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New Comics Thread - 27th April


Wednesday Warriors Unite!

Here are some new comics out today:

Discuss them and any other new comics here, tell us what you picked up and what you thought. Don’t spoil major story points, if you want to refer to them then please use the spoiler function described below:

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Velvet and Saga. That’s a pretty good Wednesday.


Amazing Spider-Man 11 and 2000AD for me. I also picked up the Judge Dredd Mega Collection, as it is reprinting Anderson PSI: Childhoods End. I haven’t read any of that stuff (other than Shamballa), but have heard good things.

Otherwise, I just signed up to Marvel Unlimited. So my Marvel reading is going to start being a little behind the curve. Apart from Amazing Spider-Man.


There’s a new Micronauts series? Is anybody checking that out? I had no idea.


I copy the pics from the CBR previews page and saw it there under IDW. Cullen Bunn is writing it.

I doubt I’ll pick it up, I did like the old Marvel series with Peter B Gillis’ rather strange stories but I think the characters I liked the best actually belong to Marvel so won’t be in it.


My digital books below, which I swear one week I’ll get time to come on and chat about (how good was the last issue of the Vision by the way? Solid 5/5 issue. Just great.)

Before I start, a special mention for the Airboy Delixe Edition which come out this week. It was my favourite mini of 2015 and it’ll be one I’ll remember for a long time. I’ve got mine ordered, definitely one for the shelves!
Can’t recommend it enough, and I’m sure Gar will concur!

Aliens : Defiance # 1

Amazing Spider-Man # 11

Art Ops # 7

Avengers Standoff Omega # 1

Camp Midnight (free preview)

Dark Knight III # 4

Doctor Strange # 7

Doctor Strange Last Days of Magic

Jacked # 6

Klaw # 1

Micronaughts # 1

Old Man Logan # 5

Satan’s Hollow # 2

Strange Fruit # 3

We Are Robin # 11

The X-Files # 1

Ridiculous week, a cull is needed. Too many good comics out there. Looking forward to the final issue of Jacked (in the hope a sequel is commissioned, because it’s fucking awesome) and Strange Fruit, which is so under the radar I can’t quite believe it for the quality of work from Waid & Jones, also the fact that it’s quite controversial. I hope it gets the deluxe treatment, it’s a beautiful book.


I’ve given it a try, I’m not keen on Bunn at all, but there was a bit of hype on his series being announced and I’m keen to understand whether it’s merited. Will post some comments when I get to it.


Strange Fruit I’ve enjoyed too although it probably hasn’t helped itself in the PR stakes by taking an age for each issue to come out. This is issue 3 and the first one came out last July!


Yeah, I only heard about it because JHW3 has been posting his covers for the book on his blog as he completes them (I do like that cover to #1 there).


Daaaamn, I didn’t know they were only up to #3. I fully intend to get the trade. I picked up the first issue last year and thought it was good, with beautiful art.


I just realised that Heavy Metal #280 (the first issue with Grant Morrison as editor) is due out this week too. Hopefully I can find a copy.


I’ll happily just grab that digitally.
Heavy Metal is on Comixology now, right?


I never saw it…

I’ve ordered a paper copy, should get it next week, but didn’t notice it on Comixology today, unless I just overlooked it.


Just Saga #36 for me today.


I dumped every DC book I was buying the second the relaunch was officially announced, with the except of one: Secret Six. To me the best value on the market—every issue is funny, and weird, and has surprising moments and good action. I wish there were more books like it and I’m sad it’ll soon be gone.

The only other thing I bought was the first Black Magick trade. Not read much but so far so good. Rucka is arguably the most trustworthy writer in comics (quick, name someone more reliable), and Nicola Scott’s work has never looked better which is really saying something.


Mark Millar :wink:


Awkward :smile:

But seriously, Black Magick is supposed to be great. Miqque is a big fan. My copy of the trade should be here in a couple of days.


Bear in mind it’s going on a long hiatus after that due to the Wonder Woman gig for the pair of them.


I haven’t read the book at all yet, so that doesn’t really bother me. It isn’t such a terribly unusual thing to happen in comics nowadays. I might feel differently if I was following the book ardently month by month.

I’m looking forward to the Wonder Woman run though.