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New Comics Thread - 5th October


Okay kids, new comics incoming, here are a few of them on offer:

Read them, absorb the important messages, share with the group what you thought was great or not. We welcome all reviews but don’t spoil plots for other people that may be trade waiting on a certain book, use the spoiler text explained below:

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Justice League #6 and Superman #8 for me. I might thumb through Shade, The Changing Girl #1 too.


Amazing Spider-Man #19, Justice League #6, Superman #8 and Aquaman #8, as well as 2000AD, which has a story with art by our good friend @pjholden.

Mrs. Jones has just finished The Adventures of Cordelia Swift # 3 &4, which arrived through the post this morning. There was much “oooh” ing and "aahhh"ing and basically she thought they were awesome (so props to @mattgarvey1981). To quote her directly:

Cor Blimey in a bacon sandwich. That man is talented.

I’m not exactly sure when she became Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins :confused:


I’m definitely checking out Jessica Jones to see the old Alias team get back together.


Will you let us know what you think? I considered it, but was waiting to see what people generally thought about it.


Awwwww shucks, thank you :blush:


I love when Superman comics try to explore more thoughtful themes relevant to the human spirit, but I also enjoy when he’s just having a fun time punching Dinosaurs with his Super-Son and his Super-Dog. What I like about Tomasi Superman is that it has all the craziness of a Silver Age comic but in a modern package. It’s unashamedly… well, comic booky. And I love it.


I knew Batman was taking part in this Night of the Monster Men crossover but I didn’t realise it was one of those where you had to buy issues of other books to understand what the fuck is going on. Not even a single recap page at the start. A dick move by DC right there.


I love Marvel’s recap pages because it makes all their comics completely accesible, no matter what issue you pick the series on. DC should do the same.


I liked it, quite a bit as it happens. It felt much more like the Alias of old than I expected it to. I’m slightly confused by how much of the subplot involving Luke and Jessica’s child and their relationship is meant to be a mystery and how much is meant to be understood by regular Marvel readers, because I don’t really follow the MU these days and I don’t know what the current status quo is.

Plus, there’s a really jarring bit where the story stops for a single panel that seems designed to shout, “yes this is happening in the current Marvel universe of 2016!”, to emphasise that this isn’t the old Alias - but in all other respects this feels like a solid continuation of that book, even down to the formatting of the credits page. Gaydos hasn’t missed a beat and Bendis feels like classic-era Bendis.

So yes, I’m on board for this one.


Not read this one yet, but I thought the last issue of Superman was absolutely fantastic


Bit late today, and still got most of last week’s books to read, but none the less I like to contribute something even if I don’t always get comments on the current crop up in time

Amazing SpiderMan 19

Batman 8
(I clicked ‘buy’ on this before remembering it’s part of that awful crossover. I probably won’t even read this!)

Black 1
(Really like the concept of this)

Cage 1
(Genndy Tartakovsky is too big a name to not check this 1st issue out)

Clean Room 12

Deadman:Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love 1
(Kinda wish I got this in print for nostalgia sake on the old prestige format mini)

Death of Hawkman 1

Death of X 1

Dr Strange 12

Future Quest 5

Green Arrow 8

Green Valley 1

Justice League 8

Midnight of the Soul 5

Romulus 1

Shade the Changing Girl 1

Strange Attractors 5

Superman 8

The Flinstones 4

Walter Hill’s Triggerman 1

Cannibal 1
Moonshine 1

Low vol 3
Paper Girls 10
Revival 43
Autumnlands 13
The Woods 26
Trees vol 2
Wolf vol 2

Huge week. Fecking ridiculous really.


Midnighter and Apollo


Midnighter’s costumed has really changed since the days of The Authority.


Don’t care. I picture him naked.


Well, each to their own :smile:


And to me, Midnighter. :slight_smile:


I forgot to tell my LCS not to put the Batman Monster Men in my pull box so I sucked it up and bought it. There has to be a better way to get Batman and the Bat family to fight Hugo Strange. As with the previous issues of this event, it was awful.


I don’t really mind recap pages. My real issue is the fact that without one in this book I didn’t have a scooby what was happening as I’m not buying multiple books. The thing stinks of a blatant cash grab by DC (which is a shame as their track record is ok just now).


Green Valley #1 - This was the new fantasy book from Image by Max Landis and Giuseppe Camuncoli. This first issue was solid but didn’t blow me away. Landis promises an unexpected turn coming. I will take a wait and see approach on the next issue.

Justice League #6 - @bryanhitch is joined by Matthew Clark on art chores with this first issue in a new storyline. Hitch seems to be building something huge here and the artists working with him are putting in some of the best work I’ve seen from them. I really think this is going to be a classic run. I’m on for a whole lot more.

Superman #8 - This book continues to impress. Last issue was a nice quiet moment with family while this issue is a huge, bombastic issue full of action. In this issue, Superman and Superboy are transported to Dinosaur Island by what looks a lot like a Mother Box that Jonathan has been taught how to build in his dream. So it’s possible that they have been transported to another universe. I like that they have essentially brought at least parts of Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier into continuity. I’m glad this book ships twice a month. It’s so damned good.