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New Comics Thread - 2nd September


It’s that day again:

Here’s some of the fare on display today at your local of digital provider of sequential narrative:

Speak up here about the comics that came out this week, what was good, what missed the mark, what confused, anything really. If you want to talk about major plot points though please hide them behind spoiler text as explained below.

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That Miracleman cover has got me wondering. Does Marvel have a lot of the original issues left to reprint?


I should have a glorious copy of Jupiter’s Legacy #6 waiting in my box later today.

Also, don’t forget Jupiter’s Legacy artist, Wilfredo Torres, will be our Wednesday Fan Chat guest today at 2pm New York Time.


It has all the Neil Gaiman work that was previously printed plus the arc he never finished and the arc he never got to start.


So, a few months at least before new (or rather unpublished) material sees the light of day then.


I would say. I don’t remember how many issues Gaiman had finished but I think Miracleman was in the mid 20’s issue-wise… One was in the can, ready to go. The publisher folded before it could be printed.


They might print the Apocrypha too, if they need to stall for time.


Gaiman and Buckingham’s run went from #17-24, issue 25 was completed but never published as Eclipse went bust.

So Marvel have 8/9 issues before they have to reach the new stuff.

As Paul says there was the Apocrypha series from other creators that could stretch it out of Marvel wanted to milk it, that would be a very surprising move as so far their intention seems to be releasing the material in the lowest cost format possible. :wink:


Hahaha. I had to read that twice. :wink:

I’m still hoping for an omnibus or something. I would like to read the new Gaiman issues and would prefer to reread everything leading to it first.

I wonder if anyone has looked into whether it would be cheaper to buy the original back issues or buy the new material.


I think Stephen G managed to get the full original run for not too much.

I’m pretty certain there will be trades and omnibuses etc. down the line. You’ll just have to wait for them while Marvel want to try and charge as much as they can for the million bucks they spent.


Yep. I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little longer for the omnibus.


Ya. I helped him pick up issue #9 I think. Is that the birth issue?


Honestly… Gaiman’s MiracleMan just isn’t that good.

Looking forward to Alan Moore/Jacen Burrow’s PROVIDENCE #4. One of the few comics I anticipate picking up rather than trade-waiting.


I’ve just received # 3 today.

I’ve only read the first 2 and it’s already my favourite comic at the moment. One to be savoured.

I spent about an hour reading issue 2 along with a couple of drinks, the back matter is so dense.
I’ll be saving issue 3 for the same, maybe a whisky or two.


Issue #4 is just as good. Creepy and disturbing, but good. I’m just starting on the backmatter now. I also like to spend a lot of time with these issues.


So can I read it coming in clean? Or do I have to get the Neonomicon and research Lovecraft for a decade? Because neither sounds appealing to me right now.


I strongly disagree. I think it’s excellent, he’s delivered a storytelling dead end by Moore and produces a stream of intriguing ideas.


¡Dinero mañana!



You can totally come into it clean.

However, as they were recommended to me I’m going to also recommend to you that you read The Courtyard, then Neonomicon as they are both fantastic.

Really satisfyingly unsettling, I’ve never read anything that made me feel like I did when I read those books and Providence also captures a unique atmosphere.


What Chris said. You can understand most of it if you’re reading it fresh, but if you’ve read The Courtyard and Neonomicon then you’ll pick up lots of little connections.