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New Comics Thread - 31st August


Yes there are, and today is Wednesday, here are some of them:

(End of the month so a bit quiet for a lot of publishers, a good time retailers say to release an Image comic like Jupiter’s Legacy). :wink:

Discuss them here, don’t spoil the stories though, if you need to discuss plot points then hide them as per the instructions:

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Big week this week - New Saga and Jupiter’s Legacy, Hitch’s JLA and the tenth (and final) issue of Tokyo Ghost. Oh, and I also have the fourth issue of Renato Jones - the One % from last week to catch up on.


I got the latest issue of James Bond today. It was pretty good. I didn’t like it as much as the previous two in this arc but that’s understandable from a “middle” chapter in the story. Keeping up with the series so far, it had a cool action scene with its own flair and then that Ellis staple of a sharp and sudden ending to the issue (not that I mind this time, you follow Ellis monthly at your own risk).
The preview for Hammerhead that readers are treated to at the back looked great. I’m really looking forward to that one.


Jla #9

Bryan Hitch is the boss. This story is multi-faceted, treating the reader to an evolution of drama in all the different levels of the story. The stakes are still as high as ever, and the story beats are closing in on each other. I especially like how Ancient Rao is sympathetic and Lawful Good in comparison (and interaction) with the current Rao, who is a selfish dick.

I want more.

edit: And the art is f%&king gorgeous.


As promised, I’ll try get thru at least some of these in next couple daysand add some comments

Aliens Defiance 4
Amazing Spider-Man 17
Future Quest 4
X-Files Origins 1
World of Tanks 1

Predator, Judge Dredd, Aliens 2

Eden’s Fall 1
(This is part of Postal - dunno where they’ll collect it, but I assume they will ?!)
Jupiters Legacy 3
Lazarus 24
Postal 14
Silver Surfer 6
Tokyo Ghost 10


Nothing for me this week.


As well as the weekly 2000AD Prog I think I’ve got just Pred Dredd Aliens #2 and Amazing Spidey #17 waiting for me.


World of Tanks:Roll Out 1

Let’s preface this by saying I have zero interest in WoT. I bought this for 3 reasons.

  1. Garth Ennis

2)Carlos Ezquerra

  1. War comic

Now that I’ve got the now very self explanatory justification out the way, let’s address your next thought; neither Garth or Carlos are phoning this in.
This is as well researched, well scripted as any of the Avatar War Story books. The art on the other hand, is better. This is tight and Ennis has clearly provided some photo reference for the tanks, uniforms, guns etc etc etc.
I really like the colouring job on this too. The German uniforms really stand out in bold black and the night time scenes are just the right shade of blue with the shading on the characters just that bit darker and deeper to capture the lighting perfectly.
Some good characters in here and some great banter.
I enjoyed it a lot and if you are a fan of Ennis war stories then do pick this up.


Be interested in what you make of both of those as I’m on the fence for the trades.


And you’ve summarised my interest perfectly. It’s a book I should have no interest in but with that team on-board, oh yeah, it’s already on the trade future hitlist.


amazing Spider-Man 17

My interest and love of Spider-Man, as a DC and British comics only fan (punisher marvel uk reprints being my intro to Frank castle which is why he was an exception as a marvel character), began with the legendary animated series of the 90s.

I bought it on a vhs tape I picked up for a fiver from one of the Glasgow comic and card marts, put together from recordings from tv if memory serves correct.

It’s what I think of when I think of Spider-Man at his best and this very issue reminded me very much of that show.

Slott’s run has been somewhat problematic for me over the duration - although I know this is going to go down as the greatest run of Spider-Man ever, I have a few issues with Slott’s (who is a great writer) dialogue disrupting the flow of the story too much (just like I did there, and am doing again now. Annoying, isn’t it). I noticed it especially where I was reading more than one issue at a time.
This problem kinda faded as I got used to his style over time and I want to be picking up a monthly Spider-Man book again so I’d bit the bullet and just started picking them up digitally.
Problem being that from the relaunch, the comic hasn’t been hitting the heights that it has managed consistently over the last few years.

However, there has been a really big leap in quality from the start of this Dead No More prelude, of which this is the second part - I was minorly cynical about this whole event, but to be honest after reading the last 2 issues I think this is going to be a fun storyline.
This issue perfectly balanced a handful of villains, while ushering in the event and bringing in some good characterisation along with it. I also ended up very nervous for the safety of a character I know very little about. He did a lot with this 20 or so pages and Silva’s art was also very nice. I actually prefer him to the regular artist.

