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New Comics Thread - 3rd August 2016

Bonjour, aujourd’hui est la jour de bandes dessinees nouveau. Regardez vous:

A rare OGN entry for a change:

Read those, or any ones you fancy, come back here and tell us what you thought? Don’t spoil the contents for other people though, if you want to discuss plot points then please hide them behind the spoiler tags explained below:

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Très bien Gar! (Mais vous avez un peu confus les genres masculin et féminin. :slight_smile: )

Lots to look forward to this week, anyway:

Kill Or Be Killed #1: New Brubaker/Phillips!

Tokyo Ghost #9: This book is getting really interesting as it barrels on towards its final issue with #10.

Trees #14: Do my eyes deceive me?! It’s the first new issue of this in ages. I hope it makes sense given how long it’s been since the last one.

Cinema Purgatorio #4: More greatness in store from this anthology.

Also, although I’m not following the series, I love this cover to Moon Knight #5:

Exactly the kind of intriguing image that makes you want to check out the book and learn more.


It’s 27 years since I got an A in my French GCSE so cut me some slack. :smile:


In fairness I ballsed up a bit by using the ‘vous’ form when I should have used ‘tu’. And I’m fairly sure I conjugated the verb wrong too. Confondu, I think.

Anyway… :blush:


The New Comics Thread…A little bit like turning on the TV late at night when you get home from the pub and seeing Open University is on. :wink:

You don’t have a clue what’s going on, but you are sure that it must be educational.


I’ll be picking up Justice League #2 and Superman #4 on ComiXology this week. Looking forward to reading both books.

I always thought it was funny (and slightly creepy) that the song said “Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ce soir?” using the unfamiliar form of “you”.


I’ll let you off as it is applicable for the formal as well as the plural, you were just being polite.


Oh yeah, that was what I meant - it would kind of be insulting of me to ‘vous’ you (when I lived in France I got quite dismayed looks from friends when I accidentally used the formal to address them - it really implies a kind of distance between you if you use it when talking to a peer).

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For those interested in Kill Or Be Killed, Brubaker and Phillips did one of their great ‘trailer’ mini-comics to promote it, which you can read here.


That looks pretty fantastic.
I might pick up the first issue now.
Do you know if it’s an ongoing? Or is a maxiseries like The Fade Out?

It’s an ongoing. (Brubaker discusses why here.)


I recommend checking out that first arc by Lemire, Smallwood and Belaire.

The art is absolutely incredible and the book has a very distinct and otherworldly feel to it.

I don’t know what they have planned when Smallwood needs a break to catch up, but I hope they put it on hiatus for a couple months before the next arc and keep it consistent with him as the sole artist. If they do that I’d consider double dipping into hardcovers if they appear.

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Just before I log on to Comixolgy, I’m all caught up on my digital books for the first time ever! Man that’s a good feeling.

Before I move on, can I ask if anyone else is really enjoying Wonder Woman? I think most reactions I have read have been fairly middling, but im liking it a lot, especially issues 2 & 3.

Liam Sharp’s art is so good; it’s different to what I remember in 2000ad and it’s wonderful to see him on a big title doing regular work - this twist on his style, it reminds me of that kind of Wally Wood EC style, a wee bit of Kelly Jones in there to with a lot of the textures, and it’s such a fresh feeling for a WW book.

I also love what they’ve done with Cheetah, there was a few really touching moments here and I like that they’ve really pushed the bestial element and that sort of real unexplored earth sense of locations.

I’m honestly not enjoying Wonder Woman as much as I thought I would. Which is disappointing compared to my unexpected enjoyment of the two Superman books. I love Rucka and Scott. Sharp’s work has been pretty good here too. I don’t really care for continuity bandaid stories and that’s what this story feels like to me.

Cheetah is one of the better parts of the story but that feels like a step forward instead of a “everything you know is false” continuity rearrangement.

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Kill Or Be Killed is a fatty, and only $3.99!

Digital reads this week as below, I know Ed and Sean would prefer folk to buy monthly, but I’ve opts to wait for the trade on Kill or be Killed :grimacing:

Aquaman 4

Batman 4

Bloodlines 5

Doctor Strange 10

Avatarex 1

Green Arrow 4

Green Lanterns 4

Justice League 2

Midnight of the Soul 3

Moon Knight 5

Nightwing 2

Sheriff of Babylon 9

Strange Attractors 3

Suicide Squad Rebirth

Superman 4

Unfollow 10

The Xfiles Origins 1

Few of those books are on their last chance, I’m on the fence about some of them and with time at a premium & spend needing reduced I need to weed a few out.

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Oh yes, I forgot Avatarex #1 was out this week too. I got it in the Humble Bundle ages ago but still haven’t read it.


I picked up Suicide Squad Rebirth…I was looking forward to some Jim Lee goodness and didn’t realize Philip Tan is handling half (likely more) of the art duties for the series. I am not a big Tan fan but with Rob Williams writing I’m going to give the series a pretty fair shake.

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Kill Or Be Killed #1 was great. I wasn’t expecting such a supernatural angle, but I like that it’s left pretty ambiguous at this point. This first issue sets things up nicely - it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

It feels quite similar to Incognito in some ways, with a bit of a grittier and more grounded Criminal aesthetic, and maybe some overarching story elements that have something in common with those of Fatale. It’s a Brubaker & Phillips book, basically! But doing that reviewer thing of trying to find antecedents for everything is not really fair, because at the same time it feels like something fresh and different. This looks like it’s going to be another top series from them either way.