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New Comics Thread - 31st August


It’s interesting with Remender that I read him say that almost all his stories are redemption stories. The characters don’t initially start out as sympathetic but reach that point by the end.

There’s an obvious allegory with drug addiction in Tokyo Ghost.


Disclaimer: I haven’t read all of his stuff by a long shot, (although I have tried a fair bit).


I’m still partial to DS Shirley.


Everyone is. That’s a given.


Saga #37 - I’m not sure I wanted or needed to see an erect, gray, robot penis but now I have. Otherwise, the issue was pretty good. I’m glad we’re back to focusing on Marco, Alana and Hazel. I’m curious to see where this story goes. Though I do hope they avoid the constant out of the frying pan into the fire cycle that Invincible fell into. Saga’s strong suit is really it’s characterization not the shock elements.

I also picked up Jupiter’s Circle 2 #3 and JLA #9 but haven’t had a chance to read them yet.


Man, you’re going to love JLA #9


Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #3 - This issue was so badass. Skyfox stole the issue for me. I do love how Jason manipulates him a bit and he goes along anyway even know he realizes he’s being manipulated. I’m starting to think Jason is going to be the real star here. He’s the apex predator of this superhero world. I also like that we got a little more mention of the island and the source of the powers. I’m looking forward to more great work from @Mark_Millar and @FrankQuitely.

Justice League of America #9 - I feel so spoiled by two fantastic books in one week. @bryanhitch is really putting in a masterpiece here. I was confused at first due to the space between issues and the multiple timelines at play but quickly got up to speed. It’s so rare that a JLA villain seems to be a threat big enough to require more than Superman much less the whole League. Rao really seemed to be that on his own. Now we have a whole planet of yellow sun powered ancient Kryptonians to contend with? I can’t wait for the next issue. I may even double dip and pick this up in hardcover when it finishes.


Well, I did end up opting for a pre-buy this week of exactly that hardback collection.

For you Amazon is offering it at $16.55 too.


I saw that and was tempted to preorder.


You might as well, you can cancel later but I suspect the RRP will probably increase.


I read though a couple of weeks’ comics this evening. I’m not sure what came out this week and what last, so bear with me.

Wonder Woman #5 - The modern day stuff is starting to come together. Liam Sharp’s art is rather beautiful. And it was nice to see Sasha Bordeaux make a comeback.

Action Comics #962 - That pretty much wraps up the first story-arc, leaving plenty of meat for future stories. I thought that the arc was a little bit too long. This issue was great though. I liked how Superman had strategised how to fight Doomsday.

The Flash #5 - I am really enjoying this run of The Flash. It is a nice state of the nation type issue.

Justice League #8 - Wow…Tip of the hat to Mr. Hitch. This book is the best thing that DC is doing at the moment.

Deathstroke #1- This is all set-up, setting out the character relationships and personality and doesn’t feel it. I love how he sets up the relationship with Wintergreen.

Amazing Spider-Man #17- This issue is largely set up for the next event/crossover. It was okay. It might work better when the whole picture is reveled.


Maybe this is not the place to discuss this, but I kinda have a problem with Saga. I just can’t understand why people seem to think it’s so good. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t say it’s bad or something, but just that I don’t find anything attractive in it and I feel like the only guy who does not get it.
It bothers me a lot because I usually can spot a success-to-be but for Saga, was I a publisher, I would not have even authorized it. Anyone feels like explaining why you’re attracted to it ?


Staples art and design is a large part and I like the story being spun…

BUT… So much of what we do or don’t like in a story is active at the individual and there’s always been massively successful stories which, for whatever reason, don’t work for some people.

For instance, many rave about Casanova, I’ve tried it twice - it doesn’t work for me at all. Injection has been praised as Ellis’ best for years, I can see the skill there but was left cold by it. So it may be a rarity but Saga might well be your example of this.


Yeah, it’s probably just a personal taste issue. I had a similar thing with Y: The Last Man - I didn’t see what a lot of other people saw in it. Which is fine - we all have different likes and dislikes.


It took me a while to get into Saga. I tried the first issue and then the first trade but really couldn’t get into it despite it hitting a lot of my interests. It wasn’t until I picked up something like 22 issues in a ComiXology sale and binge read it all that it really clicked.


I really liked the first two volumes of Saga but it trailed off for me after that. My girlfriend still reads it so I read her copies, but I wouldn’t be following it otherwise, and I don’t feel any rush to get to them as it is. BKV can be weird for me; I’ve said this before, but his constant subverting of audience expectations can give his stories an artificial feeling. Like he’s too busy trying to surprise us instead of telling a story. Obviously it’s good to keep the audience on their toes, but there’s a crucial difference between predictability and inevitability.

The only BKV works that don’t have this problem for me are his short works, like The Private Eye and Dr. Strange: The Oath. Though it’s much less bothersome for me with books like Y and Runaways. I can’t really say why that is.


I think Ex Machina remains BKV’s masterpiece, and time has really borne that out. It subverts a lot of what you guys are saying, and also feels the most personal (whether it actually is or not) which goes a long way.


Thanks for the answers, I guess that I just have to admit something is beyond my comprehension in Saga :slight_smile: . I liked BKV’s “Y the last man” (except the final) so you guys are right, it must just be a question of taste.


Do you mean the final arc or the final, epilogue, issue?


Lies. That would be Trees. :wink:

I absolutely adore Casanova though (haven’t actually read the fourth volume) but it’s a desert island book for me.