If you have any interest in the Dead No More event or have been looking to pick up Amazing Spider-Man again, this is probably a good time to check it out, starting from issue 16. It’s a fun superhero book.


Deathstroke #1 was everything I expected from Priest. It was fantastic.

Jupiter’s Legacy #3 was outstanding. I know I’ve said this before, but Skyfox is my favorite MW character.


I’ll be picking up Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #3 and Justice League of America #9 from my LCS later this week and just picked up Saga #37 on ComiXology.


Black Road #1-5 - I really liked The Massive (despite the bizarre ending) and what I’ve read of Northlanders, so a reunion of Wood & Brown on a Viking centric Image title was pretty appealing.

And, it’s a good book. Very episodic in nature, which makes the story feel fractured and a little disjointed to begin with, but you get used to this as the bigger picture starts coming into focus.

The artwork is pretty amazing, helped immensely by Dave McCraig’s colours. You can feel the cold desolation of Norway in winter.

'#5 ends on a clever little twist that should guarantee you coming back for the next set of issues (whenever they get solicited for).



I really wanted to get this, but I think I need a little bit of a breather from Ennis’ war stories for a while. I love them generally, but found Dreaming Eagles disappointing and I haven’t even read Johnny Red yet (even though I have all the issues in my “to read” pile). Will definitely get it in TPB a little way down the road.


Saga #37 - a good start to the new arc, this issue catches us up with where the characters are at the moment, introduces what looks like it’s going to be a fairly major location for the book, and allows BKV to begin to examine a surprisingly topical and relevant issue from the real world that’s been a fairly high-profile topic in recent years. There are occasional points where Staples’ art looks a little bit uneven, but I think that might be some intentional experimentation in style.

Tokyo Ghost #10 - this was a great climax to what has been quite an underrated series. Without giving too much away, it manages to stay realistic (in terms of character motivation) while also ending up quite hopeful and optimistic, with a beautiful, touching final few pages (both for the story and for Murphy’s lush art). This has ended up being quite a tender study of inter-personal relationships - and the point at which support becomes codependence - as well as exploring issues of technological over-reliance and corruption. I hope this ten-issue story gets a nice big HC collection in the end, not least to show off Murphy’s work, but also to collect what has been the best series by Remender that I’ve read.

JLA #9 - I confess that I could have done with a reread of earlier issues before tackling this one, as I found myself a little lost following some aspects of the story (not least because it deals with multiple timeframes and different versions of the same character running around at the same time). But this was largely a solid story, with some good art, and I’m looking forward to the larger story wrapping up.

Renato Jones - the One% #4 (from last week) - Not quite as tight or pointed an issue as some of the previous chapters, but still an enjoyable read. Kaare Andrews seems intent on changing things up and experimenting with his art and storytelling style, and after years (decades) of reading same-y comics, something unpredictable and different counts for quite a lot with me. With some dynamic art and some not-so-subtle satire, this continues to be an enjoyable read with a refreshing punk attitude (even if that aspect is occasionally overplayed).


Agreed, agreed, agreed, agreed.


Jupiter’s Legacy #3- I loved Skyfox in Jupiters Circle. He was my favorite. His return made this one of my most anticipated comics of the year. I couldn’t wait to read this book. Mark did not disappoint. While the art of the crew cut genius was its usual expert performance. I thought Mark’s writing was what made this issue shine. The flashbacks where George explained why he wouldn’t join their little band were good. I loved how Mark had Jason draw in George with his analysis of George’s research and then low blow him with the line about George’s parenting flaw. then the scene with the graphite and the return of Skyfox and his plans for Walter and the rest put a smile on my face.


[quote=“ChrisS, post:9, topic:7699, full:true”]
World of Tanks:Roll Out 1[/quote]

Saw this on the list of releases for this week. Great more comics I have no interest in based on video games I have no interest in. No thank you. Pass.

  1. Garth Ennis

Wait. Hold on. You don’t say?

  1. Carlos Ezquerra

What. Really? Why didn’t I know about this?!

  1. War comic

I’m not read actually here reading this bit as I’m halfway out the door heading to the comic shop to pick this up.


Well now I have to get it.