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New Comics Thread - 29th July


Yes it’s that day again:

This is the thread to discuss this week’s offerings and give your view and reviews. Please remember not to reveal major plot points as not everyone reads their comics at the same time, if you need to then please use the guidance below on hiding spoilers.

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No single issues for me this week, but DC is (finally) collecting MM’s run on Swamp Thing in TPB form starting this week, so I’ve got the first book on the way.

A good run that I’d recommend for anyone who hasn’t read it.


I haven’t, so thank you for the recommendation. My Swamp Thing knowledge is fairly minor, apart from having read the Alan Moore stuff. Do I need to know anything going in?


Not really, from what I remember. I think some of the Moore stuff is referred to and built on (specifically the Parliament of Trees), but this run came many years later with a lot of stuff in-between so isn’t a direct continuation by any means. I got to grips with it fairly easily having read very little other than the Moore stuff.

A full collection of MM’s run is planned (I think it will be three TPBs in the end), which is good, as his really good issues come a bit later on. The first few issues (co-written with Morrison) are interesting but take a while to find their feet.


Yes I got it back when it came out and it was really launched as a new direction and jumping on point so despite the high issue numbers you should be fine.


Thank you gents.


Nothing new for me this week. Just started into the Superior trade. I read it in singles and loved it. Been hesitant to read it again due to some of the subject matter.


I’m never sure what’s coming each week as I tend to preorder and pay little attention to release dates. Mostly Secret Wars stuff, I think. This might also be the week that God Hates Astronauts comes to an end, unfortunately.


I always check Midtown Comics to see what’s coming. I think there is a thread here that keeps everything up to date here too.

I didn’t get into the God Hates Astronauts ongoing but loved the Kickstarter hardcover. So I started following Browne on Instagram. He hinted that he has something new in the works.


Marvel and DC are barely putting anything out right now.


I wish I’d been wise to him in time to get in on the Kickstarter. It’ll be interesting to see what he does next.


It’s a nice package. I may give the series another shot at some point. It may just be that it read better for me in one go.


There’s a weekly thread that has links to what’s coming out each week.


That’s the one I’m talking about. Thanks, Bruce. :slight_smile:


Some of the Secret Wars books are really great. The Marvel Zombies one is my favorite - Elsa Bloodstone is a great character. Deadpools Secret Wars, Shang Chi, Thors, Old Man Logan, Master of Kung Fu, Planet Hulk and Squadron Sinister are all good too.


The garth Ennis book is good as well and some how James Robinson have made marvel zombies vs age of Ultron a very interesting read and there is great art in it as well


Yeah, Where Monsters Dwell is a cracking read. Classic (and, more importantly, well balanced) Ennis. His Section 8 over at DC is good too, if a bit sillier.


Huh- I always forget they’re there. I’ll check them out on unlimited this winter.


I’m really enjoying Squadron Sinister, but I’ve been a big fan of theirs. Pacheco’s art doesn’t hurt it at all.