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New Comics Thread - 7th December

Today we have new comics arrive, once again, happens every week, doesn’t stop being exciting though. Here are some of them:

Talk about them and any others right here but please don’t spoil the stories, hide plot points using the spoiler text function:

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Batman #12 was good. Not a lot happening to move the main plot forwards but a good character piece with some great action storytelling from the art team too.

Walking Dead #161 nipped along at a speedy pace. The new panel layout Charlie Arland is using for this arc really keeps things fast paced (which is exactly what the book has been needing - a proverbial boot up the arse).

Providence #11

Give it all the Eisners.

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Just Providence for me too.

Justice League #10 and Superman #12 for me. Maybe Motor Crush #1 (I think that came out this week) if I like the preview.

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Yeah, it did. I nabbed it but I don’t think I’m in the right mood to read it. Maybe later on tonight, or even tomorrow. I’ll post here once I do in any case.


Yeah Batman #12 was the best of the latest run so far. I like it when King shows off a bit.

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Batman #12 was pretty impressive. I want to do another run through it right away to look at the art a bit more deeply.

Superman #12 was raucous fun. The end felt a bit quick/blunt, but great arc kickoff.

Doctor Aphra #1? Loved it. the best bit was the front end, which kind of upended the “Bad Indiana Jones” vibe of the character with a reversal homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Justice League #10 was the best issue of the run so far. Looking forward to the fight to come.


I’m still stunned by Providence even this morning.

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I’m way behind but I’m hearing the latest issue was insane.

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It is possibly the perfect climax to Moore’s entire Lovecraft saga at Avatar Press.

And I say that as someone who thinks that Neonomicon was complete garbage.

I didn’t have time to have a look at it last night, so I can’t wait to finally read it later.

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It’s very much like From Hell in a way.

Not that Burrows is a Campbell…but he shocks with how well he holds his own.

Unfollow #13

I’m still loving this book, my favourite from Vertigo for a long time. It’s nice that even though the last two issues have been mostly flashback stories to two of the main characters they continue to propel the main story forward. I think that’s important in this kind of book as there’s a lot of mystery behind it all but they aren’t spinning any wheels but giving a bit more revelation each time.

People complain about the state of comics which may be shaky as a whole, but we’re also getting a very solid Batman book and Superman book every two weeks which is what superhero comics are all about. Both were very good this week even if Superman was a touch slight.

The only other book I got was the Simpsons Christmas special which was fairly lackluster aside from two stories (one cowritten by Paul Dini).


Superman needed more pages. It was TIGHT, so I wouldn’t want it to “breathe” at all, but it could have stood 4-8 more pages. It felt like it ended on a cliffhanger that wasn’t quite a cliffhanger.


I read each page twice as I read it. Once following the word bubbles then once again just following the action.

Justice League #10 - This book is so good every issue. @bryanhitch continues to kill it and the artist rotation is amazing. This is really how you should be doing it. That cliffhanger though…

Superman #12 - Few things make me happier than picking up this book. I’m just so pleased to have such an enjoyable book on the stands that mixes such a heartwarming family relationship with great adventure. This issue fell heavier on the fun and adventurous side. I can’t wait for the next issue.

Motor Crush #1 - This was an interesting book. I’m not sure I understood exactly what was going on but I’m intrigued. I might pick up the next issue to see what’s up. It was nice to see our own @helloMuller on design duties.

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CAUTION: Only watch if you’ve read Providence 11 .

I thought Motor Crush was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to read the next issue.
It’s such a great setting, and I’m always up for a sci-fi racing premise.
The art had some great moments, and I’m a big fan of the colouring.

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