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New Comics Thread - 2nd March


It’s hump day so a big lump of comics will be winging their way to comic shops and online.

Here’s a sampling of today’s offerings:

Talk about them and whatever else new you picked up in this thread. Don’t spoil major plot points for others that may not have read that book yet, use the spoiler tags explained below.

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I’ve got nothing this week, but the preview I saw of Black Widow #1 looked so good that I might be tempted to check it out.


My box will also be empty but I plan on giving Black Widow #1 a shot.


Bernie Sanders is speaking across from my work and a few doors down from my LCS during my lunch break so I may not make it.

Looks like I’ll be voting Trump then.


Oh, Stumptown, been a while since I’ve had one of them arrive thru the door. Hopefully it’s in my monthly box when it arrives on Thursday.

While I wait to check what’s out digitally this week, Batman Eternal # 21 was easily the strongest issue of the series.
Bit of emotional impact and story beats that made real sense in the grand scheme of things.
I like Harper Row a lot, so that plus rolling out Tynion IV & Tony Daniels was a drastic improvement on the sagging build up to this issue.

I also really enjoyed The Coming of the Supermen # 1 by Neal Adams. Total throwback in storytelling and art style, but enjoyably so.

Huck # 4 was excellent. Real emotional punch in there.

I’ve still got DK III & Jacked to read, saving the best till last. Hopefully time later today to enjoy them with a coffee while I’m meant to be working.


Yaaay, Black Widow!


I’ll cheerlead for Unfollow. Best Vertigo concept in years and moved to the top of my ‘to read’ pile.


Just Sheriff and Omega Men today, and they’re both brilliant.


Oops, and also Midnighter, which was gleefully good.


This week’s digital purchases:

Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega # 1

Batman & Robin Eternal # 22

The Benevolent # 1 (69p Comixlogy Submit horror comic that I liked the look of)

Daredevil/Punisher # 1

The Discipline # 1 (Milligan’s 1st Image book)

Ghostly Comics # 1 (another 69p Comixlogy Submit horror comic that I’ll give a try)

Old Man Logan # 3

Sheriff of Bablyon # 4

Survivors Club # 6

Swamp Thing # 3

Unfollow # 5

The Violent # 3


Is it just me or was this a relatively light comics week?


Not for me, though with marvels recent relaunch I dumped a lot of regular titles.
This week was batman and Robin eternal and batgirl in print.
Omega men, black widow, old man logan and the discipline digitally


As a follow up to this, the line for Bernie was going down four city blocks. Crazy.

The weird part is I stepped into my LCS and Bernie was there, in the back. He was losing his mind over the DC relaunch. I only caught a bit of it but he was saying something like, “A new #1 in two months? The characters are all remembering their New 52 lives? All of these reboots and relaunches…I’m so sick and tired of corporate comics sticking it to the working class reader. It’s time we stood up! What kind of message are we sending when the richest nation in the world can’t even provide its citizens with 50 years of consistent superhero continuity?”

As I said, pretty crazy.


Picked up Black Widow #1 and Batman #49 from the recent back issues.


Finally! A US politics joke I actually get!!!


Black Widow #1 - I don’t think I’ve ever seen a first issue like this. The whole issue covers one long action sequence like the opening scene of an action film. I’m curious what Waid and Samnee have up their sleeve. This issue gives a glimpse of what they might have planned but not much more. I’m in for another issue.


Picked up the first issue of THE DISCIPLINE.
Honestly, not sure what to make of it. Very “suitable for mature readers only”. The artwork is ok, apt for the subject matter. The writing is…well, it’s too soon to tell.

Basically, Melissa (the protagonist) is dissatisfied with her life (horrible sister, obnoxious mother, passionless husband) and embarks on an affair with an enigmatic man who turns out to be more than he claims to be. “Hijinks” ensue. It’s a very sexually charged book and I’m not sure at this point if it’s gratuitous or integral to the plot.

I’ll stick around for 6 issues and see if it’s worth anything.


Fernandez is the same guy who did The Names with Milligan I think.
If it is the same person I think his art is fantastic, so I’m looking toward to this even more.


The Discipline sounds interesting - is it an ongoing or limited series?