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New Comics Thread - 5th August


Yes it’s that time again and here’s a sampling of what’s out this week:

If you need to mention any major plot points, please hide them behind spoiler text in case some haven’t read their comics yet.

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I LOVE that cover for Circle!
Best of the series.


Is that a fill in artist on the credits for Jupiters Circle?


Yes Gianfelice covered for a couple of issues because Torres had a personal tragedy and needed time off.


And he’s done so very well. The art styles are very complementary.

I’ll be getting that, as well as the new issues of Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows and The Fade Out.


I should have Jupiter’s Circle #5 waiting in my box.


Jupiter’s Circle, We Stand On Guard - set aside $ for Hitch (I think I’m putting one of his kids thru college; with Millar it’s a kid in medical school!). Don’t know what else, but this has to be a cautious month. :money_with_wings:


Are you still reading through ComiXology, Miqque, or have you been able to find a new LCS?


'tis the Comixology and the amazon. 45 minutes to nearest LCS. I’ve been getting Case Files about every other month - and becoming a true expert at hitting that free shipping by pennies. I make that eagle scream, y’heah? :laughing:


Are you liking the Case Files? How do the American ones stack up to the UK ones?


There seems to be more color on the UK editions. :laughing:

You bloody well went and addicted me big time! Right now, Case Files 5 is at my neighbor’s being read. Turns out he didn’t like the Stallone movie. So far I have 1,2,4,5,6 Origins and Dredd/Batman. Next up 3 and 7, and then find something for about ten bucks to get the shipping.

So far “The Apocalypse War” has been my favorite long-style, with “The Curséd Earth” right behind. Also enjoyed the tales on the Moon, and I think Dredd looks good in the Marshal cape and gear. Seems to have lost a whole lot of random Judges, though.

Still keen on the black & white issues, something very endearing about all that work cross-hatching with a pen and/or brush.


The only difference between the UK and US versions of the Dredd Case Files are the covers as far as I’m aware (I think the UK ones look better!). @Miqque, you might be interested to hear one of the seminal stories, America, has been given a U.S. release. You should add it to you purchase schedule. No hyperbole, no exaggeration, all I’ll say is it’s excellent. @RonnieM read it recently, I’m sure he can back me up with this!


Miqque, the Caged Demonwolf counsels that you rouse your carcass immediately forthwith the release of Judge Dredd: America, in order to purchase and so acquire the sublime entertainment it offers without equal.


I’ll be heading to the LCS tomorrow after popping in by work for a couple of hours. I’ve got two weeks work of 2000AD Progs as well as Spidey: Renew Your Vows and Garth Ennis’s War Stories from this week. I think there’ll be a copy of Powers too. Was that out last week?


You might have this issue:

Volume We-No-Longer-Know-We’ve-Lost-Count #7 (maybe, if accurate)


Heh, that sounds about right! Couldn’t find the Midtown list for last week, only the most recent one. To be honest, I’m not really sure why I’m still buying Powers. Habit I guess since I have every issue since vol 1 #1. I think I’d have dropped it if it had had anything resembling a regular publishing schedule.


Could be worse, you could have started buying Scarlet!

(Quite seriously, I’d have given that a go ages back if volume 2 was known to be definitely coming out!)


Whenever I make it to my LCS (probably tomorrow or Friday) I’m gonna pick up Darth Vader #7, the new War Stories, We Stand On Guard, and Star Wars #7 from last week. Of course almost all the series I’m following came out around the same time, so it’s an expensive week.
This Damned Band looks pretty great too, though I dunno if I want to spend any more…


Bendis says that Alex told him he’ll start working on it again in a couple of weeks.

Bendis seems pissed off with the situation too. He said he’d considered just releasing the scripts online.


Final trades of Zero and Fraction’s Hawkeye are out this week!!

Is anyone reading Nate Edmondson’s Black Widow. I’m this close to picking it up as it looks good. Hoping someone can persuade me one way or the other.