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New Comics Thread - 8th April


Here are some of the new comics out today:

This is the place to chat about what you read and whether you liked it or not. Please don’t post story spoilers, if you need to hide them behind [/ spoiler] tags as not everyone reads their comics at the same time.


Good week for me. Nameless, Saga and also some new book about the rings of Saturn or something.


Is that the final Ultimate Spider-Man book before the Ultimate U goes “splat”?


Yes, we know he’ll be okay though as he was plastered all over that All New All Different Avengers preview cover.


I read he was being shunted over to the 616 U. Wasn’t sure of when it was happening though,


After Secret Wars seems to be the answer.


Maybe I’m late to the game on this but I thought DC was holding the line at $2.99? So much for Convergence for me.


Does anybody know how many issues that Greg Rucka Question story from Convergence is going to be? That book is pretty much my only interest in the event–it will even feature Batwoman and Huntress!


Ha that is the book that inspired my $3.99 bitching. It looks great!


The “Holding the line at 2.99” thing has been dead and buried for a couple of years hasn’t it? Batman very nearly went up to 4.99 an issue a few month’s back.


The great thing is it rhymes with anything that ends in .99!


Nameless #3 has the goriest image I’ve seen in quite some time, so, uh, be warned.


A very recent Newsarama interview said it was 2 issues only.

I’m hoping DC bundle with the Batwoman Cutter arc by Rucka, as that’s the only piece of his Batwoman uncollected, it’d make a neat final volume.


**Convergence #1:**Well we got all the exposition and setup out the way with the zero issue last week, so now we can get right into the action…Right?!?..well no, instead we just get more of the same with the Earth 2 characters being filled in on the plot.
I did like the art though and I’m interested to see where the story could go, so I’ll stick with it to see how it works out.


This week’s comics:

Huh. [B]Miles Morales Spider-Man #12[/B] just ends. It feels like Bendis had to wrap up a ton of plots all at once because Secret Wars is wiping the ultimate universe. Dagger definitely wants to break off a bit of Miles though.

[B]Deadpool #45[/B] was a class act. Great end to the comics.

[B]Spider-Woman #6[/B] continues the fun tone from #5. Good stuff.


The problem with a number of the Convergence books is they’re all part 1 of 2, so they’re mostly setup. The writers don’t get enough time to really revisit the characters because
they’re setting up their Convergence situation.

[B]Convergence #1[/B] is all setup, but it’s important for those who’ve been following Earth 2, as it handles the fates of certain characters from the end of that book.

[B]Superman [/B]surprised me, because it’s a solid book, but I realized that I don’t miss Lois & Clark and I don’t miss the old Superman costume. Didn’t understand that until I read this. Like meeting an old, beloved friend, but realizing you’ve moved on.

[B]Nightwing/Oracle[/B] on the other hand, reminded me how much I miss Nightwing, Oracle, and the old Starfire/Nightwing relationship. Loved it, even if the art and a bit rough.

[B]Speed Force[/B], [B]Atom[/B], and [B]Batgirl[/B] featured the return of certain characters I’ve missed - Wally West, Cassandra Cain, Stephanie Brown, and [SPOILER]Ryan Choi[/SPOILER], but the books themselves were lackluster. Either they were confusing, boring, or ugly.


So Convergence is made up of a bunch of two-issue miniseries and the first issues of them all is setup? Huh?


Yeah. Like the Speed Force is issue explains who Wally is, explains his current status quo in the bottle city, does a quick run through of other Convergence worlds, and then he faces up against his chosen challenger.

The trick is the Convergence characters have been trapped in these bottle cities for some time, so the writers have to waste time explaining the adjustment period, how they survived within the confines of one city, and what they’ve been doing until Convergence actually starts. That’s most of each of these issues.


To be fair to DC, about 48 of their 52 books were $2.99.

And almost all the solicits after Convergence are $2.99.


I thought the Question Convergence issue was actually pretty good. It’s set-up for the action next issue, but it’s Rucka, so he makes sure you get a good picture of the characters, namely Renee and Two-Face (with a little bit of Huntress, who’s crashing on Renee’s couch). The Convergence stuff is also pretty background. I don’t know anything about the plot of the main series other than it involves cities in bottles and the issue still worked for me.


Are they? I didn’t realise. It must just be the DC books I’m buying that are $3.99 (which is blooming typical!).