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New Comics Thread - 2nd November


It’s Wednesday so today we have:

None of the others are 10 cents but they have natty covers like this:

This is the thread to discuss them after you’ve read, what is great and what you don’t rate. Don’t spoil the story for others though, discuss major plot points using the spoiler text explained below:

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I think it’s just Dark Knight III - Collector’s Edition #6 for me this week (although Absolute Batman Year One is out too, so I’ll post about that in the trades thread once it shows up).


None of them quite as natty as Alex Schomburg’s Red Blazer cover, though.


Dark Knight III #6: Collectors Edition, Justice League #8 and Superman #10 for me. So it looks like a good week.


Just picked up my ComiXology books. I like how DC is putting the name and current part of the storyline at the top of the cover now. They’re really hitting on all cylinders for me.


What is Occupy Avengers? It sounds like it’s about three years or so too late.


Yeah, I like that touch a lot too. Makes it easier to know what is going on.
It’s also made the adverts for their books seem more appealing inside the comics.

I’d jumped off Green Lanterns because I thought the first 5 issue with the Red Lanterns wer utter trip, then I saw an ad for an upcoming story, bought it, and went back and bough the issues I missed out before it.

This is a tribute to DC and their creators that they are pulling out all the stops to keep putting out great arcs.
I’ve loved the last 4 issues of Green Lantern and Nightwing has really hit its stride with the Rise of Raptor storyline.

I’m as excited now, if not more so, as at the launch of Rebirth - their books have in most cases got better after the initial 4 - 5 issues.


[quote=“RonnieM, post:6, topic:8586, full:true”]
I like how DC is putting the name and current part of the storyline at the top of the cover now.[/quote]
I was puzzled when Gar posted the covers earlier and Batman was loudly proclaiming “I Am Suicide” at the top of the cover, but when I looked it up I realised what they were doing.


At least!


I love that Superman cover up there. The artist did a wonderful job with the expressions and the body types even if they made Batman a touch too beefy.


The cover is by Patrick Gleason who is also co-writing the book. I wasn’t initially sold on his art but he’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.

I think for that cover he saw @Will dressed as Batman and knew he had to draw it. Otherwise, Batman wouldn’t usually have to look up to Superman that much either. :wink:


It looks like when Sam Keith used to draw Batman sometimes.


It’s that time of the week again, I’m just about to start reading last week’s books - it would be nice to get to these before next Wednesday, although highly unlikely

Batman 10

Catwoman Election Night

Death of Hawkman 2

Green Arrow 10

Green Lantern 10

Justice League 8

Moon Knight 8

Nightwing 8

Shade the Changing Girl 2

Sheriff of Babylon 12

Strange Fruit 4

Superman 10

The Flintstones 5

Unfollow 13

Motor Girl 1

Deadly Class 23
Eden’s Fall 3
Nailbiter Vol 5/26
Revival 44
Southern Bastards 15
Strange Fruit 4 (there better be a deluxe hardback of this)
The Woods Vol 5/27

Did anyone read any of IDWs Judge Dredd Mega City Zero?
I read about it in the recent Megazine and it seems like an interesting concept.


5’10", 182lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal.


Oh, I wasn’t calling you short. Just shorter than Batman’s standard height, 6’2", who wouldn’t normally have to look up to Superman’s 6’3" that much.


Is that issue good, by the way? I saw it and came thiiiiis close to picking it up today.


I haven’t read it yet. I’ll let you know after tonight. I’m really loving the series though especially the last few issues. They’ve been top notch stuff. I think you would particularly enjoy them as it has been very much focusing on Superman as a father.


I haven’t read it either, but this run has been a lot more fun than Superman has been in years.


I think it’s been shite. Incoherent waffle at times. Don’t right “what?!” inducing the rest of the time. I honestly have no idea why I’ve stuck with it for 11 issues. The art is nice though.


Cheers Bruce, you just saved me some money

To be honest, the guys talking in the interview in the Meg seemed a bit naive and unitiated with Dredd & 2000ad, so there was some reluctance already, but I did find the concept intriguing.