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New Comics Thread - 29th June


Okay, okay, let’s not mess around. It’s new comics day, here are some of them (to be honest it’s a 5th week so pretty sparse, especially from DC, it would be a clever idea to release a big indie comic today :smile:)

Come here to talk about all recent comics and tell us what you think. We can have a chat about them.

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Yeah… Jupiter’s Legacy 2 is definitely in my pile today.

Good to see a new issue of DKIII is out too - for some reason I thought it had been delayed longer. Hopefully this means the HC version is only a couple of weeks away.


As a somewhat lukewarm Miller fan, who nevertheless loved The Last Crusade a couple of weeks ago, may I ask how DK3 has been so far?


I’ve really enjoyed it, although I still have my doubts on how involved Miller actually is when he said in an interview that he looked forward to reading Brian’s story. :wink:


I didn’t think that I would be interested after Dark Knight Strikes Back and All Star Batman, but I really enjoyed The Last Crusade, particularly how the art was very much John Romita Jr, but also very much of a piece with what Frank Miller did in DKR.

This is one that I’m going to tradewait and see if I can’t get a good deal on the inevitable HC before I read it.


It’s been ok, but much more a tribute to Miller’s earlier books than a true spiritual successor. The writing is far less tight and punchy*, and there aren’t that many new ideas really added to the mix at this point. Last Crusade was the most satisfying part of the project so far, for me. Kubert’s art is very nice though.

Like Gar says, Miller seems to have been barely involved in the writing, but there has been a fair bit of bona fide new art from him at least (I don’t think Azzarello is that good with a pencil, anyway :slight_smile: ). Which is a great thing if you’re a fan (as I am).


It’s difficult to compare with an all time classic, it’s like making Sergeant Pepper II.

If you remove it from that weight though and judge it against other comics on the stand it is very good.


Yeah, that’s fair, it is still pretty good.


I should have Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1 waiting in my box today.

@DaveWallace - Yes, DKIII #5 Collector’s Edition is suppose to ship in a couple of weeks.

@SimonJones - Like Dave and Gar have said, DKIII is a bit of an homage to Miller. Personally, I really like it and think it’s a nice mix. Azzarello isn’t as wordy as Miller which isn’t always bad. Andy Kubert is doing a nice homage to Miller through his own style too and there has been some legitimate Frank Miller pencils as well as finishes over others layouts.


Yep, the art has been the high point. And Miller has done more than I expected - I think the backup in the last issue (#4) was full Miller, wasn’t it? It looked similar in style to his latest solo work, like Holy Terror.


I fall in the show me don’t tell me camp with visual media. It’s one of the places where Miller’s work can be a slog sometimes.


I think he’s gone a little overboard with that lately, so I’m all for Azzarello writing the words.


A slog.

A slog.

Miller’s work can be a slog.

A damn slog.

It can be a slog alright.

A goddamn slog.



When you said that, the first thing I thought of was the way that James Ellroy writes. It isn’t necessarily elegant, but it has that percussive feel to it.


I did like the way it worked in All-Star Batman & Robin though. You expect old, curmudgeony Batman to a certain edge to him but giving young Batman the beginning of that insanity really worked for me.


Sometimes Miller can veer too much into that percussive rhythm, but it’s all a part of how he controls your reading experience. I really admire that – every element of his work is so meticulously crafted and designed so that he knows how fast you’re lingering on a page, a scene, can control your experience on every level. It allows for all of his builds to truly build, his hits to hit all the harder because he’s leading you at exactly the speed he likes. It’s the same with the visual elements, the panels – he slows you down, he speeds you up. His lines work individually and work better as a whole, same as his panels and pages.

Azzarello is all word games and puns. It’s wonderful DIALOGUE, crafted as it is, but it isn’t as poetic and inventive and visceral, and it isn’t as controlled, as what Miller does.

Different reading experiences, completely. I think something like the Last Crusade really highlights the difference – to anyone else, Frank Miller’s contribution to DK3 would have been significant. But to Frank Miller, whose signature is precisely his control of the reading experience, unless he’s writing every word and he’s dictating the art so specifically (look at his revisions on DKR over Janson’s inks), he doesn’t consider it ‘his’.


Yep, Miller has a masterful control of pacing. There’s loads of stuff in the Eisner/Miller book where he talks about how much thought goes into those nuts and bolts of controlling the reading experience.


Didn’t know this existed! Just bought. Thanks Dave!


You’ll love it. Loads of interesting stuff in there.

I made a few comments in the trades thread when I started reading it a while back: