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New Comics Thread - 3rd May 2017


Yes it is new comics day again, here is some of what you can buy:

Discuss them and anything else you may have read here. Do not spoil major plot points as people read comics at different times, use the spoiler function if you feel you need to.

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Batman #22 was, frankly, disappointing. Part 3 of a 4 part crossover called “The Button” and we’ve still learnt nothing about the titular artefact. In fact, other than our Batman meeting Flashpoint’s Thomas Wayne Batman, and what looks suspiciously like the start of another replacement Batman storyline, nothing much of any consequence happened this issue. After a promising start, they’re really going to have to pull something special out of the hat in the final part to redeem this crossover.


I know people have been criticising Secret Empire, but that cover is nicely done.

Just Jessica Jones for me this week I think.


Secret Empire #1 was pretty entertaining. Feels off to a better, more concise, start than Marvel’s other recent events for sure.


Justice League #20, Superman #22 and Youngblood #1 for me today.


Let me know what you make of Youngblood.


Will do. I liked the initial designs that got the new artist the job. It looks like some of that might not have made it to the final book but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway.


I’ve never been a fan of Rob’s but I quite liked the Joe Casey reboot from a few years back. And as you say, those are some pretty nifty designs.


Did anyone pick up the Milligan Valiant book? Looks neat but Milligan is so hit and miss I couldn’t pull the trigger.


Can you remember what it is - I’ve overlooked it …


Anyone looking for a good new predator comic should look elsewhere.

I bought predator: hunted # 1 as part of my Comixology pulls this week and enthusiastically read it right away.

It’s not particularly good. Cliched storytelling techniques and the dialogue is pretty cheesy.
The only people I’d maybe recommend this to are those who have read some of the previous characters before, which I read about in the back material.

The blurb and the explanation of the concept here at the back of the book are better than the comic itself.

Good idea, but written in a style I didn’t find at all interesting.


Bane: Conquest # 1 was probably what I expected.
It was an ok wallow in early 90s Batman nostalgia from Dixon and Nolan, but one issue was enough.
Dixon’s dialogue is too dated.
If I’m completely honest with myself, rewinding the clock back to Knightfall (a storyline I still get excited about when I think about it now, but when I read it its definitely just an exercise on reminiscing) I thought it was poorly written back when it came out, in terms of dialogue etc

Comics have definitely evolved since then in that sense - and Dixon’s style has aged badly.

This was ok, but I don’t need to see any more of it.


I flicked through Bane: Conquest #1 in my local. As you well know, you’d be hard pushed to find a bigger fan of the 1990’s Bat-books than me. So, I was hoping for the best, but this just didn’t look appealing at all. Graham’s redesign of Bane makes him look ridiculous, and the story just looked bland. Add to that the $3.99 price point in an already expensive week … Sorry, guys!

Funnily enough, to your other point, Dixon was never the best writer in the Bat-Cave, but reading his 90’s stuff still brings me joy - partly nostalgia, but also I can fully enjoy them as products of their time. However, the continued use of that same writing style in the 2010’s just makes him an anachronism.


Batman was my thing in the 90s, but it was Alan Grant who I really loved back them, particularly the stuff with Breyfogle.

I’m not sure how they hold up now but I still high such fond memories of the Mud Pack 4 parter and I must have read Shadow of the Bat # 1 about a dozen times.

These books are all over at my mums house, so I’ve not read them in a while and don’t know how they hold up - but I which DC would do massive archive collections of all the Batman/Detective issue post crisis onwards.


secret empire # 1

Steve McNiven has never looked better, his art is incredible here - he is looking more and more like Dave Gibbons as his career progresses.

I love how Spencer is looking at both sides of this Hydra regime;
the [spoiler] despondent teacher, being monitored by a camera while she educates her class according to the lies that Hydra have prescribed - contrary to what the kids where taught the obvious year as one kid points out

Cap and his Hydra avengers cleaning up some asshole monster problem by first delivering a warning, then butchering it when it doesn’t listen and news reports of a 75% decrease in violent crime. Creation of new jobs. Markets picking up - BUT AT WHAT COST? sound familiar?


There’s a lot going on here, much of which is very relevant in the current climate and it has been really smartly knitted together.

I’ll put my head above the parapet and say, give it 5 years when all the noise has died down and this event is going to be remembered positively, hindsight will illuminate how good it is.

Excellent start.



I thought the meeting between the two protagonists was incredibly moving. I agree that it didn’t move the story too much but those scenes were worth it.


I should also say they was a scene near the end of this issue that almost moved me to tears

There’s a lot to talk about in this, I’m off to google some reviews to see what is being said elsewhere.


Batman 22

God I loved this. I loved Secret Empire 1 and I loved this. It’s hard to split the two of them, both DC and Marvel have released some heavy hitters this week. Both 9/10 books for me and what I’m looking for from the big two right now.

I really like Flashpoint. So this is pandering to my mentality big time. Really pleased with that element.
And for a long time Batman reader seeing Bruce coming face to face with his father, was a touching and pure geek out moment

Buzzing after reading that. I wish it was longer than 4 parts.


Totally! Grant/ Breyfogle’s run was amazing. If you haven’t got it you should see if you can pick up the Legends Of The Dark Knight - Norm Breyfogle Vol 1 hardcover from a couple of years ago. Reprints the first year or two of their Detective Comics run, up to “Mud Pack”. Again, there may well be a generous dose of nostalgia involved, but I think this run genuinely holds up. It’s ace.

Amazon keep putting up a ghost solicit for Vol 2, that never seems to materialise, but I live in hope.


Re: Batman #22 - the emotional beats just felt cheap to me (and undeserved), but I’m genuinely glad you guys liked it more than I did.