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New Comics Thread - 30th September


New comics are out today and here are some of them captured in the wild:

This is the place to discuss all the new comics out this week and share your views and reviews on what was hot or not. To not spoil the fun for people that haven’t caught up yet please use the spoiler function explained below when discussing major plot points.

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I’m looking forward to Captain America: White the most out of that lot.


Providence #5 and Sandman Overture #6 for me.

New books by Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and JH Williams III. Yeah, that’ll do.


Sandman: Overture has quite a beautiful and in some ways moving ending, but it’s one that will probably only fully resonate for people who know and love the original Sandman series. Still, I’m guessing that’s going to be most of the readers of this book, and the way that Gaiman brings things back around to the start of the original series - and also foreshadows one of the key moments of one of the early arcs of that book in quite a subtle way - makes this issue of Overture feel far more closely linked to the original series than any of the others have.

JH Williams III’s art is fantastic too, mixing some very different styles within single panels to create a real sense of worlds colliding. Special mention to Dave Stewart too, who pulls off some amazing colouring effects and helps to bring out the best in Williams’ art.

I’m looking forward to rereading this in HC now and seeing how it holds up as a single story, as the delays between individual issues really killed the book’s momentum for me. This is still an excellent final issue though, and I get the feeling that it will only be more powerful when it’s the climax of the collected version.


I thought they stated from that Overture would end where the original series started.


We always knew where it was headed, but the specific way it leads there is very nicely handled.


Cool. I meant more that the last page of Overture was supposedly going to be almost exactly the same as the first page of the original series. I haven’t read either. So I can’t comment. The hardcover will make a nice Christmas present for my brother. He’s an enormous Gaiman fan.


Without spoiling it, that’s kind of true and kind of not. :wink:


Providence is amazing.
Each issue is so much better than the last.

This set-up of making Manchester/Arkham “the weirdest place in America” was hilarious and clever.


Is anyone else as ridiculously surprised as I am over how good the new Archie comic is? It’s quickly becoming one of my favourites, despite it’s lack of explosions or people in spandex. Sucks that Staples is leaving after this issue, but Annie Wu looks like she’ll be a fitting replacement. Now if we could just get another issue of Afterlife With Archie…


I haven’t been reading but was initially curious. What do you like about it? I’m sure Staples’ art is brilliant.


It does an amazing job of taking the characters and the world of Riverdale, and updating them for older audiences. Archie is still a loveable, kind hearted clutz, Jughead is still a wise old sage in a teens body who loves burgers, Veronica is still better than everybody (including you) without being a complete snob (okay, she’s sort of a total snob, but still). They’re still unquestionably the same characters, with the same lighthearted Riverdale vibe. It just doesn’t read like it’s for 5 year olds anymore. I mean, they’ve got Mark Waid writing it, and he’s pretty much always great, so you know what you’re in for.

Essentially, the classic Archie comics are the Adam West Batman show, whereas the new series is Batman Begins. An update on the mythos for the modern times, but without giving up any of the reasons it was great in the first place.


Not particularly, as I’ve stated in the Archie General on here…I don’t feel it has a lot of pizzaz.
Not that it’s bad, but I find it kinda boring.
Staple’s art isn’t really much to write home about here either.


Really? Huh. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Out of curiosity, were you ever into Archie when you were younger, or is this your first taste of it? I was huuuuuge into Archie growing up. That and Calvin and Hobbes were the first comics I was really into before superheroes entered the picture. Maybe it’s partly a nostalgia thing.


Here and there.
I had a few digests and watched the Weird Mysteries cartoon, but I was never into it.

Until Life With Archie, which was amazing. And a rather good push toward modernization, balancing out the goofiness of the series, with a bit more grounded themes.

Waid Archie, on the other hand, feels unbalanced. It has the characters and their associated foibles, but the silliness isn’t there. And when it is…it doesn’t quite hit the mark. I mean, Jughead’s origin? Just terrible execution there.
If you want to get more into it, I suggest moving this into the Archie General…in desperate need of love.


I’m with you on that!!! Loved the first trade and waiting for the second is using up my limited supply of patience!


The Sabrina series might be a good way to tide you over. Same writer as Afterlife, and just as creepy. Definitely worth looking into if you haven’t.


If you want to get more into it, I suggest moving this into the Archie General…in desperate need of love.

Maybe I shall.

That said, I think you’re right that NuArchie is missing a lot of the goofiness that old school Archie has. I think that’s part of why I like it though. It’s really funny (IMO at least) without feeling childish.

For what it’s worth, I thought Jughead’s origin was fine. Wasn’t amazing or anything, but wasn’t bad.


Well, if you do, I have a few thoughts about that response, ahaha.
All discussion oriented though.


Who’s in art? Francavillas killing it on Afterlife. Is the art on Sabrina as strong?