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New Comics Thread - 7th June 2017


Hi guys and gals. New comics and all that.

Chat about them all here but don’t spoil any stories for people that haven’t read them yet.

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This is out today too:

Other than that, just Jessica Jones I think.

Oh, and Injection.

Pretty good week!


Looks like Justice League #22, Superman #24, Reborn #6 and Youngblood #2 for me today.


Steve Trevor Special #1 is…okay, but it’s rather blunt and chock full of SYNERGY that makes it hard to enjoy overall.

But the use of some villains we haven’t seen in a fair while makes me hope that with the success of the movie and character in said movie that the ARGUS book is back on the table.


@ender0284 - Have you been picking up the Amory Wars comic?

Has anyone read this week’s issue of Justice League? I’ve become a bit skeptical of any of the issues not written by @bryanhitch.


@RonnieM, I sure have. Partially because it’s the only visual representation I’ve seen of Ambellina. Thought that might come in handy in the future. :slight_smile:


Youngblood Reborn #2: still continuing on being a very nice teen hero book.
Love the Moore-foundation it is using and it’s just very energetic and light.


Any good?


Who wrote it Ronnie?


It’s written by Shea Fontana with art by Phil Briones. I’m not familiar with either of them.

It also appears that the solicitations or covers for follow on issues are off as their list is part two/three/four of different stories that aren’t this one.

I plan on passing on this issue until someone gives me the thumbs up.


Ah ok, yeah not familiar with them either - not what I’d expect on a big team book to be honest

Just done this weeks comiXology, picked up my usual dc stuff and amazing Spider-Man but the 2 issues of not this week is the sadly :disappointed: final issue of the wonderful Flintstones book.
One of the best books the last year, nice bit of satire.

And the new Chaykin book divided states of hysteria which I’m massively looking forward to reading after his criminally underrated midnight of the soul mini. I love me some Chaykin.


Batman #24 was a good issue overall. I enjoyed the rooftop talk between Batman and Gotham Girl, although I’m disappointed that there’s no attempt made to explain what has happened in the time since the end of “I Am Bane”. What happened to Bane, did Batman just let him go? What happened to the Psycho Pirate? So on, and so forth … Clay Mann’s art on these scenes was pretty excellent. The Catwoman stuff, by Finch, I was less enthused by - both in terms of the art and the events transpiring within. I’m not in favour of this plot twist; and, as I said last month, I really don’t like attempts at humanising this particular character. I also realise I’m probably in the minority here too, and so it’s unlikely that this trend is going to change course anytime soon. I think I’m just going to bow out here.


I had to read this twice because I was following the conversation and not the art behind it. The convo was great. He saved her from a life of insanity and she wanted to help him in return. The idea of sending her to be trained was a very good idea. until the very last page, i thought for sure it was just going to be a booty call and was quite amused when Claire asks him what he really wants right now. but that is more likely my perversion influencing the idea :smiling_imp: Yea, that last page is not a good idea, too many related pitfalls.


I didn’t realize Moon Knight was ending this issue. It’s a great note to end it on but I’d like to see more of this new “fixed” iteration.


That’s a shame given the chatter around it, been very positive.

Still, 14 issues - good enough for an OHC?


I’m not into that kind of thing (nothing against it, just prefer single issues) but if you are then yeah, definitely.


Moon Knight is as deserving of the OHC treatment as anything I’ve read in recent years - the art is just stunning and should be showcased.


Superman and Batman for me. Superman was really good. I love that they’re doing all kinds of different things here, and generally keep you surprised at the twists and turns, and it still feels very Superman. This is as strong an ongoing Superman run as I’ve ever read.

Batman was essentially a bumper issue between arcs, but one that was very well told and had a startling final page (startling in part because it wasn’t teed up very well, admittedly).


Injection was good this week. Ellis is often criticised for not writing for single issues, but this was one that you could jump into without knowing too much of the setup and enjoy as a standalone issue in its own right, while also working well as part of the larger story the book is telling. Great art and some nice panel-to-panel writing (with some aspects of the story being told solely through the art, and relying on attentive readers to follow it).

Jessica Jones was a bit of an odd one. It felt like lots of aspects of the story were rushed through very suddenly in order to get the characters in certain places by the end of this issue. I presume it’s to line up with the new Defenders series (also by Bendis) that gets a namecheck at the end of this chapter. It was quite jarring.

Reborn wrapped things up nice and neatly, with some cracking Capullo art. His designs are great and everything has a really strong sense of form and weight to it. It will be interesting to see where the series goes from here, as the ending to this issue provides a pretty comprehensive resolution of the various strands of this first volume.


Reborn #6 - Wow! @Mark_Millar and @GregCapullo really know how to wrap up a story. I love how this issue reconnects the whole story to these ruminations on life, death and what happens afterward while only amping up the Masters of the Universe style sword and sorcery meet tech goodness. The only bittersweet part of it is this is the last issue of this volume which like all Millarworld books just leaves me wanting more. It’s good to know there are plans for more volumes. I could see this being a serious franchise with far reaching opportunities.

Superman #24 - @RobertB beat me to the punch again with the perfect summation of my love for this book. This really is the strongest ongoing Superman book I’ve ever read. I’m so pleased with the way it seems to effortlessly bring back old and mix in new concepts while really making the family dynamic work for this book. There’s never an issue that I don’t look forward to reading.

Youngblood #2 - I’m always a bit reticent to give a new Youngblood series a try especially when it isn’t @RobLiefeld drawing it. However, this series has so far allayed those fears. I said it before but it really brings the concept into the 21st century. If the original Youngblood was superheroes as celebrities, this is superheroes as an app. On the surface, it’s a great action story but there seem to be all these little examinations of benefits and consequences of the thoughts and actions of previous and current generations. I’m looking forward to more of this book.

Edit: Has anyone read the new issue of Justice League? Worthwhile or not?