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New Comics Thread - 5th April


Here are some of them:

Chat about them here bit don’t give away any big spoilers, it could make you very unpopular:

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The big release for me this week is the conclusion of Providence.

Also, there’s a new Jessica Jones out.


Justice League #18 and Superman #20 for me today.


How has Jessica Jones been? I read Alias and had been thinking of trade waiting this (Bends stuff usually works better for me in a chunk).


I have been enjoying it. Very much a return to the Alias style (Gaydos helps massively on this front). The first arc has had a couple of relatively minor current-continuity intrusions, but it’s mostly pretty accessible. I would recommend picking up the first collection.


Just Batman for me, although that new Hawkeye book does look fun.


I pick the ones I feature at the start usually if it’s a big title (so the likes of Batman and Saga almost always appear). Sometimes because I like the book and want to put it there (Unfollow being a recent one) and lastly just because the cover is good. Hawkeye fell into that last category.


The Star Wars cover might be my favourite of the ones that you picked this week. A shame about the interior art. Whatever Larroca is doing these days, it isn’t for me.
What is it with the Star Wars book not having a consistent artist? Are Marvel just treating it like a showcase of the big guns? If that’s their strategy then where are Mcniven and Coipel? :smile:


Almost none of them do. :smile:

Only creator owned books. I can’t recall the last Marvel or DC book I read that had the same artist for more than 6 issues. (i’m sure some exist but they are pretty few and far between).


I like the Paper Girls cover. I may jump back on board with that book at some point.


That’s a good point. Probably Chris Samnee on Black Widow?
I was surprised to see that someone I’ve never heard of drew this week’s issue of Spider-Man. The art looked good enough (besides the cover) but I’m just surprised. What happened to Sara Pichelli? I’m miles behind with Miles so I don’t know if she’s just "off-rotation or off the book or what.


Also on the subject of covers, this is an interesting example of the difference that colouring (and cover text) can make to an image.

When I first saw this cover by Patrick Gleason, I thought it was a great ‘classic’ illustration of Superman, reminiscent of All-Star Superman in some respects:

Here’s how it appears today on the cover of Superman #20:

It really detracts from the original, I think - the text especially seems at odds with the tone of the image, particularly Superman’s expression. It makes him look a bit buffoonishly unaware of whatever storm is coming. An odd choice.


Looking at her bibliography she has never drawn more than 5 issues in a row of any book she’s worked on. That’s not to be critical, her work is great but a fill-in or rotation was inevitable.


Well, Providence #12 was pretty great. No spoilers, but it was a very satisfying ending that’s made me want to go back and reread the whole series (and The Courtyard and Neonomicon) all over again. I think that, taken together, they may well end up being up there with some of Moore’s best works.


Batman and Superman for me. Are we at or near a point where the best superhero books being published are Batman and Superman? This would be a first, and I would say maybe.

I love what DC is doing now. I have been buying their books but they are clearly labeled so that I can drop them whenever they do any multiverse bullshit or crossover bullshit, and then pick them up again right after and not miss a thing. So I just picked Superman up again after sitting out two arcs, and it’s as good as ever. The characters are so nicely sketched right now and in perfect situations…it won’t last forever but I hope DC isn’t going to throw out the baby with the bathwater with the big shakeup. This issue has the pie splash page that someone shared over in the DC thread, and ends with Batman facing off against a cow named Bessie…it’s all innocent and fun but not ridiculous, and is just kind of sweet.

Batman was not really sweet, as we go from Bessie to Bane. It was pretty hardcore, with King channeling Frank Miller with a lot of the violence and narration. It was highly well done, however, revealing depth of character in really sly ways. He also gave Batman his own gaze into the fist of Dredd moment (though not played for laughs), which I enjoyed.


Justice League #18 - This issue continues to reveal more about the Infinity Corporation from the Rao storyarc including that one of their members is Lex Luthor’s daughter kinda revealed by offer Batman Super Lex’s armor. There’s something that happens near the end of the issue that isn’t 100% clear and leads to a bit of a twist. I’m still enjoying this book though I’m starting to look for the overarching plan that Hitch seems to have been building toward since pre-Rebirth JLA.

Superman #20 - This is how you do a Superman issue. Like @RobertB, I’m pretty excited that one of (if not the) best books I read every month is a Superman book. I’m glad the last storyarc didn’t screw up the good thing they had going. I also like how they’ve seeded these small clues throughout the issues so far that they are slowly following up on. It kind of gives the best of both worlds with short, self contained arcs and a larger ongoing story with bits sprinkled throughout. I’m also glad that the Jonathan/Damian bits aren’t just being relegated to their own book as it’s one of the more interesting wrinkles of this one. I’m hoping this book continues to keep up the high quality as I’m very pleased with it so far.


Looks like I’m headed back to the LCS to pick up Superman #20.


The current issue of Superman brought up another question in my mind. Does anywhere in the US still use Rural Route (RR) addresses? In one panel, it shows the Kent’s address (presumably to show it’s Kent now and not Smith) and it’s an RR address. I had one for most of my life but it was replaced even in my hometown by 911 street addresses.


Superman 20 Another fun issue. The scenes with Lois ruining the boys superhero fun were really good. The part that got my attention though was the fact that Lois and Clark know that the world has changed. Hopefully that’ll be explored sooner rather than later.

The Flintstones 10 Every issue still surprises me with just how good it is. It was sad to see Vacuum cleaner go. But I’ll be damned if I didn’t have a chuckle with the way Mark Russell did it.


I thought they were no longer used but apparently they still are. I had one for a long time growing up but we switched over when I was around ten or so.