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New Comics Thread - 3rd June


NEW COMICS ARE HERE! Here’s a select sampling of them for this week:

Please come to this thread to share your thoughts on what was hot and what was not, please hide any major plot points behind spoiler text as not everyone reads their comics at the same time.


I’m going to pick up the first issue of that Spider-Man “renew your vows” book, partly to show support for a title with a married Spidey and partly because Slott’s interviews have made it sound like a pretty interesting exploration of how Peter’s responsibility mantra would be tested by having a family. Kubert on art doesn’t hurt either.

I’ll also be getting Jupiter’s Circle #3.


NEW COMICS ARE HERE! Here’s a select sampling of them for this week:

Please come to this thread to share your thoughts on what was hot and
what was not, please hide any major plot points behind spoiler text as
not everyone reads their comics at the same time


Hey guys, I hear that there is a new Mark Millar comic out this week…Thought you should know :smiley:


Would someone be able to confirm if Millar has a new book out this week? I hear it covers how the movie Birdman caused the end of Chris Rock’s marriage of 19 years.


I’ll have Jupiter’s Circel #3 waiting in my pull box and will pick up the long-awaited Nonplayer #2 digitally today.


Nonplayer is out? I didn’t realise. I’ll grab that too.


Yep. I think they reprinted #1 too. I picked the first one up digitally though (as it got pretty scarce in print). So I’ll the same for the second. Great stuff. If I knew it was a possibility, I would suggest the Chief snap him up for a book but comics is his hobby at this point I think.


Anyone read Midnighter #1 yet? I’m particularly curious what @Chris_Striker thinks of it.


I read Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows. It is very much a set up issue, but I’m liking it. Kubert’s art is great, with lots of little variations on the characters we know telling us that this is an elseworlds story. And they sell the whole idea of a married Spider-Man.


Jupiter’s Circle #3 - A solid comic that keeps up with the quality of the first two issues. I’m really starting to love Hutch’s daddy. He’s the Wolverine of the team but there seems to be more to him than that.

Bizarro #1 - This was a lot of fun. Managed to make me laugh with a few of the jokes. The only thing that puts me off of carrying on in singles is the stupid Twix advert. It REALLY irks me.


Jupiter’s Circle #3 - Aside from about twenty-seven hideous coloring errors in the first few pages, which were neither caught nor corrected - an editorial botch-up the story rolled along nicely, with some very interesting gaps in time. In one panel, the clock reads 11:15, four sentences and two panels later, it’s 1:15. “Missing time”, in the UFO sense? Or an error? After the coloring - if the tip of the shoe is not colored, it looks like April lost a leg - errors, I can’t tell if this is a clue or just another mistake.
So, guess I’ll find out next month.

The only problem is I keep thinking back to the island, and the question “Who and where is this ‘Jupiter’?”

And Fitz is a dick!


[B]Action Comics #41:[/B] [SPOILER]Superman has been outed to the world and [URL=“”]he’s not operating at full capacity[/URL]. Actually, powers-wise, we’re looking at a Superman closer to Morrison’s original New 52 run, so I’m guessing Pak wanted to play around with that more. It seems like the outing story is being handled over in Superman.[/SPOILER] Solid story, despite the cover. Not that I expected less from Pak.


[B]All-New X-Men #41:[/B] The Utopian story is done in one, huh? At least the X-Men now know [URL=“”]the real lay of the land[/URL], Cyclops-style.[SPOILER]Random? Madison Jeffries? Also, [URL=“”]I thought Elixir was dead[/URL]?[/SPOILER]


[B]Amazing Spider-Man 18.1:[/B] I’m sure everyone was looking for the return of Fancy Dan. Getting real tired of the Wraith plotline, but I get a feeling that we’re wrapping it up.


[B]Amazing Spider-Man: Renew your Vows #1:[/B] Crazy depressing! [SPOILER][URL=“”]Spider-Man kills Venom[/URL] and disappears after the Avengers die against a no name villain I’ve never heard of.[/SPOILER] If that’s a happily married Spider-Man with kids, I don’t want it.

[B]Battleworld #2: [/B]Blade meets Howard the Duck. Still magical.


[B]Green Arrow #41:[/B] Not a fan of this. Feels more like The Question than Green Arrow.

[B]Green Lantern #41:[/B] Hal Jordan is Han Solo now. That’s it. Not feeling this run either.





Bonus: Hal Jordan is a failure.

[B]Secret Wars #3:[/B] Holy shit, so good! [URL=“”]Image 1[/URL]. [URL=“”]Image 2[/URL]. [URL=“”]Image 3[/URL].

[B]Spider-Woman #8:[/B] Good end to the first arc, great setup for the status quo.



[B]Squirrel-Girl #6:[/B] Tied with Secret Wars #3 for the best comic this week. Look at that cover!




I’m glad I’m not the first to say it.

Secret Wars is really good. Hickman delivers.


I’m really glad to hear that. I am completely a unashamed fanboy of what he did on Fantastic Four/FF. At times that was maddeningly obtuse, but I liked that everything paid off in the end…(and he also seemed to setting up stuff for this towards the end). I am intending to give Secret Wars a shot when it gets collected, so am happy to hear good things about it.


I think Hickman is very much suited to this kind of epic crossover thing. You just know he has it all planned on some massive chart and not winging it as some do. I really liked Infinity, despite not expecting to as I don’t like events much at all and look forward to Secret Wars when it gets to Marvel Unlimited.


Yeah. I’m with you on that. I am not a huge fan of crossovers/events/whatever euphemism is being used these days either. Let’s be honest, there have been some appalling crossovers in last couple of years. I generally wait until the dust has settled and the story has done before I plough my hard earned cash into them. There have been great crossovers as well. I really liked the X-Men Second Coming crossover from a few years back, and the 2000AD Trifecta crossover was nice because it was so stealthy. It was a treat because no-one expected it.

I thought that Infinity was great. It had a sense of scope that some of these things lack. I liked the idea that even though the Avengers turn up, they are just another group joining the army and are basically treated as primitive cannon fodder.


I am loving Secret Wars. It’s really captivating, thoughtful, and a lot of fun, the pacing is spot-on, nice balance between the grandiose and the intimate, and Ribic is clearly the perfect artist for Hickman’s ideas.

I think this is the best work Hickman has done for Marvel.


Jupiter’s Circle #3 - I can see why an actor used to the ins and outs of Hollywood would be interested in a role for this book. Mark’s story reads much more like L.A. Confidential or Hollywoodland than a superhero book. Wilfredo’s art is still perfect giving this just the right feel. It really gives the impression that the curtain has been pulled back behind the scenes on an episode of Superfriends. In short, another great issue.

Nonplayer #2 - In this issue, we start to see the shape of the world outside of the game. It took a bit to dawn on me that some of the things in issue #2 are probably happening simultaneous to occurrences in issue #1. I’m really liking the story so far. It has the feeling of a really great anime. I’m curious to see where Simpson takes it all.


A little late but the pile of comics returns!