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New Comics Thread - 26th April 2017


…and that means new comics come out. Here are some of the current offerings:

Chat about those and others that take your fancy in this here thread. Don’t spoil the stories for others though, if you want to discuss the plot then use the spoiler tags:

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D4VEocracy and Kill Or Be Killed for me. Good week!


Action Comics #978 and Doom Patrol #6 for me.


As it’s a relatively light week, I’m going to take a bit of a punt on the new Scarlet Spider book. I’ve been saying for a while now that Peter David has had the misfortune of being teamed up with some pretty C or D list artists on most of his recent projects at Marvel. Mark Bagley should be a nice change of pace! That’s certainly not a creative team I can easily ignore.

I haven’t read Clone Conspiracy though. Can someone spoil how Ben Reilly’s somehow alive again, after disintegrating into mush at the end of the 90’s Clone Saga?


You know the answer: He got better.



In this case they can’t even claim that was some little known story that no one remembers.


I’d love DC to throw Peter David a bone on one of the bigger titles when one of the writers move off.

He’s such a consistently solid writer and has been for a long time. Unfortunately I don’t have much desire to read the books he’s been getting at Marvel.


I’ve seen some of the artists that Marvel has paired David with. We’re a long way from the days of McFarlane and Quesada. It’s not even giving the books a chance to succeed.


Aliens: Dead Orbit # 1 is out today, for those interested in james stokoe’s work.


They had a special edition #1 that I almost picked up at C2E2. I decided to tradewait instead as it’s a finite series. Did you pick it up physical or digital, Chris? If digital, how well did the art work?


I think David is past the days of being a major draw to justify the outlay of a major artist. He also hasn’t always had the best relationship with artists like McFarlane in the past as he seems to expect execution of the script rather than the collaboration artists of that caliber expect.


I’ve literally just picked it up on Comixolgy.

I’m a bit behind on my reading, but I’m thinking of reading this and batman/shadow # 1 today as a treat! As I have this OCD thing where I feel I need to do start where I left off on my last dip into my Comixolgy stack - which is why I’m not contributing much to this thread.

I’ll check it out and let you know.


I understand your conundrum and thank you for making an exception. :wink:


I agree, but it is kind of a vicious cycle though. I used to buy everything that PAD wrote, but haven’t for a number of years now because of the artists he has been paired up with. Falling sales leads to less capable artists, leads to greater falling sales, …


I’d like that too. He did some great work over there in his time, and I’d love for him to come back on Aquaman, for example. Or give him Teen Titans, maybe, to give it a YJ vibe.

But, I think PAD’s Marvel exclusive, isn’t he?


aliens dead orbit was enjoyable. It’s a slow burner and at a high level there does not appear to be anything startlingly new going from a story perspective.
But Stokoe is only laying the foundations here. I get the strong feeling that this will be better read in trade, so u less you are super keen to see what he’s done here (the art is great, albeit an acquired taste - so if you like Stokoe you won’t be disappointed, in other words) you might be best holding off.
It’s only 4 issues, so it won’t be a long wait and they will definitely do a collection as this is a bit of a ‘visionary let loose’ series that they have released, given the growing rep of Stokeo.
It’s very atmospheric and there’s a few things going on, but it’s a short read unless you are spending time ogling the art.

It reads fine in digital but I think it will be better in trade/hc depending on the size of the screen you are reading on.


I shall now pimp.

It’s an EVENT!


What are the good modern Alien comics, Chris? I haven’t read any since the 90s.

I am not a Brian Wood fan and I know he wrote one.


I bought the first Brian Wood Aliens trade. Nice art but very boring.


I’m mulling over that Fire and Stone omnibus. The price is pretty fair.