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New Comics Thread 28th October


Here are some of them:

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Nothing for me today. I’m not sure if this has been there all along or if it’s something new ComiXology is doing but I like the organization by publisher here along with a few featured books.


Not a great deal for me this week. Spider-Man 2099 and New Avengers. I liked the first issue for both, so will see how they go.

And 2000AD.


Nothing for me this week either. A good opportunity to work through the to-read pile.


Sounds like a plan. I’ve been wanting to reread DK2 in preparation for DKIII.


Ooh, I need to do that too. When is DK3 again? End of November?


Had a decent pile of stuff to pick up from the shop but the credit card reader at the comic shop was bust so I only had money for the essentials (the two weeks of 2000AD and the latest Megazine) and one more book. Did the dutiful husband thing and picked up my wife’s copy of Sonic the Comic and put the rest back into my standing order behind the counter. Shame as there was a lot of good stuff in it too - Chew, Amazing Spdey, Hellboy & BPRD 1953, Section 8 off the top of my head - and I had picked up a couple of sale trades too (the Phantom Eagle MAX hardcover and the first Justice League International trade).


Chewbaca from the ones pictured here, and that Stumptown looks real good. Great series that one! :smile:


How has the Chewbaca book been so far? He doesn’t seem like the sort of character that could support a solo book. Is it translated dialogue or is it all just left as “GRRRNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHG!”


didn’t get a chance to read number one yet. Reading a book on comic book writers and their impressions and work has been mighty busy. will try to read it tonite and give an impression on it. :smile:


I love the idea that they would translate it and we find out that he’s actually talking in flowery sonnets and iambic pentameter.


#Black Magick

Bought it without previewing or anything. Here’s what I know. Rucka wrote it. Nicola painted it. She’s more nervous about this release than she was about drawing the Big Guy in Action. I think it’ll rock.

Now, if the World Series and all the new TV will only provide a few minutes…


So, I’d stock piled Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Shattered Empire 1-4 and just got round to reading them. Wow, what a waste of £10. It’s a series where nothing of interest happens and is such a throw away book. Rucka actually captures the voice of the characters much better than Aaron on the main series but the dullness of the story, or lack thereof, is overwhelming. One bright spot is Mark Chechetto on art. He is the ultimate Star Wars artist and easily the best on any Marvel book so far.


Just read the latest issue of Chew (#51). Never before have I laughed so much at the placement of an advert!!!


Is it deliberate or accidental?


Very very deliberate. It’s genuine a work of genius!


Actually, now I think about it, do Image ever run adverts mid comic? I don’t recall ever seeing on in the handful of Image books I buy.

While thinking talking adverts I pulled the stupid in-house gatefold advert out from the centre of Amazing Spidey #2 (bloody hate these things) and was shocked at how thin the actual book was.


The 4 bat books were all that was on my physical pull list.
Batgirl continues to be solid, but not sure I’m it’s demographic really.
Grayson was good. I still feel they are dragging the underlying plot though.
Enjoying B&R Eternal very much and this was another good issue.
Robin son of batman continues to be a bit of an unengaging mess. I’ll stick with it for one more arc because I like Damian, but this has not been a good first arc.

Picked up black magick digitally based on the known creative entities. I wasn’t diappointed. Solid first issue.


Black Magick #1

Not safe for work. Not for the kiddies.

Otherwise the issue smoulders like a long fuse, page by greyscale painted page growing tension. And maybe a tad of impatience of the “get on with it!” variety. This one has been a bubbling cauldron for a long time. Contains all the things to keep from the kiddies; nudity, good writing, violence, good art, the f-bomb and an overall story arc where each element is important. Oh, yeah - and witchcraft. A journey begins for Det. Rowan Black. Let’s go. :smile_cat:


Still working thru the new Marvel books but not had much time to put anything up.

There’s been nothing overly positive worth posting about since week 2.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 was another solid entry in the series (Slott’s run, that is) and another good cliffhanger. The status quo change does make this feel fresh.

Uncanny Avengers 1 I couldn’t tell you anything about. Read it last night and don’t remember a thing about it other than they are trying to squeeze Inhumans in with Avengers & X-Men. I didn’t find it remotely interesting.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 1 takes the 2015 award for the least enjoyable comic I have read with the laziest art I’ve seen in a mainstream comic. I’m sure they are trying to pass it off as quirky but the lack of backgrounds or consistency with faces or form just screams rushed at me. I want to use stronger words than this but I won’t in the interests of diplomacy.
There’s a letter from a 7 year old girl at the back, if that’s the demographic they are aiming for them they should just about get a pass on this.