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New Comics Thread - 2nd December


Yes it be Wednesday and that means new comics again!
Here are some out today:

(Yes I am pimping Tom King books because I think he’s great).

This is the thread to discuss what you read and what you thought of it. Please do not spoil major plot points as people read their comics at different times, of you feel the need to discuss them use the hiding technique explained below:

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I should have Invincible Iron Man #4 waiting in my pull box along with my books from last week. Daredevil #1 looks interesting. I’m impressed with the work I’ve seen from Ron Garney lately. He’s been around since the early 90’s but really seems to have elevated his game recently.


Tom King also had a new Vertigo book this week. I didn’t get it as war comics aren’t my thing but I believe he is an actual veteran (I may be wrong) so that could be interesting.


He worked for the CIA in counter terrorism and spent some time out in the Middle East in that capacity.

I like war comics so will be picking that one up too.


I might have to scan through it as Mitch Gerard is the perfect choice. I follow him on Instagram and he goes to great lengths for accuracy on military items.


Just finished Vision #2.

No spoilers…unless it’s a spoiler to say this comic is shaping up to be every shade of awesome under the sun. Artwork is tight. The writing is good (little worried by a beat or two but I’m giving it time).
Seriously, pick this one up. It’s solid.


Tale of three Ennises this week with the latest issues of A Train Called Love, Section 8 and Johnny Red all landing.

A Train Called Love was garbage. The amatuerish art is even more sloppy this week and the colouring is just as bad. The story falls too far into the gross out zone too. If either the writing or art were a bit better I’d slog it out. As it is they’re both rotten so I’m dropping it.

Section 8 faired a lot better. Cynical superhero story with a sort-of-happy-ending for Six Pack. Plenty of dark laughs too. The artwork is superbly horrible in places - such is needed to make you feel suitably dirty mixing with the types in this story.

Haven’t read Johnny Red but I’m 100% confident it will be excellent.


What’s the name of the book?


Sheriff of Babylon


Whoah - that does look like it could be good.


Is that based on John McPhee, the Sheriff of Baghdad?


I don’t think so. I originally posted the title and image as Sheriff of Baghdad but found that they had to change the title because of John McPhee. Who is he?


He’s the Sheriff of Baghdad;).

He’s a retired Special Forces legend.


Section 8 had a fantastic final message.
Bittersweet - but uplifting in the best of ways.

The execution was a bit lacking though


If you pick up the book let us know what you think Will.


I’m definitely buying the trade.



I assume you picked up Daredevil? Did anyone? It’s not in my pull list; I want to check it out before adding it but it sounds great.


Believe me, compared to A Train Called Love, Section 8 is a perfect ten in execution.


The bit with the KKK in the first issue of Train Called Love was still hilarious