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New Comics Thread - 27th January

It’s new comics day and it’s a Millar week:

Here are some of the rest:

This is the place to chat about them, tell us what you loved or even loathed. Don’t spoil the story for others though by revealing what happened after that cliffhanger ending last month. Use the spoiler text function explained below:

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I should have Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #3 and Justice League of America #7 along with picking up Saga #33 digitally.

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Before i look at this week’s stuff there was a few worthy mentions last week that i never got round to…

Silver Surfer 1
This a great book, just like the former volume; Slott and Allred seem to bring the best out in each other. I feel that Slott, who has done a really impressive job on Spider-Man over the years, seems like he’s more refined when he works on the SS book with Allred. The humour hits far more often and I dare say a lot of that is to do with Allred being one of the best at conveying that playful tone in his art.

What i find funny here is there’s some similarity to this storyline and what is happening in Allred’s other book at Vertigo (also excellent) Art Ops. Given the credits state Slott & Allred as ‘Storytellers’ i think Allred may be influencing the script as well.

A few other things struck me:

  1. I know Allred is working with another artist on Art Ops, bit how the hell is he managing 2 books at the same time (unless he was working on this during the Secret Wars break).
  2. He’s managed to squeeze Madman into this issue of SS and also an issue of Art Ops which tickles me.
  3. When i started reading this issue, it reminded me again of how much of a Dr Who & companion take on Silver Surfer this is. It’s funny that a few pages later Tom Baker’s Dr is overtly referenced, whether this a coincidence or a tongue in cheek admission im not sure, i suspect it’s the latter, knowing the tone Slott reserves for the book in general

I have the previous run in trade and i think i’ll do the same with this. I’m trying to have at least one evergreen run of each character on my bookshelf, one that i will always some back to and will lend out to others to show them perfect examples of how good comics can be. Slott and Allred have truly got me covered for SS - just a pity it’s not hardcovers as the Marvel paperbacks are really poor.

So this issue is almost a 10/10 done in one, the last 3 pages are what prevent it from quite reaching perfection. I undertand why they’ve done it that way, but it does spoil it as a complete, well rounded issue to an extent.

Symmetry # 2, Clean Room # 4 & Astonishing Ant Man # 4 were also very good. Although it’s time i think of switching some of the Marvel’s to MU.


It’s no coincidence. Slott is a super mental huge Doctor Who fan.

Long before the recent incarnation became a hit in the US he loved Baker and Davidson era stuff and if I recall correctly even went across the ocean to a UK con to meet the stars of the time.


Here you go, on image search:




Thanks Gar, that totally makes sense that. I had an overwhelming vibe of it and im sure i felt the same when i read the previous volume of work.

It’s an idea that very much lends itself well to the Silver Surfer, well done to him for recognising that and executing it in a way that doesnt feel like a rip off.

Haha fuckin hell man, i feel a bit silly for thinking id sensed something unnoticed…!

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Digital reads this week:

Art Ops # 4
Batman & Robin Eternal # 17
Cry Havoc # 1
Daredevil # 3
Extraordinary X-Men # 6
Hip-Hop Family Tree # 6
Jacked # 3
Twilight Children # 4
We Are Robin # 4

Comments later

Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot & Katana 1

Only really interested in the first half of this series, and it was mostly setup. As suspected, the mini is retconning the New52 origin given to Deadshot in Justice League 7.1: Deadshot #1.

The character is feeling a little closer to his preFlashpoint version, and it could be interesting to see a new take on his origin, but time will tell.

Bit the bullet and went back to Comixology and bought

Old Man Logan # 1
It was actually really good.
Flits back and forth between ‘now’ and the OML universe. Lemire has the voice and has stripped back the dialogue to match Millar’s original, and Sorentino pulls off the atmosphere (and a lovely homage to a legendary Frank Miller image) so the overall tone really succeeds in capturing the OML essence in a way I thought Bendis really failed to.
It’s a good progression for the character, one that makes sense under the circumstances and there was a pretty tense scene that I particularly enjoyed, you don’t often find them paced this well in comics, particularly @ the big two.
Marvel have put out a lot of pap with this relaunch, but there’s some strong titles as well. I doubt i’ll keep up with them for long, the tendency with me on digital is to drop after 1 poor issue - but definitely worth keeping an eye out for on MU.


batman & robin eternal # 17

God, this is really starting to drag on now and im getting past caring. It’s not a patch on it’s weekly predecessor. A 4 issue mini stretched to 17 issues now. There’s maybe 1 or 2 story beats here and the rest is just meaningless, bland dialogue that feels like it’s repeating what ive been reading for ages now.
Brisson is a decent writer, as he is showing in The Violent, but this material is taxing his ability to tell a compelling story. I’m reluctant to see this out any further, i’ve not enjoyed the story at all.

