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New Comics Thread - 3rd February


Yes it’s that time again, on shelves today:

Tell us what you think in this here thread on these or anything else that’s fit to discuss. Don’t be a nasty pasty though and spoil plot points, if you want to discuss them hide them using the spoiler text instructions below:

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Big week for me - new issues of Klaus, Paper Girls, Providence and Velvet. So that’s my evening sorted.

(To be honest, even a single issue of Providence would pretty much be my evening sorted. :slight_smile: )


I post the pics in this thread based variably on their visual impact or importance as a key issue but usually reserve one for an unsung favourite.

I really recommend people try Unfollow by Rob Williams and Michael Dowling. We know all Vertigo books sell pretty badly now that Fables has ended so they need support but this one is really good (as was Williams’** Royals** mini series last year). It’s a great concept - what if those Facebook memes promising you a share of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg’s fortunes weren’t bullshit?


Invincible Iron Man

Oh, my. Not only was it disturbing to have Doctor Doom being played by Vincent Cassel . Having the end being two female characters commenting on inherent american sexism while them being artistically portrayed in what is arguably a very sexist way of portraying women was all sorts of cringeworthy.

I forgot I was supposed to drop all Marvel and DC, but this just reminded me of one of the very important reasons to why I want to stay from this kind of bullsh-t ideological propaganda and counterintuitive reproduction of anti-intellectual, outdated and repressive sexist &%¤¤#%&.

Fug you Marvel.

I will keep reading Batman until Snyder is done. Then I am well and truly out.


I am going to join your boycott of everything-except-the-comics-I-really-enjoy.

Who’s with us? :wink:


Nothing for me today.

I really enjoyed the first arc but got out once Marquez was off art.


Gonna give Spider-Man a try again. REALLY want to like this. Bendis is writing so…it could be good, right? Right?

Also, Vision and Dr Strange! SQUEEEEEEE!!!


A much more interesting question is… whos isn’t?


Let me know what you think. I was discussing this on the Marvel thread yesterday with @KandorLives…I’m a wee bit tentative to buy into this again, despite really liking Miles as a character.


It’s about time you guys caught up with me.


My monthly deliver is getting dispatched tonight - im hoping hes included today’s releases in it because i dont want to wait another month for Providence & Klaus!


What if a really good creative team takes over from snyder & capullo?


Honestly, I really enjoyed the Miles Morales character when he came out. I’m rather tired of Peter Parker. I’ll report back asap.


Then I wouldn’t know about it apart from perhaps reading a review or two since i am dropping the book forever, starting as soon as Snyders story wraps up.


Snyder is just moving over to Detective by all accounts because they want to double ship Batman.


We’re running out of room in the old man closet.


Yeah, I read about that.

When I say Batman, I don’t mean the comic book, I mean the character and all comic books about him.

I will later detail how big my love for Batman has been, and how it has been with me throughout my entire life in the “favourite fictional properties” thread, but for now suffice it to say that it is a big deal for me to stop reading Batman. To make it work, I need a good jumping off point. I won’t do that mid-story, especially not in a story that’s as good as I think Snyders current story is. Especially not just after an amnesiac Bruce Wayne without the memories of batman breaks in to Wayne Manor by smashing the doors with his bare fists in a fit of rage, demanding Alfred to take him to the cave. I need to see how it plays out to get the closure I need.


The rumour is Tom King is taking over the main book. I think he’s the next Snyder and quite a special writer so there’s every chance it will be better across the line.


I’d have more room if you’d get those damn kids out of my yard.