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New Comics Thread - 30th September


It’s Robert Hack.
Maybe not as stylish as Francavilla…but it gets the job done wonderfully.
I also think the writing is stronger than on Afterlife, which is nice, but gets too reference heavy.


I tried Afterlife with Archie but didn’t care for it. I’m not a huge zombie/horror fan to be fair.


Robert Hack is the artist. He’s not as good as Francavilla, but still is doing a great job. The book has a really creepy vibe too it.


Thanks @Tom_Punk and @YukonEcho - I’ll keep an eye out for the Sabrina trade if one transpires.


Just one book for me this week but it was an absolute cracker. I’ll come to that later but first an ultra quick round up of other books that were waiting for me at my LCS.

G.I. Joe 218 - It’s an all aviation issue and Larry Hama excels at those. Good stuff
Tokyo Ghost 1 - It’s a mystery. Remender can write must read books like Deadly Class and Low and then stuff like this that I almost didn’t finish it was that bad. FYI I also dislike Black Science.
Deadly Class 16 - Yep here it is, my favourite monthly published comic. The book Morning Glories wishes it was.
Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye 44 - Guest art that is serviceable but not exceptional. The constant wise cracking of every character at all times is very grating and I will consider dropping it if I don’t see improvement.
Darth Vader 9 - I dropped main Star Wars title a while ago as it was some of the worst SW books I’ve ever read. Aaron has absolutely zero handle on the characters. This book is better but is descending into boredom. I’ll give it until the end of the arc.
Plutona 1 - One issue is enough for me. Not bad but not my thing.
Elephantmen 66 - I thought I had dropped this but another issue was waiting for me. I used to love it but it has certainly fell from grace.
Lando 4 - Four issues in and I’m not feeling it. Soule has a biggish rep but this is the only one of his books I’ve read and based on it I have no idea why. It’s boring and Lando is way under used and doesn’t resemble the character I know. Also, what’s up with the cat people? Weird.
Hawkeye 5 - I’ve decided I’m not a Clint Barton fan and much prefer Kate. The book itself is okay but why should I be spending my money books that are just okay.

So, this week’s book was Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye 45. All is forgiven, as this is probably the best comic I’ve read this year. That month that Milne took off art duties means that this issue is amazingly drawn. The issue revolves around The Scavengers. Misfire, Spinister, Fulcrum, Krok and Crankcase.

The structure of the book is so good and it flows naturally from set piece to set piece. We get some robot stand up.

We get robot dinosaur riding.

We also get this comic panel.

There are loads more cool moments, almost too many to mention and what I want more than anything right now is Scavengers team book. Make it happen IDW! When I finished I wanted to read it again which is something I’ve never done since I started reading comics.


I didn’t care for Tokyo Ghost either. I also struggled to finish it. To me, it felt like Issue #0 rather than a #1. It seemed like there was too much set-up for a world whose location is about to dramatically shift next issue and be the setting for the foreseeable future. The story of this issue could have been told in half as many pages. This issue should have been an 8-10 prologue to what is going to be Issue #2 and that should have been the extra-sizedI #1. I didn’t connect with the characters and the premise. I enjoyed Murphy’s art but it wasn’t enough to save the book for me. I am not going forward with the series.

I have not read Deadly Class or Low as the concepts didn’t appeal to me but I love Black Science.


I’m loving Yukon’s enthusiasm in the thread, a welcome addition to the MW fold.

Sorry I’m a bit behind on a lot of threads at the moment, but enjoyed reading the posts.