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New Comics Thread - 6th July


New comics again, here are some real ones (with stickers on them). Empress is at the top:

Did you buy any of those or any other comics this week? If so come back here after you’ve read them and tell us what you think. Don’t spoil stories though, use our patented spoilertron technology to hide them if you feel the need.

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I have to hand it to DC: when Rebirth was announced I was not expecting much at all, given their track record. But I’m pleasantly surprised at how it’s turned out.

I haven’t read Civil War 2 but from what I understand it’s underwhelming (as expected). Is anyone here reading it?


Green Arrow, yay!
I’m sure I’ll get a couple of others but that’s the one that I’m looking forward to.


Yeah, I’m reading Civil War, it’s been ok. Im enjoying it enough to continue reading it.

I’m not underwhelmed per say, because i didn’t have huge expectations.

It’s a readable enough story and a decent entry into the ongoing soap opera saga that is Marvel superhero comics.

I see Chaykin’s Midnight of the Soul 2 is out today. I read the first issue this morning and really liked it, it’s a typical Chaykin book if you like that sort of thing.


I should have Empress #4 in my box and will probably pick up Justice League: Rebirth #1 and Superman #2 digitally.


This. I found issue 1 quite a bit more accessible that a lot of Chaykin stuff. It doesn’t do anything new but I’ll be reading issues 2 for sure.


That seems to be the consensus from all the reviews I’ve read. It’s ok.

I think Marvel are suffering a little from their policy of constant relaunches, to the extent their next one has the same name as a previous one. You keep repeating a trick and it loses impact, DC have waited 5 years or so.

I read them exclusively on Unlimited nowadays and it’s very rare there’s a bad book but there isn’t much that’s ‘must read’ ether, outside of Vision and they’ve lost the writer of that to a DC exclusive.


Empress #2 of course. And Neal Adams’ The Coming of the Supermen #6, last in this series. I sure hope Neal continues on, this adventure felt like a return to the great tales of Kirby. There are questions left wide open, and you will not believe what Superman manages to wreck. I don’t think anybody writes Luthor better. The new characters are also clever, and I rather like about half of what is done with Lois (no, she’s not my favorite character).

btw - the first issue has already dropped price to $2.99, and doubtless there will be a trade soon. That’s the way to read this. The delays were misery!


I agree, and also think they are suffering from having constant events on the go - their line having been basically driven from 1 event into the next for ages now; again the impact lessens and there’s zero novelty factor any more.


If everything is an event, then nothing is.


I’m almost exclusively digital now, moving most of my last outliers over and with a load of mini’s and DC series that I was reading in paper finishing up.
Still buying anything Moore, Morrison or Ennis do in paper, plus the odd thing I know will have great production values from Boom! Or IDW etc, but that’s about 80-90% of my pull list converted.

I still buy most of my collected editions in paper still and can’t see that changing.

Digitals for this week are

Amazing Spider-Man 15

Aquaman 2

Batman 2

Bloodlines 4

Sam Wilson Captain America 11

The Flintstones 1

Future Quest 2

Green Arrow 2

Green Lanterns 2

Justice League Rebirth 1

Midnight of the Soul 2

Moon Knight 4

Sheriff of Babylon 8

Strange Attractors 2 (the first issue of this was fantastic - the sort of thing that gives Soule a good rep and it’s reassuring to know he’s still got it)

Superman 2

Throwaways 1
(Buying this on the strength of Caitlin Kittredge’s work on Coffin Hill)

Unfollow 9

Bit of a monster week which I expect to settle down once I decide to drop a few DC books. Think I’ll move to trade on The Fix, keep meaning to and I read most of my Image books that way.


Aquaman 2: Not as strong as the first issue, mostly due to (as I said in my review of #1) Walker and Merino’s art floudering (pardon the pun). This really impacted the action scene. Abnett’s writing was…ok, though definitely on the good side of Ok. I think this issue is more of a set-up issue; the fight is not the main point; it’s the effects of the action, so I’m not dropping Aquaman.

Justice League Rebirth 1: As a “Rebirth” title, this was also set-up, but even as a done in one story, it was pretty good. I really like how Hitch wrote Batman. Also, that bit with Aquaman’s powers was very clever.


Strange Attractors actually came out a while ago, as an OGN. I understand there are new backups, but everything else is reprinted (after having initially been serialized by Archaia digitally as well). But it was written and released as an OGN just a little bit into his Swamp Thing run.

Haven’t had a chance to read everything, but Batman is capable superhero action, clever but not brilliant or reinventing the wheel. Of course, Morrison’s Batman began the same way and grew to become one of the greatest mainstream runs ever.

Flintstones was incredibly good – surprising given that it’s flintstones, unsurprising given that it’s Mark Russell and Steve Pugh. Really smart, clever, funny, insightful. Great satire with a beating heart.

Empress continues to be breakneck brilliance, scifi space scale stuff that’s just wonderful. Wish Green Lantern could be this strong.

Sheriff of Babylon was phenomenal, complex, accurate, heartbreaking.

Kingpin was fun.

Moonknight was beautiful, though not quite as experimental as I had hoped in terms of storytelling. I’ve seen Southworth do better.

Green Arrow’s art was astonishing, again. It’s the best GA has ever looked. There are at least 5 pages that drop your jaw to the floor. It’s INCREDIBLE.

Still other stuff to read.


Ah, ok, I didn’t know this.
That’s a shame as it was serving as a reminder to me how good Soule is me that he hasn’t ‘lost it’ since he took on a million books.


Seeing Ennis’s name mentioned here reminded me to ask if anyone kne if we were getting a new instalment of his War Stories from Avatar. It’s been quite a while since the last issue.


Thanks for hyping that up. I can’t wait to dig in.
What do you think of the writing?


many thanks for the Empress love, folks.

Issue 5 off to press tomorrow. Some crazy turns where this goes. Next issue belongs to the kids!



I dont’ think the quantity of books he took hurt his work. I haven’t been following closely since he moved whole hog to Marvel, but I felt he was doing career best work on Swamp Thing and Red Lanterns while he was doing 3 or four other books at the same time.

There are so many factors, including ones own personal taste, that go into these things. Writers try different approaches, maybe tailored to the different kinds of books they’re on, maybe just to do something different. They interact with different editorial teams, different artists who themselves have different strengths, etc. It’s all very nebulous.

My favorite new author in comics is Tom King. If I had just read his most recent two Batman books, I might call him ‘solid’ and ‘good’, certainly not great or favorite. But I recognize he’s trying for something due both to the perceived demands of the audience for a marquee Batman book, and given the strengths of the artist he’s working with.

Perhaps Marvel will put him on something more to your liking, is all I’m getting at.


I never got a War Stories in my last delivery and not due one again until end of July, so I’m not really sure.

I just read The Fix # 3 and it was the best issue so far…which has lead to me being unable to wait for the trade to read on. Issue 4 now added to the list. This was Spencer at his irreverent best.


I don’t dislike what he’s done with Daredevil or Inhumans. I just don’t think those books carry the same amount of ideas or smart writing as the likes of Swamp Thing did. I thought She Hulk was excellent though.

In our Marvel CEO thread a while back I had Soule on Daredevil as my perfect choice and it’s not quite worked out how I expected it to - it’s a pretty solid, but run of the mill effort so far, nothing more than that.

I think this often happens to writers who take on a number of books each month; Bunn, Soule, Bendis etc - I think it burns them out a bit.