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New Comics Thread - 6th January


Here are some of the new ones out this week:

Share what you thought of those or any new comics you bought this week, this is the place to do it.

Don’t spoil any stories for others though so if you feel the need to discuss major plot points use the spoiler text explained below:

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New issues of The Fade-Out (the finale!) and Paper Girls for me.

I had expected the second Dark Knight III Collector’s Edition to be out today (I thought the hardcovers were following two weeks after each regular issue), but DC’s website is now showing a date of 9th March for the second HC! Does anyone know what’s going on with that?


I should have Invincible Iron Man #5 in my box for this week as well as Justice League of America #6 and Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #2 from before Christmas.

I noticed the same thing. The site I use says January 20th.


I know it’s the holidays but it’s really been a bad month for comics, both in quantity and quality. I did enjoy the recent Omega Men issue, however.

I can’t believe it’s 2016 and Secret Wars isn’t done yet.


Ah, hopefully not long to wait then. Thanks.


Didn’t go to the comic shop on the 23rd or 30th so I might have a few things. All I can remember off the top of my head is the first new 2000AD prog of the new year.


Yep, Fade Out finale. I will miss it.


Given that a lot of the stuff I usually get came out on January 1st, I think that it’s just 2000AD and Doctor Strange for me.

And I really need to do something about the backlog of 2000AD I haven’t read yet. Maybe that should be my New Year’s resolution (I can still make one, right?)


This week’s delivery delayed til tomorrow. As it is I’ve just got Chew #53, Amzazing Spidey #5 and the Garth Ennis WW2 double bill of Dreaming Eagles #1 and War Stories #15.

Dreaming Eagles is out from a company called Aftershock. Don’t recall seeing them on the shelves before though the name is familiar from somewhere I can’t place.


It’s Mike Marts, the old DC editor who is part of Aftershock.

There was a bit of convo on here about them a while back. I has been critical of DC, saying not only are they chasing creators away but also one of their best group editors. I was rightly corrected by someone who pointed out he’d left to start up his own publishing house, that being Aftershock.


That’s it. I was sure it was through something on here. Book has some cracking talent on it. I’m looking forward to seeing what the put out in the future.


Huck #2.

There ya go. That’s my Superman.

Thank you, @Mark_Millar.

Thank you, Raphael we-will-get-you-on-this-forum-yet Raton. (Raton and Raton Pass are also in New Mexico, and are easier to spell than Albuquerque.)

As you know, Chief, heroes are only as important as their villain(s). I see a lovely opposition here. And the name “Orlov”! If, as I suspect, you have done the research on this one, it is very cool. Would you care to speak to this?

Five stars - at least!


I don’t get the significance of the name. Care to spill the beans for the uninitiated?


I’m surprised SW hasn’t been extended to four more issues, all to be complete by 2019.


It looks like Midtown Comics also has January 20th listed for Dark Knight III #2 Collector’s Edition. I tend to trust them above all others even Diamond’s own ship lists.


Great, thanks for checking. I thought March seemed way too long.


“Orlov”, “Orloff” or the accepted IMDb form of “Graf Orlok” was the name used for F.W. Murnau’s 1922 Nosferatu. The Orlok name was used to avoid a direct reference to “Dracula”, of course. However, in the fiction of vampires “Orlok” or a variant is common, tied into various words meaning “vampire” or “witch”. The “Orloff” variant, by some rumors, led to William Henry Pratt’s stage name of Boris Karloff.

This may be some of the “thin air” from which this name was plucked!


Read Ennis’s Dreaming Eagles #1. Not just a WW2 tale (in fact very little take place in that time period) but more a story of America in the 60s so there’s very little in the way of killing Nazis and more a bit of father / son relationship building and a look at the African-American civil rights movement. Using a story in one time period as framework for the secondary tale is something he’s doing with the Johnny Red series he’s doing at Titan. Reckon it’ll pay off just as well here.


I’m going to go insane if I hear one more person say that Wein’s Swamp Thing is a throwback to Moore’s run.