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New Comics Thread - 26th October


Yes it’s that time again. Here are a few on offer today:

This is the place to chat about and review the latest issues you have picked up. Please don’t spoil any major plot points though, if you need to discuss them use the spoiler tag feature:

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Saga and the new issue of Renato Jones for me.


Looks like Action Comics #966 and Saga #39 digitally for me today.


a bit of shameless self promotion…
You can get TRANSFER #1 on comixology right now:



Three weeks worth of comics for me. Though, going by the state of my pull list that’ll more than likely only add up to six books or so.


Good timing. I was just getting ready to settle up with ComiXology.

By the way, has anyone ever had a problem with books not being available and essentially being a preorder when you go to check out on ComiXology? Saga #39 is doing that and it’s 10:30am EDT. It even says, “(Delivery Date: October 26 2016)”.


It’s been there since 9pm for me (and that’s 9am New York time). The usual time.

Which means it’s mostly likely to be a cache or a server synch issue.


Action Comics 966
Aliens Defiance 6
Batman Beyond 1
Civil War 6
Deathstroke 5
Detective 943
Frostbite 2
Hal Jordan 7
Suicide Squad 5
Surgeon X 2 (I clicked buy before I remember I was going to go to trade on this)
Teen Titans 1 (rebirth issue was a bit goofy for me, but I’ll give the first issue proper a try)
The Flash 9
The Punisher Annual 1 (Conway)
XFiles Origins 3
Titans 4
Transfer 1
Vigilante: Southland 1
Vision 12
Wonder Woman 9

Image Plus 6
Six Pack and Dog Welder 3
Wolf cop 1

American Monster 5
Birthright 20
Descender 16
ManThing by Steve Gerber vol 2
Outcast 22
Postal 16
Silver Surfer 7
The Saviours


Any way to fix it on my end or should I just hit “Complete Order” and let them sort it?

Edit: Problem resolved. They must have done something on their end.


Is that out in trade now? Or is it just the fifth issue and you’ve saved up the singles to read in one go?


I think it was solicited in a recent trade in Previews that must be due out in the near future.

I use these lists somewhat selfishly to mentally keep track of what I’m buying digitally vs floppy & trade.

So it’s a reminder to me to make sure I have them somewhere.


Plus I like to post something in the new comics thread when I don’t really have time to put up comments on each issue the way I would have years ago - so if someone sees something in my list they were maybe interested in and they ask me I always try to reply or read it and let them know what I thought.


I’m interested in when you get time to read all those books!


I need to cut it down. It’s like an eternal quest to stay on top of things and stresses me out to fuck. It’s ridiculous, self inflicted nonsense.


I picked up my three weeks worth of comics. Remember when I said I reckon there’d be only six books…

I’ve still got a couple of the Gotham Central trades and a newly arrived Kickstarter to read and I’m feeling the “When’ll I read this?!” stress a bit myself now too.

Doubt I could cope with it on a weekly basis.


Book of the week. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You will tear your hair out wondering what happens next…

Actually it is really good, so you should check it out…

I am a couple of weeks behind on my comics reading, but hopefully will get to it over the weekend (I am currently trying to catch up on some course work as I started three weeks after everyone else). I am looking forward to reading the Spider-Man Clone Conspiracy thing and catching up with with Superman and Action Comics


I read the first issue of the clone conspiracy and I loved every bit of it. It’s just really solid, fun and engrossing Spider-Man comics - it’s up there with anything from the last few decades of SpiderMan.


Frostbite is outstanding.
It’s like a top 2000ad adventure strip.

Joshua Williamson just underlines his meteoric rise as a writer and ideas/concept man. The script is almost effortlessly brilliant. Flows so well that it really is a pleasure to read.

The real star here is Jason Shawn Alexander on art. I’ve never heard of this guy but there’s really strong elements of Richard Corban and Leanardo Manco in here. Maybe a bit too much photo reference, but his rendition of this world draws you right in and definitely adds to the effectiveness of it all.


Flash #9: Such a great issue. It almost made up for the lackluster first arc.


Ooh, go on then. I’ll check out the first issue.
I’m not sure if I’ve read anything by Williamson before, so that’s an exciting prospect.