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New Comics Thread - 4th January


I believe in some areas deliveries will be a day later but either way this is the OFFICIAL NEW COMICS THREAD!

Talk as much as you want about them and all other new comics here but hide plot spoilers using this function:

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Just Saga this week for me I think.


Looks like Saga #41 and Superman #14 for me today.


That Saga cover is a beauty.
It’s cool to see Fiona Staples’s name first.


The trades have been switching who gets named first. Staples is evens, I think.

Edit: Whoa, just noticed the circular power cell (?) on Alana’s weapon. So cool!


The All New Hawkeye and Batman for me.

(I also have Teen Titans as my guuilty pleasure, Don´t Judge me).


Batman this week was a fanwank. I rarely like these kind of issues with catwoman and batman in a relationship love drama, and not this one. I’m intrigued somewhat by how it’ll go on from here, but I’m not buying the next issue to find out. Unless… you know… it says “Batman” on the cover, then I’d probably buy it… :innocent:


Yeah the issues do too. I haven’t observed a pattern but they switch around which name comes first,


I bet it’s paper rock scissors.


I absolutely LOVE their relationship. But lately (and i mean five years, so, not so lately) it has been poorly handled.

Except in the “Injustice” comic. Tom Taylor really gets them like no other writter these days.


The last arc, I am suicide, did it nicely, but at this point I just think… fanwank.


Does anyone know if James Bond #12 or Witchfinder City of the Dead #5 made it to UK comic shops this week? They were due last week but seem to have missed the plane, or some other such nonsense … All eBay is showing are US based sellers, and I’m not paying for transatlantic shipping unless I really have to.


Tom King is a great writer but I’m starting to think he’s just a bad fit for Batman. Aside from a couple of issues the run hasn’t really worked for me and this one was a well crafted dud. I do plan to stick with it.

Superman was OK. I tend to glaze over when DC gets into the multiverse. I like this title fine but will probably drop it next month in the interest of keeping my pull list low, as I’m keen on the JLA, Batwoman, and super kids books DC is starting in February.


I kind of agree. ‘I am Suicide’ was a better fit than the first arc but it does seem to be lacking something when I’ve loved pretty much everything else he’s ever done.

I wonder if he’s reacting too much to previous runs, He’s said in interviews he didn’t want repeats of the styles of Morrison and Snyder that preceded him but being too conscious of it may be taking him out of areas he can do well in. I’m sticking with it too though, while not as great as I’d like it’s still a good book and retains my interest.

Vikram - I am pretty sure they will turn up, due to the holidays UK deliveries are delayed and disrupted but I’m sure James Bond at the least does a good deal of its business in the UK shops and they’ll get copies.


Saga #41 - Like I’ve said before, I think this book is at its best when it’s focused on Marko and Alana. This issue was definitely that. The ending text juxtaposed with the final splash page of this issue seems a bit foreboding.

Superman #14 - This book is still so much fun. Like @RobertB, I’m not a generally a bit fan of DC Multiverse stories as the bulk of them tend to be stories about continuity. However, this one seems to be a fun romp and the first sequel to (or even acknowledgement of Multiversity in New 52/Rebirth DC. I hope this is different in that it is a short in book story instead of a line-wide crossover and it plays the fun side of these concepts while not falling into the trap of previous Multiverse outings.


Both were in my local today.


Cool. Thanks, Rob. Will pick them up when I’m next in.


Like many of the “Second Tier” titles of Marvel (Karnak, Moon Knight, etc) The All New Hawkeye is better that all that entagled mess that makes most of the company´s continuity… by far.
It´s Smart.
It´s witty.
It has great art too.


Unfollow #15 - this continues with brave twists and quite a hectic story pace for a Vertigo book. I’m reading with fingers crossed that Williams is planning a shortish run of 20-30 issues that way and not suffer the way The Unwritten did where the story soldiered on and then seemed to hit a wall tread water for ages.


There’s a listing on Amazon that’s worded in a way that makes it sound like the series might be concluding with #18 (which is apparently due in April):

[quote]The mystery concludes here! And so does the battle…

A dying social media mogul leaves his billions to be split evenly between 140 random people–or however many of them are still alive at the moment of his death. Rob Williams (MARTIAN MANHUNTER, THE ROYALS: MASTERS OF WAR) and Michael Dowling (Death Sentence) assemble a cast of seemingly unrelated individuals in the world who are about to be connected in the most unexpected way.

Collects UNFOLLOW #13-18.[/quote]

I don’t think there’s been a concrete announcement though.