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New Comics Thread - 8th February


Here are some of them:

This is the place to discuss those or any other new comics out today. Chat away but be wary of spoiling any major plot points, use the spoiler function below:

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I love those All-Star Batman and Ms Marvel covers.

Just Jessica Jones for me today I think.

(Although I didn’t realise Tula Lotay was working on All-Star Batman… I might have to jump back on board for that.)


Looks like just Action Comics #973 for me this week. This starts the road to the Superman: Reborn storyline that will be running through both books. I’m cautiously optimistic but hope they don’t throw the baby out with the “let’s fix the continuity” bathwater on this story.


Is anyone reading Monsters Unleashed?


Good Week!

James Bond.
The Amazing Black Widow!

And of Course. Justice League/Power Rangers just to remind me what a Nerd I Am.


In Inhumans vs X-Men 4 plots moves a little… just a little…


I’m interested to hear about this too. After seeing some of the work in progress artwork and covers online my internet was piqued. I might pick up the trade if it’s any good.


Action Comics #973 - As I’ve said before, I feel this book is best when SuperLex is the focus. SuperLex was not the focus of this issue. The primary focus was the new non-superpowered Clark Kent. I’m hoping there isn’t some weird continuity handwaving coming but am braced for it none the less. There are either some odd connections that will be closed up here or Jurgens is playing the old B story interwoven into the A story game similar to what he used to do when he wrote the interconnected Superman titles. The only non-continuity punch way out of this that I can think of is Mr. Mxyzptlk which would be kind of cool. It’s good to know that CBR is kind of on the same page as I am even with the possible solution. :wink:


[quote=“RonnieM, post:9, topic:9581, full:true”]
I’m hoping there isn’t some weird continuity handwaving coming[/quote]
It’s a DC book, right? :slight_smile:


Shut your dirty, Marvel loving mouth. :wink:

The two Superman books have been so great at just telling good stories and not worrying too much about that stuff. I’m afraid they’re going to ruin it all in order to fix continuity.


I plan to check them out at some point based on your recommendation, maybe when the Rebirth books have a digital sale.


I picked up the first issue of the new JLA series, because I liked the lineup and creative team. Unfortunately, there’s nothing much going on there. Just getting the team together, no real sense of why. Not much that makes me want to read on, unfortunately.