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New Comics Thread - 6th April


Yeah Yeah, NEW COMICS! Like these…

Talk about them all here. Don’t be naughty and spoil things, use the spoiler filter explained below:

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I should have Empress #1 waiting in my box. I’m strongly considering picking up Black Panther #1 and Black Widow #2 on top of that.


Wow, unusually awesome week between Vision, Black Panther, Empress and more. My lunch break can not come soon enough.


Be sure to get something to eat as well. It isn’t good to skip meals. :wink:

Black Widow, Black Panther and Spider-Man 2099 for me this week.

And some sci-fi comic by some obscure Scottish guy…Maybe I’ll give it a try.


Some good shit out this week, can’t wait to get sat down to log onto Comixology & get started on it.


Yeah it’s a great, great week. Hugely excited for Empress, Black Panther, Vision, Sheriff of Bablyon and Midnighter.


I’m hoping Wonder Woman Earth One gets delivered to me ASAP. I’ve been waiting years.
This does look like a good week for singles as well.
Tradewaiting Empress is going to be a struggle.


Oh my god I forgot WW Earth One was out! And Providence! Wow. Quite a week.


Morrison, Moore, Millar, King, Waid. Wow!


Ah, The Fix! That was the other new one this week, the new Image series by the Superior Foes of Spider-man team. Yep, buying that, and Soule’s Poe Dameron series.

Wow, the best Wednesday in years. This is like old times.


I was wondering about The Fix today when I saw the 3rd issue in solicits.

I’ve ordered The Fix in floppies, but I won’t be getting it till next month. I don’t want to wait that long. I’ll probably end up reading in trade as well so I’m effectively going to be triple dipping on this first issue.


That’s me sorted too! :slight_smile:


Once again, our hero @Mark_Millar got screwed out of a Comixology New Releases Home Page list. Somebody at Comixology needs some social grease or summat.

Mine, Empress #1 and Coming of the Supermen #3 - Neal Adams.

I have an odd feeling I may be missing a @bryanhitch JLA. What came out most recently? I’ve seen some stuff with Rao and Supes throwing down, but it does not match a memory of reading!


This week’s digital issues and it’s a helluva big week for me.

Black Panther 1

Bloodlines 1

The Discipline 2

Empress 1

The Fix

Old Man Logan 4

The Sheriff of Babylon 5

The Coming of the Superman 3

Supreme Team 1

Survivor’s Club 7

Swamp Thing 4

Things Are Meaning Less

Uncanny X-Men 6 (apocalypse wars chapter 2)

Unfollow 6

Urban Myth Investigators 1

Vision 6


Empress HC is due November, so not too hard at all.


Issue #8 came out last week.


Thanks, Dave! Me go buy!

PS 3 seconds later - Got it!


Black Panther 1

I’ve been looking forward to this for a while and wanted to savour it, so I took my time with a glass of red wine to chill my anxieties down so I could just embrace it.

Just the one mind, baby is due any day now!

From the off the book feels weighty, it has substance. It’s clearly written by someone who wants to do the best job they can and has a very clear aim for what they want to acheive.

The art is so confident and assured, the use of shadows and ink suggest a master at work and we all know Stelfreeze has been around a while; that’s shows. The inking job is one of the best I’ve seen. I stopped reading halfway thru as I had to check and see who did the inking. It was Stelfreeze himself. Just amazing. As is the composition of the panels, the designs, the way the clothes hang or cling to the skin…
There is an elegance to the art, which results in an elegance to the characters and body language, gestures & mannerisms are fully on show here, which adds a layer to the character development without having to read a single word.

Wakanda is in a bad way and it’s leaders are feeling it most.
I’m fond of the character when he is in his own book, in his own country and this was a good start, not quite what I expected, but I’m looking forward to this series very much. It very much feels like a Black Panther book in the vein of Priest and the best parts of Hudlin.


Providence was superb this week. Lots to digest there. I think the artwork is just getting better and better, and there’s a real feeling of the story starting to build towards a climax as it enters what is presumably its final act.

The inclusion of Lovecraft as such a direct presence and actor in the book was surprising, but it worked.

And the text section was very interesting too (with one or two allusions to The Courtyard and Neonomicon that I picked up on). I’ve been really enjoying the interplay between the text pieces and the comics story.

This issue is as dense as all the rest, and reading it has made me want to reread the whole series again.