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New Comics Thread - 27th May


As May draws to an end we get another weekly dose of comics magic. Here are a few of the morsels on offer at comic shops and online today:

Use this thread to talk about what you thought of the latest comics with your views and reviews, please remember to use spoiler tags if you want to talk about major plot points as not everyone reads their comics as the same time.


Is that really a new issue of Sandman Overture?



It certainly is, although Real Heroes #5 now seems to be shifted back to 24 June when it was promised this week. It’s some fun scheduling as Image still have #6 down for 10 June.


Ah, shame. I guess Hitch’s work on JLA may have derailed it after all.


It’s a pretty quiet week for me. Old Man Logan looks like it might be good, but I tend to tradewait anything by Bendis. I really liked the Andrea Sorrentino’s art on Green Arrow. He/she (not sure which category Andrea falls under) has a really sense of telling a story from panel to panel.

I have been reading Spider-Man 2099, and I might give Secret Wars 2099 a shot as I know the team has jumped across to that book for the moment.


Another null week for me.


Did the Multiversity Director’s Cut come out this week?


I believe so.



Although $9.99 is not what I’d call good value. I wasn’t a huge fan though apart from the great Quitely art, I’m not an ‘homage’ lover in the main.


I’d get it if it came with the script but there’s no information that it does.


As I understand it, it’s sort of like Watchmen but better :wink:

And possibly more chaos magicky too…


Hopefully whatever extra material is in that Director’s Cut issue will make it into the HC too.


I feel as though Pax Americana was more than just a homage to Watchmen, but at the same time I think it often worked best when it was critiquing and reacting to Moore’s work, so I can understand the criticism. It’s worth a read if only for that fantastic 32-panel double-page spread though.


If I’m honest I was largely indifferent to it. The art was amazing, I’ll buy Quitely drawing the phone book but while it gets rarely a mention I’m finding Nameless a lot more interesting and even though nobody else likes it rated Happy! more because it made me laugh out loud which is rare for any comic.


I liked Happy! - although I found it a bit uneven - and I think Nameless is great at the moment (hopefully we get another issue soon).

But I think Pax Americana had a huge amount of depth compared to most comics and was probably the most dense and sophisticated thing Morrison has written in years (if not ever). But I can see why it wouldn’t be such a standout for everyone.


I hadn’t heard of Nameless before (so thank you for that).

Is it an ongoing?


I’ve been intrigued by Nameless, but I wonder if GM is going to stick the landing, as it were. I’ll tradewait.

Back to this thread…that Judge Dredd is pretty great.


It’s a six-issue mini I believe.




Do you mean the cover Sam? When I pick my 5 or so pics I tend to look at the biggest profile releases of the week but after that the the most striking covers artistically. It’s a really clever one.