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New Comics Thread - 7th September


Hello all, welcome new members.

This is the thread we start every Wednesday to discuss the comics newly on sale. Read them and then come and discuss them here, what you loved, liked or loathed.

Here are some of the morsels at your comic shop or digital vendor today:

Fell free to chat about any new comics here but please remember that people read at different times so don’t spoil any major plot points. To do that but still discuss with fellow fans that have read them use the spoiler function described below:

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Love this panel from page 2 of Batman #6.

The rest of the issue was a big effin let down. A deranged, in other words mentally ill, man who for some reason didn’t take his medication, dressed up in a colorful pirate costume and tried to kill his brothers, who he because of his illness thought was Batman. And what does Batman do when he shows up? He KICKS HIM IN THE FACE! Yeah, lets teach kids and teens that’s an ideal way of treating the mentally ill. The good parts of the issue are from the same page, Alfred basically telling Batman that he is also psychotic and that he, Alfred, has become codependent to Bruce’s illness. Batman talking to Claire was good in a sense, but he’s still dodging his real issues.

Batman is psychotic. It’'s a somewhat fun read. But Batman needs psychological treatment.


Sometime today, I’ll pick up Justice League #4 and Superman #6 on ComiXology. I might stop by my LCS to see if anything else catches my eye too.


Batman 6
Bloodlines 6
Cyborg Rebirth 1
Dr Strange 11
Glitterbomb 1
Green Arrow 6
Justice League 4
Midnight of the Soul 4
Moon Knight 6
Nightwing 4
Sheriff of Babylon 10
Strange Attractors 4
Supergirl 1
Superman 6
The Flintstones 3
Unfollow 11


Revival Vol 7


This week’s pile:

Was going to read these while the wife watches the Bake Off but the chocolate bread they’re baking sounds interesting! Batman will be first when I do get to it though so I can click on @Anders’ spoilers.

Also, yep - that’s a cheeky @mattgarvey1981 book at the right there!


Did anyone pick up the first issue of Frank Cho’s new book Skybourne? It sounds interesting.


It’s the best if the lot!
I’m not biased at all!
I swear!


I dunno, you’re up against the killer team of Wagner and Ezquerra on Dredd in the 2000AD Progs. Doesn’t get much better than that… :grin:


I stand corrected…


I don’t think I’d go as far as to say Batman #6 was a disappointment but I was left less wondering “How will the reveal in the last page pan out?” and more “How cool would a Colonol Blimp, Captain Stingaree and Kite Man team up book be? Hell yeah!”


Superman #6: That splash page with Superman standing alongside the flag on the Moon was fantastic. It celebrates the character unashamedly and unapologetically and it’s got a Golden Age/Fleischer cartoons vibe to it. It would be one of my favorite Superman images if he also had the trunks to add to the iconicity.

Aquaman is by far one of my favorite Rebirth titles, but I’m not really sure about this week’s issue. While the content was pretty interesting, I’m not sure about Superman’s characterization.


I’m suffering from a bit of “character fatigue” in Walking Dead as I spend several pages going “Hold on, who is this?” I think the book would benefit greatly from pruning back the cast and focussing on a smaller group.


If you’re coming second to those two gentlemen, you are in pretty good company. :wink:

Superman, Justice League, Aquaman and Supergirl for me this week.


The colours in Transfer #1 look good @mattgarvey1981, even better than they did in the pdf I read a whiles back. You done good!

I also love that the paper stock on your wee independently published book kicks the arse of the paper used in every other comic I bought this week.


Kill Or Be Killed #2 was great. Just great. There’s some wonderful possibly-unreliable-narrator stuff playing out, and Brubaker and Phillips are having fun experimenting with some different storytelling styles (like the first few pages). The yarn they’re spinning is compelling and there are some interesting ideas about memory being played with around the edges. I look forward to #3.


Isn’t that what The Walking Dead does best?
Or it used to?


You’re welcome.


That’s all I’ve read so far this week and I loved it. Lots of great fun… like a more gory James Bond story on paper.

P.S. I’m curious how far the religious and mythical themes will be taken.


Wow. I’m glad they lost the trunks. :wink:

I thought the solicitation leaned pretty heavily in that direction saying that it was a King Arthur and Merlin story.


Oh, maybe. I just saw a few articles on it… one focused on the recycled WW covers and the other one showed the promo pages (which showed the James Bond/Jason Borne style action and tone). I think I missed the solicitation completely.

If they mentioned magic in the solicitation, what about the religious/Biblical aspects like they’re the kids of Lazarus?