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New Comics Thread - 27th July


Hey you! Over there! There are new comics out, ones like this:

(guest starring Bruno Mars!)

Read them, quickly as we have limited patience, then come back here and tell everyone what you thought. Were your picks Watchmen quality or the dregs of the Clone Saga? Don’t spoil any storylines, use the magic spoiler text if you need to discuss any plot twists:

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I was thinking Prince! :slight_smile:

(Quitely does have form…)


They even did Flamingo on Gotham. :bird:

The one Morrison character that fits perfectly in the Kirbyverse.


I should have Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #2 and Mighty Thor #9 waiting in my box at my LCS. I’ll be picking up Action Comics #960 and Wonder Woman #3 on ComiXology.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited to read DC books week in and week out. It’s kind of nice.


I’m away on a business trip this week and can’t get to my comics until the weekend. The fact that a new issue of Detective Comics is in this week is torture. I can’t remember when I was last so excited to see a new issue of anything drop.


I was thinking Freddy Mercury. I would add the picture but i am having trouble linking photos


Yeah I’m still loving it too, both writer and artists are doing a great job on the book - it feels really fresh, good mix of characters.


Digital reads this week -

Action 960

Batgirl 1 (was there a Rebirth issue for this??)

Black Panther 4

Captain America 3

Civil War II 4

Detective Comics 937

Extraordinary XMen 12

The Flash 3

Future Quest 3

Hal Jordan & GL Corps 1

Hip Hop Family Tree 12

Jupiters Legacy 2

Nightwing 1

Old Man Logan 9

Red Hood and the Outlaws 1 (totally against my better judgement)

Titans 1

Wonder Woman 3

XFiles Annual 2016


I’m pretty sure that the Rebirth special was called Batgirl and the Birds of Prey. I think it came out last week?


Thanks, I read that, it was ok. I’d be hoping for more from the first issue when it comes out.


Cinema Purgatorio #3

This book continues to be loads of fun, although I’m still enjoying some stories more than others. Moore & O’Neill’s title strip is probably my favourite, this issue turning its brand of absurd humour on pulp serials from the early era of cinema (the hero of this issue, “The Flame of Remorse”, is reminiscent of the kind of weekly Buster Crabbe serials that my Dad used to watch - I definitely recognise the ridiculously convoluted cliffhanger-resolutions here from my Dad’s description of them).

Of the other strips, The Vast and Modded are probably my favourites, largely due to the art - and the latter also features a neat use of videogame logic in a slightly Groundhog Day fashion in this issue (which was smartly told in an increasingly shorthand fashion that’s not dissimilar to the kind of recurring increasingly-truncated montages you see in an Edgar Wright movie). Code Pru is ok but the art does a lot more for me than the (fairly thin) story, and A More Perfect Union isn’t really doing anything for me, unfortunately.

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #2

A great action-based issue, Millar really plays to Quitely’s strengths here, with some brilliantly visualised moments and a really strong sense of the choreography of how the main battle plays out. Given that there are so many players involved, that’s no mean feat, but the book still finds space to chuck in neat little moments like a single panel that shows the villain calculating the angle of attack of her enemy, or trapping one of her attackers in a fictional world - a moment that could be a whole scene in other books, but which is tossed in here almost as an afterthought.

Quitely’s the star here, but we shouldn’t underestimate how much work on the part of the writer goes into making an action scene as clean and flowing as this one, especially when it features so many moving parts. And the cliffhanger makes me keen to see what happens next, especially having read the Jupiter’s Circle prequel series.

Given that this second volume of Jupiter’s Legacy is turning out to be quite a fast-paced affair, it’s really beneficial that we’re getting these issues on a regular monthly schedule, as it helps to keep everything fresh in the reader’s mind. Roll on issue #3!

The official Jupiter's Legacy 2 #2 Thread

I can’t wait to see the return of Hutch. round 2 (or 3?) of Hutch vs Walter?


I keep meaning to post these but keep forgetting.

Action Comics #960 - Still looking forward to this book every couple of weeks. The double shipping really works to keep momentum going. I’m really enjoying Jurgen’s writing but the art on the last two issues has not been my favorite. The next artist in the rotation should be picking up the next issue. I still can’t believe I’m getting two great Superman books with a new issue between them almost every week.

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #2 - I really can’t tell where @Mark_Millar’s writing ends and @FrankQuitely’s art begins in this issue. The action and panel layouts continue to be new and inventive. I’m really loving this series. I can’t wait for more Skyfox next issue.

Mighty Thor #9 - Aaron and Dauterman continue to tell a great story here. This is the only Marvel book on my pull list and I don’t see it going away anytime soon.

Wonder Woman #3 - Out of all the Rebirth books, I thought this one was the most sure bet for me. Rucka back on this title sounded like a slam dunk. However, it seems to be taking a while to get off the ground. I’ll give it another issue or two but am not enjoying it as much as I thought I would.


A lot of mess, a brief shitstorm, very short lead time and massive editorial demands. Yeah, stick with WW a couple of issues. It also took Liam extra time to work out the Cheetah anatomy, but I think you’re talking overall story. Remember it is intended to patch up the whole past of the DCU, and healing takes a while, can hurt a mite, and tends to itch! :heart_eyes_cat:


That is my fear. I’m not interested in stories about continuity. I just want Rucka to tell a good Wonder Woman tale.


I think they’ll settle the continuity business by #5, moving on to some here-and-now action.


I suspect you will need to read the even numbered issues only. Like with Star Trek movies.


Ya. It was the Nicola Scott pairing that I was really excited about though. She was Rucka’s pick to do further work on Queen & Country with him. It also appears that the modern story is going to hinge pretty heavy on the Year One story and is hitting even harder with the “everything you’ve been told is a lie” theme.

It’s mostly disappointing because I’m enjoying some of the other books so much.