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New Comics Thread - 31st May 2017


Comics do be here, some of them like this:

Chat about the new comics here but don’t spoil the story as people read them at different times, us the spoiler function if you need to:

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Good week this week - the final issue of D4VEocracy, a new arc starting for Saga (at a cover price of just 25c), and a new issue of Kill Or Be Killed.


Looks like just Saga #43 for me today.


That Funko Pop Dredd one has me feeling conflicted. I’m not a fan of those Pop figures but it does have Dredd in it. John Layman is writing and I dig his stuff but it’s a $5 comic. If it’s been put aside at the shop in my pull list (which it probably will be) I’ll buy it but if not I’ll pass (lies, I’ll probably buy it anyway, even if all the figures do have stupid overly large heads).


I nominate this post for crawfish post of the year. :wink:

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Merely setting out all the facts!

The preview looks OK.

It’s the big heads though. They’re the sticking point for me. Why did it have to be big heads?

For the POP!s, it’s a play on bobbleheads. In general, it’s a play on making them seem a bit kiddie. When Skottie Young does his kids versions of established characters, they all have bigger heads.


Those are always absolutely awesome.

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This weeks Moon Knight was… just like the past issues of Lemire’s run. But with a nice tying up of the current story arc in an all-round satisfying conclusion.

This is the best Moon Knight I have ever read.

Check it out.


I prefer the Chuck Dixon run.

Fucking crumbled, didn’t I.

It was alright, lighthearted fun. Not really worth the $5 price of admission though.


The only thing I bought this week was the Flash, which I thought I’d check out after enjoying the Button.

It’s all right. I like Williamson as a writer but I frequently come away from his books thinking he needs to pick up the pace a bit. (Not intended as a Flash joke)


Hold this thought for when other Williamson’s are published (once I can find a frickin’ artist who isn’the already taken or doing covers only :persevere:).

Saga #43 - This 25¢ issue seemed like it had a pretty good recap for new readers. It was a bit odd that they didn’t address some of the things that were a bit abruptly ended at finish of the last arc. The one thing they did follow up on, the miscarriage, was handled kind of oddly. I like that they try to approach these real world issues that affect a lot of people but it was especially odd to me to conflate a DNC for a miscarriage with late term abortion and let the cliffhanger of the issue be getting superpowers presumably from the miscarriage. We’ll see how things are followed up on in the next issue.


I had quite mixed feelings about this issue of Saga for similar reasons. I think I mentioned when the last issue came out that it resonated with me because I’ve been through a miscarriage and the handling of the emotions around it felt pretty spot on in #42, but I didn’t feel the same here. I guess we’ll see whether later issues redeem it somewhat.


Kill or be Killed was good this week though. Brubaker is having lots of playful fun with the audience in this series and Phillips is doing some great things with the art, quite subtly in places. It’s all building nicely.