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New Comics Thread - 4th November


Yay, new comics day! Here are a load of them available on this morn:

Use this thread to share your thoughts on the latest books, share reviews, good or bad. Don’t spoil any stories though as not everyone reads their comics at the same time, if you need to use the spoiler text explained below:

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Quite a good week for me this week - as well as Velvet #12 and Paper Girls #2, I’m really looking forward to checking out Klaus #1, the new Father Christmas origin story by Grant Morrison from Boom! Studios. It just sounds so bizarre that it could be great.


I have Monstress #1, The Vision #1, and the new issues of Paper Girls and We Stand On Guard.

Haven’t had a chance to do more than flip through it yet, but Monstress looks lovely. 64 story pages too.


I can’t wait to read James Bond by Ellis and Masters.


I didn’t realise that was out today. Might give it a look.


Monstress I will try later, it’s got gorgeous artwork and is another example of Image VFM. At first you may balk at a $5 price tag and then see it is longer than some graphic novels.

Make full use of my wonderful pics, courtesy of the Comix Shop in Swansea. :wink:


Sadly on my phone some of the covers (especially a delicately-designed one like the Bond cover) are a bit small to make out in those kinds of pics.


Like that’s my fault? Get a bigger phone. :smiley:


Some of those comics have run around to the other end of the table to appear twice in the photo.


Your complaint has been noted and duly ignored, thank you.


Why does it take so long for the new comics to come out on Comixology?
Dynamite haven’t uploaded their stuff yet and I’m unable to buy the DC comics that I want (I can add them to the cart, but then it says they’re unavailable at the checkout).


Most of them usually hit around the same time US stores open, which is around 2pm UK time. Quite often though a handful of releases (especially the week’s higher-profile books) do tend to go up a few hours earlier than that.


There’s probably a separate thread discussion to be had but I’d love it if there was a midnight release every week. Or at least one that matches comic shop opening times in your country. We don’t have to outdo physical comic shops but at the same time don’t punish me for choosing digital.


You’re not being punished for choosing digital. You’re being punished for not being American. :wink:


To back up what Dave said I used to be able to buy new titles on Comixology about 12 hours earlier than they do now. The publishers had talks with retailers and they asked that digital can compete but shouldn’t be given an advantage over bricks and mortar. So they now hold it back until most US stores open.


Which is nicely patriotic but makes no sense when they can buy them in the LCS 5-8 hours earlier. :smile:


Does it really make a difference though? Especially if you’re pre-ordering books on Comixology? Those should come through earlier at least.


I was just being a trolling ass. :wink:

The real reason is what you stated. Comics can be such a “me first” medium with some fans that those few hours could have actually been an unfair advantage. I assume they prefer to avoid regionalizing it too.

As for comics this week, I should have Invincible Iron Man #3 in my box. How does everyone else feel about these bi-weekly schedules for Marvel’s new books? I’m enjoying the story but will probably drop the book after the first storyline unless the second is incredibly compelling. It just seems that they burn up good work so quick this way.


I’m not in a position really to say Ross but I kind of appreciate the principle that the comic shops, which are the backbone of the industry, aren’t put at an instant disadvantage.

…and it makes more of a difference to me than it does to you, I have to wait until 10pm for the new books when it used to be 10am (when most in Europe would be fast asleep).


How are they handling it with art teams? Rotating arcs? To be honest artistic consistency is something I really value in comics so I could see that being a turn-off for me.

Are Daredevil and Dr Strange double-shipping? They’re the only books I’m really interested in of the current wave.