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New Comics Thread - 7th October 2015


Wednesday means new comics. Use this thread to discuss the latest books hitting the stands this week.

Please show a bit of courtesy to your fellow readers by keeping posts spoiler free until the weekend or by posting them in spoiler tags:

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Where is Gar? :open_mouth:




I wonder how many times he’s heard “it’s a small world” by now, then.

Nothing for me this week anyway. A chance to work through some of my to-read pile.


Anyone else excited for all the Star Wars books coming out tomorrow? Star Wars, Darth Vader, Shattered Empire, and the final issue of Lando. So pumped! Ladno in particular has really surprised me. He’s cool, but was never my favourite. Soule and Maleev have been just crushing it though.

And that’s forgetting all the awesome stuff that’s not Star Wars. Secret Wars, Old Man Logan, Siege, Jughead, Spider-Island, We Stand On Guard.

AND THEN ON TOP OF THAT we’re also getting the first slew of ANAD Marvel titles. Iron Man, Strange, Spider-Man.

Tomorrow is going to be a really, really good day. Unless a whole lot of writers all drop the ball at once.


I’m really not sure what’s coming out. I should probably keep more up-to-date. Oh well.


Gar did send this note:


Loving your enthusiasm @YukonEcho! I’ve got the relaunched Amazing Spider-Man book as well as a couple other bits and pieces to pick up this week.


Given my Dan Slott fan worship, I’m all over the Amazing Spider-Man relaunch this week. Also Doctor Strange by Aaron and Bachalo sounds like a pretty sweet recipe.

I am mulling over the All New All Different Point One and Avengers zero issues, but I will see how I go.

I also like the look of the upcoming Black Widow book, and the Hercules book that Dan Abnett is writing (the character was in the Avengers when I started reading them in the 80’s, so will always hold a special place in my heart…In fact, if Marvel were to do Starfox book, I would be all over that). I am cautiously optimistic about the Power Man and Iron Fist book too.


When is the Waid/Samnee Black Widow book coming out? Because I’m all over that too.


I’m not sure. I think that it has been announced, but not solicited as yet.


Sometime next year. It’ll be announced at NYCC this weekend, I assume.


That’s aaaaaages away.
Dammit Marvel. Stop holding the good stuff.


I forgot the first issue of BKV and Cliff Chiang’s Paper Girls was out this week. Did anyone pick it up? Any good?


I’ve been griping at the umpteenth Marvel relaunch for as long as I’ve known about it…but I’ll say that Amazing Spider-Man, Doc Strange, and even Iron Man all exceeded expectations for me this week. Good show from Marvel.


I’ll be grabbing that on digital in a bit. Thanks for the reminder!


Ah, it’s only £1.99 on Comixology, I’ll give it a shot for that given that it’s a quiet week.


What did everyone else think of Secret Wars #6? I really dug it personally.

I thought that despite it more or less being a set-up issue, that it was still a lot of fun. The Infinity Gauntlet scene with Black Panther was awesome. It’s funny, the Infinity Gauntlet appearing I did NOT see coming, despite the fact that it seems almost obvious in retrospect. There were also a ton of good team-ups. Miles and Spider-Man was really funny. Namor and Black Panther was interesting if nothing else. I kind of want to see them go at it some more since they have so much beef, but we’ve already seen plenty of that and their interactions here show just how much they’ve been through. Up until the very end of their world they tried to best the other. But now that everything’s lost, what does any of it matter?

Of course, we also got one of the most hyped team-ups since before the event even started. 616 Reed Richards and Ultimate Reed Richards, AKA: “The Maker” and the guy who casually wiped out Asgard/Washington/most of Europe. Not gonna lie, this one disappointed me juuuust a little, but I’ve been quietly hyping this meeting in my brain for a long time now, so that’s probably on me. The scene itself was good. We get to see how they’re both very similar (they are the same person after all) but with completely different moral cores. I would really, really like it if 1610 Reed ends up a bigger player in the finale. For those who don’t know about him, villainous Ultimate Reed may just be one of the best new villains of the last decade.

Esad Ribic’s art was fantastic as always. No surprises there. Hickman has also been toeing the line quite a bit. There are times I think he might have gotten too ambitious, but then he shows he’s had things under control, or that he appears too at least. I guess we won’t really know if he truly does until December. At the moment though, he is still crushing it.

Final statement, this is still one of the best events Marvel has done in a long time. Definitely worth the hype and subsequent delays, especially since the All New All Different relaunch is not being affected by it.


The cover prices on those Marvel books make a great case for Marvel Unlimited, but they sure look nice.


I know. I was MU had a “Read in 6 Months” feature. :wink: