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New Comics Thread - 30th March



Here are some that come out today (or a day later in some parts due to Easter holidays).

Go pick up what you fancy, read them and them come back here to have a chat about them. Don’t spoil major plot points though, if you want to discuss them then use the instructions below to hide the text.

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A couple of current favourites this week: Saga #35 and Hitch’s JLA #8.


The same books should be waiting in my pull along with all my other stuff from the last 2 weeks.

I did notice that Hitch’s Justice League of America was listed along with the first round of Rebirth in the last solicit. However, he was only writing with Neil Edwards on pencils. Does anyone know how many issues his book will run?


His Rebirth JL book comes out in July so 3 months at the most I’d assume.


Issues #9-12 were originally solicited for March, April, May and June with art credit shared between Hitch and Daniel Henriques on #9, #10 and #12 and full art by Neil Edwards on #11.

There was also meant to be an annual in June written by Hitch with art by Edwards and Henriques.

However, the text of the solicits seems to indicate that #10 is the final issue of the big Rao storyline, with #11 an ‘aftermath’ issue, #12 starting a new story arc and the annual being a standalone story.

So I would expect us to get at least #9 and #10, and possibly #11 if Neil Edwards has already got started on the art, to finish off the Rao story before the Rebirth relaunch hits.

Perhaps whatever has been written for #12 (and the annual?) will instead feed into the relaunched version of the book.

(That was a very long-winded way of saying “not sure”. :slight_smile: )

With Hitch presumably off art post-Rebirth, I think he could still carry on as writer for quite a while. He said when he first started the book that he had lots of stories planned, and that his overarching vision for the book relied on some quite long-term plotting.


The newest solicit has #12 and the annual.


Yeah, but given the delays on the book (#8 only just came out today, although #9 was solicited for release by the end of March) I’m assuming there will be a knock-on effect and the releases will slip.

Is Rebirth a hard relaunch for the entire line (aside from special projects like DK3) like the New 52 was? Would they put out #12 and the annual late even if it’s after they begin Rebirthing all the other books?


I think there is at least a renumbering happening. I’m not sure how much storylines will continue on.


It doesn’t seem so, they talk has more been about massaging the continuity for the best bits.

I can’t see them releasing an issue 12 after a Rebirth and issue 1 though. If they are that far behind I can see them being truncated/cancelled.


I’m buying the individual issues of Ragnorak to support but reading them all in one go, due their erratic release.

Juust read the first arc last month or so – great comics, done by a master.


My usual dose of Thrill Power (i.e. 2000AD) for me and Hercules.


Digital books this week;

All New X-Men 7

Batman & Robin 26

Captain America 7

Quiet week for me.


Friday is payday. Dang, I actually got a bunch of comics this month, plus a movie. No wonder I’m scraping pocket lint! :laughing:


I’ve the first OHC - it’s awesome. Full of mad, over-the-top sequences that only Simonson could pull off. Definitely rewards reading in arc blocks.


Picked up Batman #50 today without looking at the price tag. $5.99? For a comic?!


Ouch, that’s painful.


It was in a poly bag. Just opened it at its a fairly chunky comic but still… Stupid money on a single issue.


Is it oversized or special in any way?


ComiXology says 55 pages. They can be off just a bit due to the way they do Guided View but it looks to be a more than double sized issue.