Extraordinary X-Men # 6
Ibanez takes over from Ramos on art and of course he has big shoes to fill. I miss Ramos, but it’s been left in capable hands.
One of the high points of this book, that maintains the soap element but allows for new stories and interactions, is the great and fresh dynamics of the group.

A mature and thoughtful Storm who has developed into the leader i never thought she could be.
A fucked up and traumatised Nightcrawler.
A world wearied Collusus.
An older Wolverine from another time.

You’ve got all these characters who feel they have grown up and it does present another flavour, but feels natural and very much ‘them’.
Throw the young Jean Grey in, the rise to promenance of Magik, and students from the school and youhave all sorts of potential.
I just hope this gets to play out for a long time without being too dragged down by events and crossovers, because Lemire is turning in some of his best mainstream work here - every page serves a purpose, an antidote to the book i mentioned above - I hope he is on for a long haul because this is an x-men book i very much would like to continue reading.


So last night I broke into a longbox that had “been away” for a while, started back with trades of Astro City and Saga. For this week (which will have to wait until next week, some experiments cost some money - oopses):
Black Magick #4 (it’s starting to rock, set-up’s over and it’s hammer time)
Jupiter’s Circle V2/3
JLA if it’s Bryan’s story continuing.

Y’see, the problem with more people doing better work is that this behavior increases desire, and I am a passionate man! A passionate man with no COLA this year, and nobody wants to see me do the real maths. ‘cause we got CP on Elephantmen (which I still want to read the whole run) and Pitarra up to his “regular” schedule and a bunch of other people kickin’ it out of the park. Even caught up with Batman #48 for Scott and Greg’s shenanigans.

Which boils down to “next week”. :sob:


It is. :slight_smile:



Chew was great. The beginning of the final chapter. I won’t spoil anything except issue 60 will be the last unfortunately.


Saga I love Saga, but after the last two great issues this last one leaves a lot to be desired. Not a lot happens, we got our teammof reporters that follow their search for the truth, but the ending is nice, but felt like a cheap cliffhanger after an “okay” issue.


Southern Bastards Everything is breaking appart. Great issue which leaves us even more curious for the next one which will finally have something I believe a lot of readers hve been waiting for.


Jupiter’s Circle Was great. Story, characters, all great. But am honestly way more curious about the continuation of Jupiter’s Legacy.



If chew is ending, thats great news for me! In that I can have a readthrough beginning to end. I stopped around 27. Can’t wait!

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You will love. It just gets better and better. Specially with his sister and daughter.

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Layman has planned for #60 to be the end all the way through, he’s included several flash-forward panels to the last issue. For a longform story it’s been very impressively planned (including the jump to #27 which fitted in seamlessly when the story caught up with it).


Justice League of America #7 - It goes without saying that @bryanhitch’s art was amazing. I thought he had written himself into a corner with no possible way of Rao’s power source and backstory being satisfying. I was wrong. This story just keeps going. I really think this will go down as one of the classic JLA stories. I can’t wait for the next issue.

Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #3 - Chris Sprouse was great on fill-ins here. He maintained the mid-century American look that is so integral to the story. I’m a bit surprised at how unsympathetic some of Skyfox’s methods are. I can understand his displeasure at the things happening but I would expect better solutions from him. His character arc is one of the more interesting in this saga especially as it ties into Jupiter’s Legacy with his son and grandson. Still loving this book. Can’t wait for more.

Saga #33 - I thought this was another solid issue. The reporter characters have never been my favorite but I love how they used them to fill in some of the gaps in Marco’s story. I also like the reappearance of The Will at the end. Looking forward to the next issue.