful, apparently-benevolent outsiders coming to change the world - and it’s fun to see Hitch play with some of the tropes.

Despite this being a team book, I also appreciated the focus on a relatively small core cast of characters, with Wonder Woman and Aquaman getting just short appearances, and Hal and Barry more or less out of the picture altogether. Hitch writes a good Batman (although a bit too cold and vicious at one point), and Superman’s reaction to Rao, and their conversations together, made for some of the most interesting parts of the issue.

I also enjoyed Aquaman’s views on theology, and the various scenes that showed the world’s reaction to the presence of a god among them (and how this would be viewed as different to the superheroes that they’re familiar with).

Oh, and the art was lovely. I’m really warming to Hitch’s designs for the team - which fall somewhere between the classic and modern - and I love the design of Rao’s spacecraft, which got some of the standout images of the issue. The colouring on the sunset splashpage in particular was amazing. Even with relatively little in the way of big action setpieces, things felt dynamic and exciting.

After the first issue, I wasn’t sure whether to buy this monthly or wait for the collection. But for now I think I’ll keep following it in singles.

Providence #2:

After the slow pace of the first issue, things… well, stay pretty slow here, as Moore gradually builds towards revealing some of the slightly more fantastical elements of his story.

I appreciated the character focus of the opening section (which gets fleshed out even more in the backmatter), and the way that tension is built towards the end of the issue works very well - partly through the smart use of different panel grids to the rest of the story, as things start to become more unhinged.

But there’s still nothing here to quite match the satisfyingly disturbing weirdness of Neonomicon, and I’m starting to find the literary references and historical discussion a bit overwhelming of the story (there’s a sense at times that the characters are mouthpieces for literature lectures rather than distinct personalities in their own right). And the backmatter gets even more deeply into this stuff, after what I thought was some great character development in the first issue’s diary excerpts.

In the end, I wonder whether this may end up being similar to Promethea: as much a forum for Moore’s musings on philosophy, history, literature and the supernatural as a story in its own right. While that’s not a terrible thing (I loved Promethea), it wasn’t quite what I expected from the follow-up to Neonomicon.

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #2:

Can we just have Slott on a married-Spider-Man book permanently? I love the family dynamics of this story, and the plot is a bit tighter and more focused here than the first issue (despite still fitting in plenty of nods to the wider MU).

I’m glad that they’re immediately dealing with the fallout from the first issue’s story rather than leaving it brewing in the background for too long, and I’m interested to see where the story goes next. Peter has been involved in stories like this before - including some fairly similar developments here to some of the things we saw circa Civil War - but the new family setup adds a distinctive flavour to this one. And Kubert’s art is very solid throughout, with lots of great double-page layouts that make good use of the wider ratios.

Saga #30:

A strangely anticlimactic conclusion to this arc separates some characters and reunites others, in the traditional Saga style, while throwing up some new developments for others. It’s still a fun book on a moment-to-moment basis, but I’m feeling a bit of a lag in the overall momentum of the story, and I have to confess that I feel totally indifferent to the ‘cliffhanger’ of this issue.

This is a good time for the book to have a hiatus, I think - we’ve talked before about some of the audience getting burned-out on the series, and while I think it’s still enjoyable, I think a break will help it to feel fresher again when it comes back.


JLA #2 - Wow. @bryanhitch is really setting himself up to be the next great artist/writer. I feel sorry for writers hoping to get him on future projects. This story has the feeling of one of the great standalone JLA OGN’s the DC used to do like JLA: Earth 2 or JLA: Heaven’s Ladder. I love Rao. The design is great and reminiscent of Hitch’s Apollo. I’m curious where this story will go. Past experience with similar stories has me siding with Batman and waiting for the other shoe to drop. I also love the designs and body language for the various members of the JLA, Superman and Batman especially. They convey those characters in way that feels familiar but new. I can’t wait to see more of this series.

Saga #30 - Like a lot of others, I haven’t been feeling this arc as much as past arcs. Part of that may be down to binge reading everything to this point after picking all previous issue up on sale. In the future, I may wait until an entire arc is out and binge read it all together. I am curious to see what happens next as it appears that Hazel is in a classroom full of children of mixed Landfall and Wreath decent in a quasi-military facility guarded by a Landfall soldier. I believe the breather will be good for the book too.


Dammit, you just made me buy Death of Wolverine. :angry:
Don’t you know how poor I am?


I ended up getting it yesterday as well, despite the fact I could have read it on MU for free, which was silly of me.


After reading half of it I’d say you’re very silly, yeah.


Zero #18: Well, that’s finally over. I think this series would read a lot better in trades. Tonally, the series ended in a very different place than it began. It seemed like Kot started doing his peyote/psychedelic mushroom smoothies when writing the half dozen issues. To me, it felt like there was a bait and switch with the series. The first 2/3 of the series was a great character study set in the near future. The final 1/3 is basically an acid trip. Overall, it’s not a bad series but I really wish Kot would control his tripping-balls tendencies. He is a good writer with the potential to be a great one but he needs a bit more discipline and restraint.


I read Strange Fruit #1 by Mark Waid and J.G. Jones. It was a good issue that felt like it was over too soon, but that likely shows how much I got into the story and the world.
The art is absolutely stunning.


I got this on comixology last night, I was going to read it last night but I was a bit tired and wanted to make sure I was in the right mood for it.

Will read it soon.


Yeah, just Saga this week. I’m not really feeling it either, to be honest. I agree that a break will be a good thing for this series right now.


This one’s a freebie at Comixology. Haven’t even finished it yet and here I am recommending it. It’s like a good novel about India during the Raj, but with really excellent pictures!

The Sadhu #1

unpinned #17