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New Comics Thread - 28th September


Here are some of them:

Chat about them all here, don’t spoil stories for others, use the spoiler text if you need to.

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Looks like Action Comics #964 and Saga #38 for me today. I might give Wonder Woman a page through but I think I might be off that book. That Action Comics cover above is pretty stellar.


Darby Pop has an Anthology like the Millar World Annual coming out this week called Women of Darby Pop.

I made a blog post a while back about my experience writing and submitting a script for it, along with my critiques of that script. They saw it and reached out to me directly in a personal email. They were very supportive and kind and mentioned I had made the final round, but my criticism were spot on. Over all they seem like a wonderful publishing company, and are really supporting people who would like to break into comics like the staff at Millar World are. I recommend picking it up if you’re interested or want to support the cause.


I’m about to log onto Comixology and pick up my books for the week.

My quest is to reduce my pull list by being a bit harder on the myriad of DC titles that I’m picking up - which means maybe cutting out titles I’m reluctant to cut out like Aquaman and Red Hood, plus Captain America and any other Marvel titles I feel I could hold off and if I ever feel I need to read them do so on MU.

I don’t know if I have the mental strength to do it.

Wish me luck.


Do you have a MU subscription already?


Good luck, Chr–oooh look, there’s a big Vertigo sale on!


That’s just mean


Do you guys have any recommendations for that? I almost bought New Romancer but in the end I found that I didn’t really care.


Action Comics was great this week.

As always.



It is my favourite comic out now, great art and story.


Just picked up my copy from ComiXology. Looking forward to reading it tonight.


Action Comics 964

Aliens Defience 5

Batman Beyond Rebirth 1(reluctantly picking this up because Jurgens is having a bit of renaissance the now)

Blue Beetle 1 (if this as bad as the rebirth issue it’ll be my last)

Deathstroke 3

Detective Comics 941 (was so excited about this then I remember this shitty monster men crossover)

Hal Jordan & the GL Corps 5

Star Trek Waypoint 1

Suicide Squad 3

Surgeon X 1

Teen Titans Rebirth 1

XFiles Origins 2

Titans 3

Wonder Woman 7

Image + 5
Six Pack & Dogwelder 2
Tales From the Darkside 4

Deadly Class 22
Descender 15
Outcast 21
Postal 15
Silver Surfer vol 4
Snotgirl 3
Think Tank vol 4

Batgirl 3

Sam Wilson Cap 13 ( it’s really good but it’s wordy A.F. and I don’t have the time for that)

Steve Rogers Cap 5 (as above)

Extraordinary XMen 13 (went off the rails after a good start)

Still too much in there, I’d prefer to get down to 5-7 titles digitally per week and 1 or 2 print. But I feel good that I’ve managed to shed 4. That’s something.


Yeah, but I can’t remember the last time I had a gap in my reading to use it.
My ‘to read’ pile is nausea inducing.


You bastard

I need to check this now

I hope I’ve got or read most of this already…


I’ll strongly second this recommendation and have a look at what else is on there.


I can’t see the Vertigo sale - seems to be finished?

However, there is a green arrow sale, which includes the longbow hunters and every issue of the Mike Grell GA run…for Kandor


Then you really should just go cold turkey on the Marvels, like I did a few weeks ago. It’s hard for the first week or two, but I don’t regret the decision now.

It is tempting to continue picking up the odd title here or there, but that’s a slippery slope. It’s strangely easier to drop the whole Universe in one swoop, knowing that should you want to you can read the good stuff at a later date via MU. And if you get an itch for some Marvel stuff in the meantime there’s already a ton of stuff on there you probably haven’t read already.


I think it’s just on the website, rather than the app. It’s one of their code word sales.


You are right, Apple and Google put up silly rules about discounts and prices so the website has offers outside that.

I have always bought on the web, read in apps.